Sunday, December 21

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page - 2

Five vintage photos taken from my Google+ page, a mixed bag from cops on motor cycles to fashion and a 1910 vacuum cleaner.

1950s police motor cop and squad car
1951 Motor Cycle Speed Cop and Flying Squad Car
The image above is from a 1951 childrens' book called 'When I Grow Up'. One of the suggestions is that they become Speed cops.

Vintage photo NSW, Australia
Vintage Photo NSW, Australia 1920s
The photos above and below are police photos from NSW, Australia said to have been taken in the 1920s, but the picture below looks more like 1940s fashions.

Vintage fashion photo
Vintage fashion photo from Australia"
1050s office coffee machine
1950s office coffee machine
1910 Star Vacuum Cleaner
1910 Star Vucuum Cleaner
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  1. Ooh Mike - love the bike & car.
    Pineapple and pork, anytime!! (I remember, you're vegetarian)
    Yes those do look like 1940's fashions!