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Top 10 Posts For 2014: White Doves, White Feathers, Coincidences, Mysteries, Ghosts, Reincarnation And Shadow People

Top 10 Posts

A round-up of the Top 10 most viewed posts during 2014. Though I started initially to write about coincidences and synchronicity on 67 Not Out I wandered into other subjects and some of them proved unexpectedly popular - such as White Dove's and White Feathers, for example.

1. The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead
One day I came home from work and a white dove was perched on the steps that lead up to the front door of my house. No doves or birds of any kind were ever previously on my steps. This white dove would not ... Read full post

2. The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead
I'm returning to the subject of white feathers today and their meaning. Since first writing about this I think I've had more emails on the subject than anything else.By white feathers I mean how they can often be found following a loved ones death. This has certainly been my own ... Read full post

3. Married Couple In The Same Photo As Children
Young newly weds Alex and Donna Voutsinas were looking through some of Donna's old photos from when she was a child and came across one of her at Disney World. Nothing too unusual about this, you ... Read full post

4. Photo Taken Of Father Showed His Missing Daughter
Michael Dick hadn't seen his daughter, Lisa, for over 10 years. This was since he had seperated from his first wife. Determined to make contact with her again Michael travelled to Sudbury, where she was last known to be living, together with ... Read full post

5. Top 10 Coincidence And Synchronicity Stories
When I started this blog the theme was mostly coincidences and synchronicity. Since then I've wandered off into other directions but it's back to basics today. The following are the Top 10 Coincidence and ... Read full post

6. The Mysterious Dogon People And The Knowledge They Learned From The Fish-Like Aliens
It is strange how some races of people, often today thought of as primitive, had and have knowledge that seems far beyond their capabilities. Lets look at the Dogon people first and their strange stories of visitors to earth and how their appearance was ... Read full post

7. A Sighting Of The Bank Of England Black Nun Ghost
Please don't publish my name or details but I saw what I believe to be a ghost in Threadneedle Street, London. I was on a short visit to London and was walking alone in the late evening along Threadneedle Street, near to where the Bank of England is positioned. Suddenly, without warning, this lady was ... Read full post

8. 10 Stories About Reincarnation
I've published a few post recently combining 10 stories on a particular theme, such as: coincidences, ghosts, UFOs, Cornwall and so on. As they seem to be quite popular another set of ten today, this time stories about reincarnation ... Read full post

9. The Photo Of The Ghost Of Broomfield Cottage Tawstock
While at the cottage - even though it dates back to the 15th century - I always felt comfortable. It had a good vibe - for want of a better description. One night, however, Karin had gone up to bed and I was ... Read full post

10. The Shadow People Who Stalk Our World
The Parker family visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the month of August 2010 and took this strange photo. They thought nothing of it until they heard the tale of Shadow ... Read full post

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  1. I enjoy theses roundups! It's also really a great resource of information, Mike. Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year to you too.