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The Top 10 Most Viewed Posts For January 2014: Ghosts, White Feathers, Mysteries, White Doves, Coincidences, Reincarnation etc.

Skull with a golden wreath
The Mysterious Skull With The Golden Wreath Of Protection - See No.3 Below
So that's the first month of 2014 gone into the past, wherever that is. Below are the Top 10 Most Viewed Posts on 67 Not Out for January.

When I do these lists each month it always surprises me how it's often the older posts which get the most views. Perhaps it's like with wine, they mature nicely with age or maybe it's just because they turn up more frequently on the search engines and have more links from other websites and blogs. But whatever, here's the latest list.

1. The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead
By white feathers I mean how they can often be found following a loved ones death. This has certainly been my own experience. I lost three people close to me in a short period of time ... Read full story

2. The Ghost Who Chased A Thief
A few years back, before I lived with my partner, I was living at home with my parents for the summer after University. They were going away on holiday and left me with the responsibility of looking after the house. I didn't mind being alone but ... Read full story

3. The Mysterious Skull With The Golden Wreath Of Protection
I photographed this skull with a gold wreath while in Crete. It was discovered while excavations were taking place and is believed to have been that of an athlete. In the second large photo below a coin is also shown which was found inside the skull's mouth ... Read full story

4. The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead
One day I came home from work and a white dove was perched on the steps that lead up to the front door of my house. No doves or birds of any kind were ever previously on ... Read full story

5. The Concentration Camp Romantic Coincidence
It goes back to 1944. A young man, Antonin Nowak, just 14 years of age was in a concentration camp in Poland, one of the many injustices of World War II. Through the high fence he often saw a young girl of ... Read full story

6. Married Couple In The Same Photo As Children
Young newly weds Alex and Donna Voutsinas were looking through some of Donna's old photos from when she was a child and came across one of her at Disney World. Nothing too unusual about this, you may say ... Read full story

7. The Unusual Contact With Her Dead Mother
My mother broke her hip quite badly following a fall and we thought it best that she move in with my husband and I. As she couldn't walk she passed the time watching television, but most of all she loved to ... Read full story

8. The Reincarnation Of The Cathars Priest Roger de Grisolles
Guirdham's belief in reincarnation started following his seeing a patient, who was referred to him because of possible epilepsy. She had been having strange nightmares, since ... Read full story

9. 80 Percent Of Elderly People Have Ghostly Visions Of Their Deceased Partner
The study found that over 80 percent of elderly people experience hallucinations associated with their dead partner one month after bereavement. These ghostly visions are very vivid. Almost 'a third of the people ... Read full story

10. The Bizarre 1914 Photo Coincidence
In 1914, just prior to the first world war, a German mother took a photo she had taken of her young son, to a shop in Strasbourg, to be developed. Before she could collect the photo war broke out and for some reason ... Read full story

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  1. All of these are terrific stories. I think my favorites are about the white feathers!