Monday, May 18

He Saw His Dead Friend

Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
A Vintage Photo of Collins Street, Melbourne
A short post of how a reader says he 'saw' a good friend who had died.

"Early in November, as I was walking up Collins Street, in Melbourne, about 4pm in the afternoon, I was amazed to see, among a number of people on the other side of the street, a very good friend, whom I believed to be in New Zealand at the time.

I ran across the street to speak to kim, and, as I neared the other side, it seemed to me as if a hand was passed for an instant before my eyes. In that moment my friend was gone, and though I looked everywhere around, I did not see him again.

A few days later I learned that my friend had died that very day and hour I had seen him."

~ George Quarry

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