Thursday, April 9

Finding Money And Creating Coincidences Or Synchronicity

Coins found
Some of the coins my wife has found
As regular readers will know, many of my posts are about coincidences or synchronicity. The thing is though, I hadn't personally experienced any myself for what seemed to be ages. I said as much to my wife, and also added that she hadn't found any coins either for quite a while (I have written previously about how she's always finding money).

Later that day we went for a walk. The first thing we saw was a car with the licence plate number of 824KDP - KDP are my wife's initials and 824 are the last three numbers of her phone number. So a coincidence at last!

We walked a little further and Karin picked up a coin from the pavement - so another 'mission' completed. And on the way back from our walk she found another coin! There's bound to be third very soon!

On return I checked my Google+ pages and made a comment on someone's post, only to find it was timed at exactly the same time as another of my Google friend's comment - so both of us commenting about the same thing at exactly the same time

This got me thinking about what I've probably said many times before, 'happenings' tend to come about once we start paying attention and becoming aware - and asking for whatever it is we want. Some describe this as becoming 'tuned in' while others might explain that it is because we have lifted those particular filters from our brain. An example of this is, say, when someone mentions a certain make of car -we will then probably see lots of them. They were there before, of course, but were filtered out as unimportant. The brain can only take in so much information so much has to be filtered out.

What we concentrate on tends to come about, whether that is good or bad.

Okay, my coincidences and my wife finding coins are hardly earth shattering but they are an indicator that we should get 'switched on' to whatever interests us - anything can come about, everything is possible.

That's it!

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  1. You're back in the flow, Mike! That's always significant.

  2. Three coincidences in one day! Now that's fun! It does seem that some people are always finding coins and some claim they never have found a single one. I have a friend who picks up everything shiny, just it case it's a coin:-)

  3. My hubby is a coin finder. I rarely see coins on the ground. Our license plate is coincidentally similar to the address of one of hubby`s daughters. 249 HTD or 249 Hempstead Rd.