Friday, April 10

Coincidence Links Across The Atlantic

The coincidence story today is of an unexpected link between a church in Ottawa, Canada with one in Cornwall, England.

Ottawa: Nurse Marjorie Adair of Blackburn Avenue, now overseas with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps was going to leave and had chosen the ancient town of St,Ives, Cornwall, as an attractive place to rest from her hospital work..

Before she went, she thought it might be a good idea to get a letter of introduction to the vicar of the Cornish seaside town so she went to see Lt. Col. the Rev. Canon C.G Hepburn, principal Protestant chaplain of All Saints', her parish church in Ottawa..

Colonel Hepburn had no idea as to who the vicar of St Ives might be but resorted to Crockford, the clerical directory of the Anglican Church. No one was more surprised than he to find that the clergyman whose name he sought was none other than Rev. T.F.C Barfett, brother of R.F.C Barfett, one of his own lay-readers and workers at All Saints', Ottawa.

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  1. Strange link! I always wonder what these kinds of synchros mean.