Friday, March 8

Destiny Rolled Out Before Us Coincidence

Liz Jones is a UK newspaper columnist and diary writer for You magazine. I featured one of her stories previously: The Voices Of Dead People Captured On Tape.

A change of track today for Liz as she wonders, via a coincidence, whether our destiny is simply all laid out before us.

"On Friday night, I went to meet my friend Issy in the pub. She told me a spooky story.

Her friend had just lost her dad. She was in his house, going through his things, and found a picture she had drawn as a small child.

It was of a large pink paper crown, the sort you get in a Christmas Craker, and next to it she had written, in crayon, the word 'heaven'.

She emailed a photo of this to Issy, followed by another email, the photo she had taken of her dad at Christmas, just a couple of days before he died. In the photo, he is wearing a large pink paper crown.

I wonder if our destiny is waiting for us, even when we are six or seven. It is all laid out. It unfolds, like a cream carpet."

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  1. "It unfolds, like a cream carpet."

    Maybe even a red one.-)

    1. Thanks for the video link - he makes some interesting points about those who star in our lives and loving life.

  2. Spooky synchro. I love the way she writes. Now, off to see the link Daz provided!

    1. Often Liz writes of things that don't interest me - fashion and so on but at times she really hits the right notes.

  3. Weird story. I like the idea of destiny being a cream carpet. A clean one, of course.

    1. Any colour carpet I suppose ...