Wednesday, March 7

Orbs And Wings Of The Night

Orbs seen in Ibiza

I've had this photo since my holiday in Ibiza last year. It was night time and we were sitting on the balcony of our hotel. You can just make out another hotel in the picture. It was a perfectly clear night but we (that's my wife and I) kept seeing something strange on the ground opposite (mind you, we'd had a couple of glasses of red wine!). It was something white in colour and appeared to move. I got my camera and snapped a photo.

Being very dark, about midnight, I didn't expect to capture much but there were lots of orb type globes on the resulting photo.

 Some will say orbs are supernatural while others laugh and say they are specks of something or other that digital cameras pick up. As for me, I'm sitting on the fence, somewhere in between: there are genuine such pics but many aren't. But I did capture some impressive orbs which I published on my post The Orbs At St Cubys Church Tregony, Cornwall.

I cropped the photo and this larger portion - as below - shows almost wings or feathers, Phoenix like. I haven't altered anything on the picture otherwise.

I'm not taking the photos too seriously but just wondered what others may think. I only noticed the orbs again as we were looking at the photos of our holiday to conjure a few memories. The photo below shows the balcony during the day at a similar angle.

balcony of hotel in Ibiza

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  1. That's weird. The second photo looks almost like fireworks. A flock of angels perhaps! Wonder if they come in flocks?

    1. A flock of angels? No idea, must find out.

  2. Fascinating. The wing-like thing is certainly visible. Hey, good question. DO angels come in flocks??

    1. Thanks Trish. It's probably nothing but I wondered if anyone might recognise something as I haven't seen anything like it before.

  3. Very fascinating Mike as are all your posts. Food for thought.

  4. Anonymous07:20

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