Thursday, November 20

She Sees White Feathers As Being Signs From Those She Lost

White feathers as messages from the dead

Today's touching story follows on from one I published on the 6th of February, The Dog Who Knew She Was Going To Die. This was by Marian Rusby and told of how her dog, Diamond, somehow 'knew' her mother was about to die. This is what happened next.

"This spring, every time I took Diamond for a walk, a white feather would appear on the pavement - and a few weeks later Diamond fell ill with a liver problem. The vet warned me that it was going to be a terrible few months for me.

That was in May and, as Diamond's health worsened more white feathers appeared. Every time I took her for a walk, a feather would float down, often landing on Diamond. I knew it was Mum sending me a sign that diamond wouldn't live much longer. I felt more at ease knowing Mum was trying to help me.

Diamond had a heart attack and a week later, she died. She was at home, but lying beside her was a white feather. The next day was the seventh anniversary of Mum's death.

The next morning I went into the garden and there, where she liked to lie, was a white feather.

As I stood there in tears, a butterfly landed on my arm and stayed for 15 minutes. I felt that Mum and Diamond had contacted me.

Knowing Diamond was going to die, I'd had time to think whether to get another dog. I love the Samoyed breed but they are difficult to come by and there is a waiting list for puppies. I phoned a lady in the Samoyed Association, who knew I'd nursed Diamond through illnesses, and she found someone who agreed to let me have one of a litter,

The puppies had been born four hours after Diamond died.

I didn't see any more white feathers, but on the morning I went to collect my new puppy, Crystal, there was a feather on my doorstep.

I know some people will think I'm stupid, but many will understand."

~ Marian Busby

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  1. Wow! This is a beautiful and powerful story.

  2. How sweet! I'm glad she was able to get another dog.

  3. My 14 year old cat died this week after an illness lasting a couple of weeks. Recently, actually over the lastseveral months I have seen his doppelganger around the house. I would think he was walking behind me or going int another room when he woulld be laying on the couch. I read on another site just before all this started that sometimes things like this happen when a per is going to die. He has been in poor health for many years with some old injuries, but always went where he wanted to. Each winter I expected to be his last but this year was the worst. I do miss him but had him for many years, and I do miss his presense, he was aloof but always there when I felt sick.

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss, always sad to lose a cat or dog. Interesting comment about the doppelganger - thanks.