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Key To Creating Our Desires And Conquering Pain With The Mind

Key to the power of the mind

I remember many years ago when I first read about the power of the mind, and what this could achieve, I was told that to create successfully you need to have self control of the emotions. As Solomon said, "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit is better than he that taketh a city."

Back in my early days I was pretty relaxed about life, it's only as I've got older that things tend to irk me at times.

So what are these emotions that hold us back from what we are trying to create using the power of the mind?

There are four, according to what I was told:

(1) Fear
(2) Sensuousness
(3) Sex Desire
(4) Vanity

And these are probably correct as it's difficult to conceive any emotion that doesn't have it's origin in one or more of these four.

Self Control for many is a hard thing to achieve but it is also the way of greatness. Napoleon said if he could keep his anger below his chin he could control men. George Dewey won the battle with the Spanish fleet because he controlled himself and then his men. His command to his captain was a relaxed, "When you are ready, Gridley, you may fire."

Okay, we my not want to control others but this is what Richard Ingalese, an author and occultist, from the early 1900s wrote:

'Every time you lose self-control your aura or photosphere becomes so actively inharmonious that all creations you wish to draw to you are repelled. You cannot be a successful creator upon the spiritual, mental or physical planes unless able to control your emotions sufficiently to enable that which you have created to come to you.'

This is why when we visualise we should be relaxed mentally. To create with the mind isn't a clenched fist moment it's stating and seeing what is wanted calmly knowing whatever is required will come about. We simply have to picture clearly, release and then switch off and let the Universe do it's stuff.

I won't go on about this for too long, I like to keep posts of a readable length, but there is one more thing in favour of self control of the emotions. In Ingalese's words:

'One can never escape from pain until self control is acquired. One can never reach the place of peace until the conquest of self is made.'

There we go - food for thought!

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  1. This is an awesome post. Thank you.
    I was taught a different list.

    1. Compassion - everyone has fears.
    2. Intimacy - it is the higher level of sensuality.
    3. Passion - for who you are and your chosen life journey
    4. Self respect - be the best you. You are awesome.

    It is always a fascinating reminder that others had different lessons. I''m blessed to have connected with your journey. I'm feeling redundant with my gratitude for your posts, all of them, but - Thank you.

    1. Gosh, thanks Terri! I like your four, especially self respect.

  2. I like this post as well, but I always do don't I! At times I find it difficult not to get angry and have to breathe deeply to hold back. Whereas I used to wade in I now try to think first.

    1. I imagined you were quiet and patient. Ha ha!

  3. Great post, plenty to mull over in your list and in Terri's. It's good to be reminded...

    1. There are so many things I need reminding about!