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67 Not Out Readers White Dove Stories

White Dove

Two more stories about white doves and how the writers feel they were messengers from someone a loved one who had died. You will find more such stories on this blog.

"My mom passed away May 2014 from cancer.

While she was ill my family and I watched Touched By An Angel every day, sometimes twice daily. For those who are not familiar, its about angels that God sends to earth to help people fix their lives.

This movie always comes on with singing by Della Reese and a lady letting go of a white scarf, which turns into a white Dove.

Sometimes my mom would be sleeping, but when she heard this show coming on she would wake up singing.

My mom passed around 3 am, a day after Mothers Day and 2 days before her birthday.

Later the same day my mom passed away, all of our family were sitting outside in our garage and all over the lawn. The family was just reminiscing.

All of a sudden my daughter and I saw this all white dove flying very low in a circle around the yard. It flew around three consecutive times before it flew across the street and set on a telephone pole facing our house. We knew mom was sending us a message that she was at peace.

That was the most comforting moment of my life."

My brother had been ill for some time and wasn't expected to live very long. On Sunday I drove over to his house to be with him and to give my sister-in-law a break. As I pulled into the drive-way I saw a dove land in the front garden just over from where I was getting out of my car. The dove stayed still and looked at me.

Once out of the car the dove moved to sit on the fence, still facing me and looking at me.

Delia, my sister-in-law, opened the door and was in tears. My brother had died minutes earlier.

Once inside the house I looked out of the window and the dove was still watching us.

~ Babs

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  1. These stories are beautiful and comforting and really seem to illustrate the connection between life and spirit.

  2. Mike,as you would have no doubt heard,Australian cricket player Phil Hughes died when he was batting in a match for South Australia and got hit in the side of the head with the ball. He was "63 Not Out" (and there have been headlines in newspapers stating the fact he was 63 not out) which made me think of your blog title and how close Phil was to being
    "67 Not Out".
    I except there will be white feathers to be found at the Sydney Cricket Ground for quite some time to come somehow. And tomorrow (30th Nov) would have been his 26th birthday tragically enough.

    1. This is a tragic story, Darren. I didn't know of the 63 Not Out, haven't seen that mentioned in the UK, but it has otherwise been a major news story over here. Lots of analysis of the headgear and Phil's potential as a player.