Tuesday, August 20

Are Coca-Cola Drinkers The World's Worst Litter Louts?

Coca-Cola tin in a yew tree

Perhaps it's something to do with the secret recipe that turns Coca-Cola drinkers into litter louts. I know I shouldn't generalise but why is it that so many Coca-Cola consumers don't appear to have the strength to either (a) carry their empty cans home or (b) put them into litter bins?

People who drop litter annoy me at the best of times but yesterday I had to walk quite a way to pick up my car following a routine service. As I left my house I spotted the above sparkling, empty Coca-Cola tin wedged into our yew tree, so I took a photo.

But as I continued walking I realised that Coca-Cola tins seem to be scattered everywhere. Do the drinkers think they make the world a more attractive place? Who the heck do they think will pick them up? I don't really expect answers to these questions because Coca-Cola must do something weird to the brain.

Anyway, these are some of the Coca-Cola tins I saw on my walk to pick up my car. I got a few strange looks photographing them!

Coca-Cola tin left as rubbish or trash

Coca-Cola tin by parking sign

Coca-Cola tin in gutter

Coca-Cola tin on road

Coca-Cola tin on grass verge

Coca-Cola tin by a park and playground

Coca-Cola tin by a fuchsia plant

Actually, thinking about it, Coca Cola drinkers may not be the worst litter louts. I'll just say one word: McDonald's. No I won't, I'll say a few more. Ever since a McDonald's opened on the outskirts of the town where I live there has been increased litter. As with Coca-Cola there must be something in the ingredients that saps consumers strength so that the minute they have finished their 'food' they have to immediately drop the boxes, cups and paper in which it was contained - no matter where they happen to be.

As for McDonald's customers who also drink Coca-Cola I'm amazed that they have the ability to get home. No doubt many are scattered along the roadside lying next to their cans and litter waiting to recuperate.

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  1. Litter, that's something I dislike as well. I think the worst people are any take-away food eaters. McDonald's, Fish & Chips or any of the others. I'm always picking up paper bits from the green in front of where I live. And sometimes cans and tins.

    1. I think I agree with you the worst litter is from take-away food.

  2. Don't blame me...I'm a Pepsi drinker.-)
    Maybe these Coke-heads really do buy the advertizing propaganda of Coke,and think everything goes better with Coke.
    And it's a pity this post had to come to an end,
    because I'm lovin'it.-)
    Another sync here ,because my favourite take-away in Australia is probably Nandos because they sprinkle their fries with peri-peri salt (Perry,Perry salt.-)


    1. Huh! Glad you're lovin 'it!

      ... and I like peri-peri sauce.

  3. im with suzie its the takeaway consumers that leave most of the mess. whats wrong with people they seem to want to destroy and ruin the towns and countryside

    1. I don't understand how anyone would litter anywhere.

  4. We see this, too, here in the u.s, but it's not as bad as it used to be. Now watch, I'll head out today and see coke cans everywhere!

    1. I suppose it's a problem in many countries but it seems to have got worse recently where I live.

  5. The original formula for CokeACola included cocaine - which was used to keep the slaves working hard in the fields of the USA plantation owners a century, and two, ago.

    Maybe the litter of rampant consumerism, and the fast-food-no-nutrition-obesity lifestyle, is a next-reincarnation of those who were considered disposable commodities in their last go-round. And this time they are just slobs.

    The lesson of litter goes beyond roadside clean-up.