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April Is The Cruelest Month (Sometimes!)


Here's a 67 Not Out reader's coincidence who wishes to remain anonymous. It's about the date April 15th.

TS Eliot signatureI feel compelled to share with you a remarkable set of coincidences concerning a date. For some reason, as a child I was always fascinated by the Titanic disaster of April 15th 1912.

Despite myself being Welsh my father's family hail from Nottingham and thus I have been a life long Nottingham Forest soccer fan. They were, of course, Liverpool's Semi Final opponents on the day of the Hillsborough Disaster which occurred on April 15th 1989.

It gets even weirder from here.

My mother died on April 8th 1997. The funeral was set for a week later April 15th which also happened to be the 30th birthday of my partner at the time.

Coincidentally (again) on the way to the crematorium there was a banner with 'Happy 30th Birthday' written on it hung over a sign on a roundabout.

Two years later in 1999 I moved to a new flat and was given the moving in date April 15th. On arriving at the flat the electric failed and I had to stay with friends.

I believe it was T.S.Eliot who wrote April is the cruelest month (from Eliot's Waste Land poem). I tend to stay home on April 15th nowadays.

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  1. We also have the same, Hillsborough, we had a distant link to the titanic on the 15th, belsen was liberated on 15th april, libya airstrikes on the 15th, and every time i get to a big birthday, some one dies months before or near, we lost my father inlaw near to my birthday on my 40th, i am 50 soon and lost my dad a couple weeks back,, my birthday is 15th april!!!