Thursday, March 31

This Coincidence Must Have Knocked Six Bells Out Of Him

Six Bells Chiddingly
Six Bells Pub Chiddingly
Back to coincidences today - a short story, but nevertheless quite remarkable. From a Mr.Andrews from England.

Years ago my wife, me and our three children lived in a tiny Sussex Village called Chiddingly, near the popular pub, the Six Bells. My two sons, Christopher and Edward, cut their 'beer teeth' there in their late teens.

After leaving university Christopher went on a gap year around the world. One evening, while skiing in a remote part of the New Zealand mountains, he booked into a YMCA to secure a bed for the night.

Just before lights out, an exhausted skier came in and took the last remaining bed, the one next to Christopher.

Who was it? The head barman from the Six Bells! The odds must be a million to one.

~ M.P. Andrews

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  1. This kind of synchro really does defy the odds!