Sunday, July 7

The 976 Coincidence

A quick Sunday coincidence or synchronicity story.

I have written previously how 76 and 67 are special numbers in my life and especially if the 76 is combined with a 9 to make 976 - see, for example, my post The Missed Post Coincidence And Other Wanderings where I wrote:

"... the numbers 76 and 67 have followed me through life. The number 9 is also important to me especially when added to 76 i.e 976.

I recently wanted a copy of my father's birth certificate for personal reasons - and the number on the certificate was 976 (of course!)."

Yesterday I was shown a photo from the late 1980's where we were loaned a Mercedes car, quite a decent model at the time, though it looks bit dated nowadays. I noticed in the picture that the number on the registration was 976. It's bizarre how some numbers appear to crop up over and over.

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  1. Fascinating that the car was on loan to you, but had those numbers!

    1. It's strange but sort of expected.

  2. "Fred Perry's low-key win remembered as Andy Murray breaks Britain's drought"

    "Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon title has been met with jubilation in the United Kingdom amid a backdrop of media calls for the Scot to be knighted.
    But the last Briton to win on Wimbledon's fabled grass courts, Fred Perry, experienced a very different reception after his first UK major title back in 1934.
    Perry, who won all four grand slams and won Wimbledon three times, believed he never got his due recognition when beating Australia's Jack Crawford in the 1934 final.
    The son of a Stockport trade unionist and cotton factory worker, Perry told biographer Ronald Atkin that he heard a Wimbledon committee official telling the vanquished Crawford "This was one day when the best man didn't win"."

    1. I'm no Murray fan but I watched the match on television. I've read a bit about Fred Perry, it was a completely different era back then - the men even wore long trousers in the final.

  3. Mike,

    In America, 976 is a premium rate prefix in the 1-900 family. 976 numbers are typically used by sex chat companies and the charges are usually exorbitant.

    Oddly enough, many of the diplomatic embassies also used 976 for public call in including the UK embassy in the US and the US embassy in London.

    Just thought it was interesting for you.

    Scott McMan