Friday, June 12

Coincidence Reunites Mother And Daughter

Baby holding mother's thumb

San Jose: A mother and a daughter separated 18 years ago, when the daughter was given up for adoption, called a local adoption agency within minutes of each other to seek information.

Normally such agencies refuse to divulge names of persons involved in adoptions, but in this case they made an exception.

Beverly Petropoulos, 35 of San Jose and Dianne Hughey, 18, were reunited in front of the Catholic church where Mrs, Petropoulos had prayed years ago when contemplating giving her baby up.

Mrs Hughey said, "When we first saw each other in the parking lot of the church we knew who the other one was. We just started crying and hugging. The first thing she asked was did I hate her because she gave me away. I told her not at all, that I respected what she did."

Mrs Petropoulos said, "I've regretted it every day of my life, I always thought about Debbie Sue (the daughter's original name), especially on birthdays. I simply could not feed her, I was only 16 and had no education and there was no future for her."

Mrs. Hughey, now a mother herself, told of how she loved her adoptive mother but now has a second mother to get to know.

Source: Lodi News-Sentinel

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  1. Sad/happy story.

  2. Beautiful story! Sounds like the adoption agency recognized the synchro!