Saturday, April 20

The Light Went Out After Grandmother Died

A couple of coincidence or synchronicity stories sent to me by Laura.

In 2010 my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. I had already lost my grandfather to the disease five years earlier.

During 2011, a week before the sixth anniversary of my grandfather's death, I had a horrible premonition that my grandmother would die on the same day as my grandfather, the 4th of September.

My prediction came true. Not only did they both die on the same day, but of the same death.

Other weird coincidences sometimes happen in my dreams.

For example, after she died I had a dream about my grandmother trying to communicate with me through the light on my stair landing. In the dream every time I asked the light if it was my Nan it would flash really bright.

That morning I woke up, went downstairs and told my mum about my dream. After breakfast, while on the way up the stairs to have a shower, the very same light as in my dream flashed bright then went out.

I believe this was my grandmother telling me she was okay.

~ Laura

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  1. A similar thing happened to my mother-in-law and her sister about three days after my
    father-in-law had passed.
    They were cooking chips over the stove in my mother-in-law's house for diner when my
    mother-in-law told her sister,
    "That's not the way John would cook them".
    Her sister shot back with,
    "Well John's not here to tell me how to cookém now is he,so I'll do it my way".
    Then the fluro light above the stove blew out.

    I wasn't there to witness this incident,it was told to me by the astonished pair who couldn't believe the coincidence.
    But I did see enough strangeness around the house just after he died to know this story was probably his way of making his sister-in-law think twice about whether he is not still here in some form or other.

    1. The 'dead' do seem to have a sense of humour! I've also noticed strangeness when people have died.

  2. Great story! And Daz's story made me laugh. It seems that our loved ones will use anything to communicate with us.

    1. There does seem to be many ways of communication - at least I hope that's what it is!