Tuesday, February 19

The Menorca Coincidence

Minorca scenary
The photo in our downstairs toilet
Karin and I were talking about holidays for this year and wondering where we should go. We decided it would be in Europe somewhere. I flicked through our daily newspaper to the travel section and saw a picture I was familiar with.

Minorca newspaper clipping

"Look at that," I said.

"It's the same as our photo in the downstairs toilet," answered Karin, "When did we go there?"

"In 1993. The date is below the photo."

The picture is of Cala Galdana in Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands, and I can remember taking the photo from the opposite cliff top after we had been for a walk along a coastal path. Our son was with us and we stayed in a nearby hotel. Happy memories.

So I'm wondering if this 'coincidence' is an indication that we should go back to Menorca. I don't really like 'going back to places' as there is so much else to visit but I'll keep the idea in the back of my head - as it could be a sign.

Nearby there are ruins of a prehistoric town from about 1000BC. Karin seems to be keeping them from falling down in the photo below.

Ancient ruins Menorca

It's an attractive island, so you never know...

Cala Galdana Menorca

... synchronicity sometimes shows the way.

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  1. I recommend revists to Happy Memories.

    1. Thanks Terri: Happy Memories are special.

  2. I've only been to Majorca in the Balearics. The photos look lovely. I know what you mean about not going back but places change and maybe also the way we see things. That's a little deep for me!

    1. There are certainly many places to visit but maybe going back on a few might bring about something special.

  3. Remember the old saying Mike that you can never step in the same river twice.
    I've been to Byron Bay so many times that I have lost count and every visit there has been unique.I never get sick of Byron Bay and always look forward to a return visit.
    But it's up to you to be guided by your intuition and remember not to try and make that slipper fit.-)

    1. There are a few places we visit in England and don't get tired of but when it comes to laying out more cash I feel compelled to see something new - but maybe not this year!

  4. I'd return there in a heartbeat! It looks beautiful and peaceful and I bet karin can still hold up the ruins!

    1. I wonder sometimes if memories shouldn't be re-visited other than in the mind. Just in case they then lose their magic.