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Following In The Footsteps Of St.Michael

St.Michaels Mount, Cornwall - The Start Of The St.Michael Line
St Michaels Mount
I believe that sometimes the 'universe' pushes information onto our path that might just be useful or important. It's then up to us whether we follow this or use the information. As an example:

Since I wrote the post about ley lines Ancient Secret Transmitters Of Energy I keep 'bumping' into more and more information on the subject. This also seems to include St.Michael (I'm a Michael) and have links to Stonehenge, where I visited recently, see Photos Of The Stonehenge Mystery

I haven't gone looking for the information, it just appears.

Brought to my attention was, for example, the St.Michael line or ley. This starts near to where I live at St. Michael's Mount (Cornwall, South West England) and crosses England in a straight line to the east coast at Hopton. The line bisects many churches called St.Michael.

The line travels through numerous ancient sites including Glastonbury and Avebury (largest stone circle in the world) and also many hilltop shrines including Barrow Mump, Cliften Hampden and Brent Tor, all of which have ruined St. Michael's churches on their summits.

The St. Michael line also forms the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle connecting Glastonbury and Avebury with Stonehenge.

Moving on, I was talking to someone about the May Day celebration held in Cornwall at Helston (see video below) - and I found out that the patron saint of Helston is St.Michael.

The name Helston is a version of the Hele stone, the stone of the Sun God - which is the same as the Heel Stone at Stonehenge. The Heel Stone lines up with the sun at Midsummer.

I also came across the fact that some knowledgeable types believe St.Michael was actually Lugh the sun god.

So everything I've come across by 'coincidence' has been linked together. So, for me, this may well be important and I'll hopefully take some positive steps to see what else I can discover on these subjects.

With our recent break the places we visited was left to 'chance'. My wife and I wanted to go somewhere and things fell into place. First our friends invited us to stay with them for a weekend in Wimborne, Dorset. So we built a journey going to and from where they lived.

We didn't want to spend much money so I looked at the UK Travelodge website where they sometimes offer rooms at reasonable rates. I found the cheapest offers were at Illminster, Amesbury (about 4 miles from Stonehenge) and Torquay. So on the way to Wimborne we stopped for five nights at Illminster and Amesbury and after seeing our friends returned home via Torquay for a few nights.

It all fitted together perfectly and we saw all the sort of places we enjoy visiting. It's as if everything slotted together like a jigsaw. Now the jigsaw is being expanded to include more information on ley lines, stone circles, St.Michael and Stonehenge.

It will be interesting to see where the journey eventually takes us.

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  1. Fascinating info about ley lines - and all the Michaels! It does seem you're being urged to follow...well, something!

  2. v interesting stuff mike. cornwall is a great place and great info about the ley line