Thursday, December 31

Walking On Pentewan Beach

Pentewan  Beach
Living in Cornwall does have lots of advantages, the nearby sea and scenary for example.

This morning I walked along the Pentewan Trail to the village of Pentewan and then strolled along the beach. It was quite cold but you can't beat fresh air and exercise to appreciate that the world is actually an okay place.

The full walk, plus photos, are on my Squidoo lens Cornwall Walks 1.

Wednesday, December 30

Coincidence Or Synchronicity - Example 2

SynchronicityBefore I give another personal example of a coincidence lets just check on what the words coincidence and synchronicity generally mean.

First coincidence. The Oxford Dictionary meaning is:
(Instance of) being coincident; notable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
As for synchronicity, this is a word coined by Carl Gustav Jung. He used it to describe coincidences that are related by meaningfulness, rather than cause and effect.

Without getting any deeper into the subject, and to keep things simple, here's my second personal experience.

Actually it's a about two grandchildren my wife and I share. The coincidence is easy to explain.

One of the grandchildren (both have the same mother and father) was born on my wife's mother's birthday and the other on my wife's father's birthday.

When you think of all of the dates in a year when they could have been born, it's a big coincidence that the children were born on such related dates.

At this stage I'm not trying to place any reasons for such coincidences but just recording them as examples. Later, perhaps, things will fall into place as to why such things occur.

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Monday, December 28

Coincidence Or Synchronicity - Example 1

I wrote in the About section of this blog that I have an interest recently in coincidences and synchronicity.

I thought I'd enlarge on this subject and start off by writing a few posts about coincidences I have had personally. Some are pretty ordinary but some might be of more interest.

After I've listed a few of these I'll move on to try and discover the reasons for these coincidences. Is there a power or a reason behind them? Or do they occur purely by chance and have absolutely no meaning at all?

I'll also see if perhaps we can make coincidences happen!

Okay, I'll kick off with my first coincidence.

Coincidence in Rye cottageMy wife and I were in Rye, England where we had rented a 16th century holiday cottage. We parked our car on the narrow cobbled street to unload.

As I took the first bit of luggage inside the old cottage I noticed a trap door in the beamed ceiling of the living room. I said to my wife, "I wonder what that was used for?" She didn't really answer so I went back to the car to get some more of our stuff.

There was an old lady standing outside of the cottage shaking a stone out of her shoe. I said words to the effect that I hoped my car wasn't in her way. She shook her head and said, "I used to live in that cottage twenty years ago. It's got a trap door in the lounge to take the coffins in and out of the bedroom, when somebody dies. The stairs are too narrow and steep otherwise. It's also used for furniture." And with that she went on her way.

16th century cottage bedroomThe old lady had answered the question I had asked my wife. It felt quite spooky as I hadn't asked her anything about the cottage.

There were two coincidences with this example.

(1) The old lady had stopped (by chance?) outside of the cottage to remove a stone from her shoe and
(2) She answered a question without being asked (she couldn't have heard me ask my wife about this).

So how did this happen: by coincidence, synchronicity or pure chance? Who knows.

An interesting book on Coincidence: The Power of Coincidence: The Mysterious Role of Synchronicity in Shaping Our Lives

Three UFO Videos

Was looking around the YouTube videos and came across this one with three examples of UFOs. Well they are 'unidentified' if nothing else. I find such things interesting but have no strong views as to their validity.

I did see a white light moving in the night sky myself last year - not a star, plane or a satellite. Watched it for ages as it moved around the sky. Have no idea what it was.

Sunday, December 6

Blank 3


I have only just joined Twitter. Yes, I know I'm a bit slow!

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About 67 Not Out


Thanks for the visit.

I'm Mike Perry and I live in Cornwall, England and have been on the blogging scene for a few years. '67 Not Out' is my latest blog and is a bit of a self indulgence as I intend to only write about things than interest or annoy me - the subject matter of my posts could be about anything: politics, people, sport, current affairs and so on.

At the moment I have a fascination for coincidences and synchronicity. You know, those certain moments or events in life when you wonder at a so called 'coincidence'. Perhaps you are thinking about someone and they phone at that very moment or maybe you are scratching your head about a problem and the answer pops up in a book that you accidently open.

Is there more to such events, or are they purely a coincidence? Can you, perhaps make coincidences happen? Is there a 'power' of some sort behind them?

Maybe we'll find out - or maybe we won't!

Thanks again for the visit and look forward to you popping back again.


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Mysterious Woman In Medieval Castle Gardens

Mystery woman in garden of castle
Mysterious woman in medieval clothes seen in the gardens at Rye Castle, East Sussex, England - but only the camera saw her!

Rye Castle's Ypres Tower was thought to have been built in 1249 as part of Rye Town's defences and is on a high position overlooking what was once the sea and an important port. The sea has now receded several miles, as can be seen by the photo below taken from the castle grounds.

View from Rye Castle