Thursday, February 21

South Of France, Messages From The Dead And Pennies From Heaven

Updates today on previous posts:

(1) on Nice Carnival South Of France Photos

Last week I published several photos of the Nice Carnival from back in 1996. Included on one of the photos was an ex work colleague, Jackie. I hadn't seen her for about nine or ten years but when Karin and I went to the local supermarket guess who we saw? Yes, it was Jackie!

Synchros or coincidences like this are always interesting. How often do we think of someone and then either meet them by 'chance' or we receive a phone call. It's an example of how we are all linked together whether we want to be or not. In the case of meeting Jackie it was lovely to see her again.

(2) on The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead

A response to this from a 67 Not Out reader:

"My husband of thirty years passed away suddenly in December at the age of 52 from a massive heart attack.

On the day of his viewing a dog showed up at my house wearing a collar with a ID tag on it. As we were waiting on my front porch for the owner to come, my son and daughter saw a white feather falling from the sky out in the middle of our paster field. My son ran out and got it for me.

That morning I had prayed for God to give me a sign to let me know that my husband was with him. I believe that was our sign. Since then my daughter has received three more feathers."

I receive details from so many readers saying how they have seen white feathers as messages from loved ones who have passed on. The feathers and white doves seem to be very much in vogue as messengers from the dead.

(3) on Pennies Falling From Heaven

The post was about how a shiny penny appeared to have fallen into an ashtray - by itself!

Okay, probably sounds doubtful for most readers that this could happen. But Helios had an idea about this saying that it may have been tied up with a previous post Sometimes Things Happen Because They Are Meant To Happen. In this I mentioned how the ashtray in question came from my first meeting with my wife's brother - a souvenir of that occasion. Sadly he died. Helios suggested that the coin dropping into this particular ashtray was, "A sign from Karin's brother after the post of yesterday."

Sounds feasible if you believe in this sort of thing. Messages don't only come via white feathers and doves. I know of one case where they came in the form of strands of wool! So all things and ways are possible.

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  1. catching up on your blog. havent been too well again but its good to read your posts always interesting

  2. Hmmm...I wrote a response and it vanished! Le me try again. I love all these stories..the white feathers as confirmation & the penny in the ashtray as communication from loved ones who have passed on...Running into Jacquie... you're in the flow, Mike.

    1. Mike here's a penny story I think you will like,and it just came up on a news site here -

      "Punter wins $7m on slots after friend's funeral"

      " A grieving US man who made a punt on a poker machine in honour of a friend whose funeral he just attended has come home with $7 million.
      Tyler Morris, 73, drove with his wife from their home in Michigan to Mississippi to attend the funeral of his friend of 40 years, Max Anderson, on February 15.
      Mr Morris was very close to Mr Anderson and gave a eulogy at the 86-year-old's funeral.
      On the way home he stopped by a casino in the town of Biloxi, Mississippi, which he and Mr Anderson had often visited together over the years to play the slots.
      Mr Morris put his money on a Lord of the Rings-themed poker machine with a maximum bet of $3.50.
      A short while later he was a multimillionaire.
      "I was shooting craps at first and I felt like somebody was watching me," Mr Morris told
      "I looked over my shoulder and zeroed in on that penny slot machine because my friend always played it."
      Mr Morris said he was "stunned" when he won.
      He plans to use the money to pay off a new car and set up a fund to send his grandchildren to university.
      He said he wants to continue working at a small manufacturing company he owns with his wife. "

    2. Re:
      "I felt like somebody was watching me" comment in the above news story comment,I was just thinking that was how I felt the day I was walking along the beach at Byron Bay and photographed the orb on my camera (which I didn't see by the way)

      I was thinking of that orb while listening to Rob and Trish on a radio pod-cast and Rob says at the 22nd minute,"that wasn't a UFO that was more like ball lightning,about as big as a ball that would fit into the
      palm of your hand ".