Monday, January 5

Her Dead Mother Guides Her And She Knows She Will See Her Again

Heaven dream

An interesting experience from Jenny which may indicate that those who have died can contact us through dreams. Some may write this off as purely a vivid dream but to Jenny, as you will read, it was much, much more.

"My mother Joan and I were incredibly close. When she died in January 1998, after a series of strokes that had led to vascular dementia and pneumonia, I struggled to cope.

At the first anniversary of her death loomed, I was comforted by the idea that I had a skiing holiday booked with friends. Yet on the anniversary itself, despite the warmth and companionship of those friends, the loss of mum struck me acutely.

The following morning, before waking, I had what I can only describe as a very vibrant dream. Over time I've come to realise it was much more than that.

I became aware of a great light and voice - unspoken but sensed somehow - that told me I was going to see my mother, and that afterwards I must go forward and live my life and allow her to move forward also.

I was led through a door into a room with an amazingly bright and uplifting light - so bright it was blinding - but I knew my Mum was there because I felt the most unbelievable, unconditional love of a kind greater than anything else I've felt on Earth, before or since.

It was all-consuming, and when I woke up it was with a sense of renewed peace. My mother, I felt, had given me freedom to move on.

From that day I was able to look forward and start to plan for the future - aided by a sense that Mum was with me.

Unlike a dream, which evaporates over time, the experience has stayed with me, growing stronger. I feel that, in her own way, Mum guides me and I will see her again, and that brings me enormous comfort."

~ Jenny

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  1. I so totally understand and agree with her.

    A day or so after my Mom passed, she was feeding me grapes. Even though my mind wanted to say it wasn't happening, I knew it was her and I wasn't asleep.

    She left and I saw her feet climbing a stairway - I recognized them because I knew the socks I gave the funeral director to put on her. Also I saw the flowing robe and gown I purchased for her, flowing out behind her as she climber the stairs.

    Sometimes today, I'll be walking through the house, this one I inherited, and I'll smell her cologne, which has been out of production at least ten-twelve years!

    1. Thank you Dixie. I heard my mother walking and also could smell by dad's tobacco after he had died.

  2. Everyone has their beliefs.

    1. That's right, it's up to us as individuals to decide our own beliefs.

  3. Spirit communication seems to come in diverse forms. I've also had dreams about my parents, both deceased, that I knew were communication and not just vivid dreams. Jenny's dream is beautiful.