Saturday, March 23

10 Story Posts Featuring Dreams

Bizarre dream stories

10 stories featuring dreams today, following on from the 10 series of posts. The stories listed are in no particular order and cover varied dream themes.

How Dreams Solve Problems And Questions
I recently wrote a post with examples of how some famous dreams produced some amazing results. Today though I'm taking a slightly different track about how we can get answers ... Read full story

The Dead In Dreams Are Very Real
Sometimes I think that the dead live in dreams. Heaven, the afterlife, the next world, whatever you want to call it - it's all in our Dreams. I must say ... Read full story

The Answer To Sexier, More Colourful Dreams
If you feel your dreams are getting dull or drab, you could do worse than follow the advice I offer to many of my clients: go out and inject a bit of action and creativity into ... Read full story

The Precognitive Dream Of An Air Crash
Precognition, which happens in dreams, is unfortunately not always good news, especially if we ignore the message. Here is such a story to which there are three ... Read full story

A young Paul McCartney
Examples Of Famous Dreams
Back in 1965, with the Beatles still at the height of their fame, Paul McCartney woke one morning remembering a tune he had heard being played by a classical string ensemble. Paul went to his piano, which was in his bedroom, found G, found F ... Read full story

Ancient Egyptians And Their World Of Dreams
Interpreting dreams was an important part of predicting their future. So much so that they compiled Dream Books. These consisted of lists of dreams and what relevance these would have in their lives ... Read full story

Dreams And Precognition Of The Aberfan Disaster
Aberfan is still remembered because of the horrific collapse of a colliery spoil-tip that occurred there in 1966 and killed 144 people, including 116 children. The slurry went into the side of the Pantglas Junior School ... Read full story

Dreams As Calling Cards From Her Dead Father
n the past I have had dreams that have come true and have twice dreamt the winners of horse races (even though I know nothing about the sport) so the following is probably ... Read full story

Precognition In Dreams: Is It Simply Paranormality
Let’s assume Brian dreams each night of his life from age 15 to 75. There are 365 days in each year, so those 60 years of dreaming will ensure Brian experiences 21,900 nights of dreams. Let’s also assume an event like ... Read full story

A Dream Or An Alien Encounter?
A few days after this dream I noticed a black mark under the skin on my thumb. This isn't very clear now, some thirty years later, but it can still be seen. It's in the crease of the thumb on my right hand and is black ... Read full story

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  1. Love these roundups. The one about why we don't dream the, it's hard to believe that someone actually believes that!

    1. Thanks Trish, these round-ups seem to be worth the effort.