Thursday, June 30

The Brief Sighting Of A Ghost

A brief sighting of a ghost is the theme for today's post.

I had often hoped to encounter a ghost or apparition, but until four years ago never experienced anything close to a paranormal event.

That changed one morning four years ago, shortly after I got out of bed. My wife had got up earlier and I walked into the bathroom that adjoins our bedroom.

As I turned to re-enter the bedroom, I saw a figure walking towards the doorway. With its last step it bounded toward the hallway.

The morning light was quite dim, and I saw the figure only briefly. I assumed it was my wife, somewhat in a hurry because her last step was exaggerated.

When I walked into the bedroom and was even with the hall door, I was stunned.

The figure could not have been my wife. I could see for the first time that the person I had seen had leaped through a closed door.

I immediately found my wife in the kitchen and she confirmed she had been there for sometime. We were the only people in the house at the time.

In the past four years, there have been, regrettably, no recurrences of the shy, leaping apparition.

~ Bob Stansell

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