Thursday, September 11

The Meaning Of Life And How To Attain Happiness

As I have written previously, when my best friend died his wife gave me his spiritual books and booklets. He belonged to healing groups and was a reflexologist. I was looking through some of these recently - they are all quite old - and came across the meaning of life!

Okay, perhaps only one version of what life might just be about. We all have our own ideas.

I'll quote from a booklet from 1973 called 'Within You Is The Power':

"The true object of life is that man may attain wisdom through experience ..."

It goes on to say that: "Life is a paradox; the true object of life is not the attainment of happiness, yet if we attain the true object of life we find happiness."

If we aren't simply freaks of nature, which I don't think we are, then the guy who wrote the booklet is right. We are here, at this time, to learn. It's why we have our ups and downs. If everything was always smooth sailing life would be pretty pointless. It's our experiences which make us what we are. Or, as the writer of the booklet, put it:

"... the sole object of life is the building of character and the attainment of wisdom through experience."

As for the happiness part:

"The desire for happiness is good, for it leads us through innumerable experiences so that the soul can realize, by practical experience, the emptiness of all self-seeking, and thus learn wisdom. After running the whole gamut of experience the soul learns at last that happiness is not something that can be found by seeking it, but is an inward mental state."

So there we have it: the meaning of life and how to find real happiness.


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  1. You find the most interesting booklets and books, Mike, and they're always filled with wisdom!

    1. Thanks Trish. I just love old books, always buying them and clogging up my 'office' with them.

  2. "We are here, at this time, to learn ", so true. .... but unfortunately some of us are bad students. .....

    1. Bad students - some of us definitely are. I don't know why though ...