Sunday, November 9

Three Doves In The Baby Garden

Three doves

A short Sunday story from Nikki.

"My grandson was stillborn 1st November last year. We went to the Baby Garden where he is, to do a balloon release today. As we did so three white doves appeared. It was so calming and they sat and watched us, right beside us in the small bird house that's next to where he is. I am not a religious person, but do like to believe there is more once we die.

I believe that the doves represented my Nan and Grandad with Oliver.

I hope so x

Nikki Hatwell

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  1. What a beautiful story! I've never heard of a Baby Garden, but the idea seems comforting.

  2. One of the most touching short stories I have read. Lovely and poignant.

  3. Bittersweet. Love and prayers for this family.