Saturday, August 1

The Duels Of Death Coincidence

Duels in the 1800s

A short, hard to believe classic coincidence is about the duelling life of Henri Tragne from Marseille in France.

Between 1861 and 1878 Tragne is said to have fought five duels - though I'm not sure 'fought' is the right word because, in the first four, his opponents all dropped dead before a single shot was fired.

The fifth duel had a different outcome. This time it was Tragne who died - of natural causes and, again, before the first shots had been exchanged.

The saying about being scared to death is often used but the outcome of Tragne's duels must surely have been written in the stars.

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  1. Winner by 'default'? So many times? To be caught by the very same web? Whoooaaaaa

  2. Good one! I think this story fits the adage: what goes around, comes around!