Sunday, January 4

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page - 4

Vintage photo. Lips that touch liquor shall not touch ours
Ban Alcohol
Only three vintage photos this week on my Google+ page. I think the one above is enough to drive anyone to alcohol! The other two are kittens from the 1940s - and each with a children's poem.

Vintage photo kitten driving a car
Vintage Kitten photo
Oh, Fan and Fred, you sillyl pair! You've gone and lost the race!
And I was simply sure you'd get first or second place.
You started off in splendid style, ahead of all the rest.
I cried, "Of course the Twins will win the Furry Trial Test!"
Alas the reckless couple shot too quickly round the bend ...!
I'll never shout, "You'll win!" again - until the very end.

Vintage kittens having tea
Vintage Kittens teatime
These Furry kittens look dismayed - with reason I confess.
You see, the waitress cat asked, "Tea?"
And all mewed promptly, "Yes!"
But when the cups and teapot came, young Furry Fan cried, "Gosh!
The kittens at that table there are drinking lemon squash!
We could have ordered lemon squash.
To think we've ordered tea!"
You must admit with Furry Fan it is a tragedy!

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  1. The irony of that first photo is that I would need lots of liquor to be able to kiss any of those women on the lips. :-)

    1. Exactly, you'd need to be well sozzled, for want of a better word. Hope 2015 is going well for you so far :-)

  2. Those kitty's are the cutest, they may come for tea anytime.

    1. I've got a few more of those 'kitty' photos, doing all sorts of things.

  3. I like Daz's comment! I mean, really?!
    The kittens are adorable.

    1. I wouldn't have thought the poster / photo would have had much impact on the male population!