Tuesday, June 2

Vintage Horse Coincidences

Vintage horse and coal cart
Coal deliveries by horse and cart
A couple of vintage coincidence stories featuring horses. The first takes us back to 1901 when horses were used to pull coal carts. The first is taken from the Boston Evening Transcript of Aug 8, 1901

At almost the same hour this afternoon two employees of the Metropolitan Coal Company were victims of similar accidents in different parts of the city.

H.A Foerster, thirty-two years old, of 15 Minden Street, Toxbury, was kicked by the horse he was driving and suffered a broken left leg.

Livingston J Richardson, also a driver for the same company, had his left leg broken as the result of being kicked by the horse he was driving.

Both men were taken to the City Hospital

The next is much newer - from 1937! Seen in the Reading Eagle of Aug 5, 1937

Sacramento, California: A ranch hand working for Fred Wild on his farm at nearby Woodland, became angered at a horse hitched to a hay wagon when the animal balked and refused to budge.

Jumping from the pile of hay, the worker walked around in front of the horse, pointed his finger at the stalled and stubborn animal and shouted:

"If I had a gun I'd shoot you - bank - bang!" At that very moment the horse dropped dead.

The veterinary, verifying the cause of death, said it was all a coincidence, the horse had succumbed to a heart attack.

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  1. Really bizarre synchros The second one, though, is kind of sad. Maybe the horse refused to move because it was about to die.

    1. Yes, you are right about the second story. I didn't know if should publish it!