Thursday, August 28

Sammy Rescues Lucy From The Dinosaurs At Eden

Fun at Eden Project Cornwall

As Sammy made his way through the undergrowth he heard a deep roar and knew something was dreadfully wrong. It sounded like a dinosaur was on the prowl and his suspicions were confirmed.

Dinosaur at Eden, St Austell

Sammy was worried about his sister, Lucy, and realised she was alone and no doubt frightened.

Lucy at Eden

There had been a dreadful battle that day and one of the dinosaurs had fallen to the ground.

Dinosaurs at Eden Project, St Austell

While the bigger dinosaur looked at his prey ...

Two dinosaurs at Eden, Cornwall

... Sammy donned his protective glasses and set off to rescue Lucy.

Sammy at Eden Project, Cornwall

The dinosaur glanced at Sammy and Lucy, as they both ran away to safety, but was too slow to follow them.

Dinosaur at Eden Project, Cornwall

Lucy was safe, thanks to Sammy, and soon forgot her ordeal ...

Luct at Eden, St Austell

 ... and chuckled herself silly as Sammy the hero made her laugh.

Sammy having lunch at Eden, Cornwall

The photos were taken at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Sammy and Lucy are my wonderful grandchildren. I have previously published several posts about Eden including:
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Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Suzie08:58

    Ahhh - how lovely your grandchildren look. I can see you are a proud grandad.

  2. What a precious story!!!!

  3. you are lucky to have such gt children in your life. they must bring you lots of joy

    1. I'm very lucky, Tom. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Wow, they're beautiful kids! And how lucky they are to have a granddad like you, Mike. Great dino story, too, by the way!

    1. Thanks Trish. The dinosaurs were a special attraction at the Eden Project - quite realistic!

  5. What a wonderful thing for a grandparent to do! You are creating very special memories!

    1. Thank you Ann. Memories are what life is made up of.

  6. Anonymous15:01

    A lovely story, how precious grandchildren are - Grace.