Tuesday, July 17

Finding Money: A Coincidence Or A Message

UK £10 note banknote

I have written previously about how my wife is always finding money. It's usually coins but we have a big pot full of these that she has picked up on our walks.

She has been having a a bit of a lull recently, however, but this morning (Sunday) on a walk to get the newspapers she found a one penny coin.

"Huh," I said, "You'll have to do better than that."

"It's another one for the pot," she said, "but I must be due something more worthwhile very soon."

We bought our newspapers, though I'm not sure why I still want to read them - so much negativity, gloom and doom. But, anyway, we headed home and just before we turned into our road, Karin reached down and picked up something from the pavement.

"What's that another penny?" I asked.

"No. Look."

And it was a £10 banknote (about $14) all scrunched up.

"That's a bit more like it," I joked and this time we couldn't return it to its rightful owner - as we did the last time we - sorry, she - found £10.

I think Karin finds money because she expects to find money and also because of something her father once said. Though he died when she was only four her mother told her that he had a saying about how there is money waiting to be picked up on the streets, if you know how to pick it up. It's something that has always stuck in her mind - or maybe it's her father saying, "I'm still about and looking after you."

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  1. I remember reading how Karin finds money but what a lovely idea that it might be a message from her father, like the white feathers you also find.

  2. wouldnt mind finding some money lots of it though

  3. I love the idea that it's her dad!

  4. I think Karin finds money because she uses her senses and is very observant.

    I also bet that Karin is a very patient person who doesn't rush thru life. She likely thinks things thru and seldom needs to make corrections as she gets it right the first time.

    I'll never forget this time when my best friend Jill (who has passed and I miss dearly) and I were in a convenience store. As we were leaving a person was coming in. It so happens that this girl had a 6 foot python wrapped around her neck and we literally had to squeeze by her due to the counter being so close to the door.

    As I squeezed thru, I commented: "nice necklace". Jill was right behind me and deathly afraid of snakes but I heard not so much as a whimper from behind me.

    After we go in the car, I said: "Did you see that snake?" To which she relpied: "What snake?"

    I could only laugh at that point.

    Some people are in such a hurry that they miss so much in life. I had a boss who did things so quickly that he was always commended for staying on schedule. What his supervisor didn't know was that I had to go behind him and correct his mistakes on a regular basis.

    Karin is one of those people who is "aware".

    Scott McMan