Saturday, September 28

Special Numbers Coincidence

I know I said I wouldn't mention my holiday in Mallorca again but I needed a quick post for today as I'm tied up all day - not literally of course.

I've often mentioned how 76 and 67 have been significant numbers in my life and keep cropping up. Here's another instance.

At the end of our holiday, early in the morning, we were waiting for a coach to take us to Palma airport for our homeward flight. I looked across the road and opposite us was the above Seat Car - we have a silver Seat car ourselves, though this isn't much of a coincidence as so do many other people. Anyway, the number, as you can see was 7767 BDV - so a 76 and a 67 on the number plate.

When I was going through my photos, after I arrived back home, I wondered if BDV meant anything. All I could find was that it is a French language abbreviation for Bourse des Voyages meaning Travel Exchange - so the number plate fitted the occasion perfectly.

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  1. BVD is also a brand of cigarette -

  2. And there is a photo at this auction house of BVD silks with one having a clear 76 on it.

    1. Thanks I see the 76.

      Punjabis 76 refers to a regiment of the British Indian Army, founded in 1776.

    2. And going back to the BDV cigarettes - I see that the initials may stand for Benedictus dominus vobiscum meaning the pipe of peace.

    3. Paul McCartney - Pipes Of Peace

    4. And there was a Spanish version of the song re-titled Pipas de la paz - so back to Spain again!

  3. So this turned out to be a bigger synchro than first believed!

  4. BDV Military Silk - 4th DRAGOON GUARDS (Royal Irish), No. 76