Monday, April 6

Walking The Roseland Peninsular And Jesus Visiting Cornwall

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall

We went walking on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. The name comes from the Cornish word Ros meaning promontory, rather than from the flower.

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall

We stopped off at St Mawes castle, built in the time of King Henry VIII to protect the Cornish and English coast. We continued walking alongside the River Fal - a lovely day with blue skies of varying shades.

River Fal, Cornwall

We also looked in on my favourite church at St. Just. This is where it is said that Jesus may have visited as a young man - see:

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  1. Your corner of the world is just stunning, Mike!

    1. Some of it is, Trish, if the weather is good.

  2. Lovely part of the UK. I am sorry I only ever spent a week there.