27 December, 2014

A Chuckle And An Alarming Coincidence

Coincidence cartoon

As regular readers know I have published many coincidence stories on this blog over the last five and a bit years. So the cartoon above seems apt.

And below another coincidence story.

An alarming dream

Tonight was my ballet school's annual concert. A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed, not quite asleep but not awake either, when I had a half-dream of the theatre being on fire.

It was on my mind for the day, not because I believed it would come true, but because I decided it'd be fun to build on it and write a short story.

Today, we drove up to the theatre, and I was dropped off outside, surprised to discover that the entire dance school was standing outside. Why? The fire alarm was going off.

It was a false alarm, and there was no fire for the rest of the night, but it was still oddly coincidental, and almost scary.

~ Kelly

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  1. I think events like this tend to scare people, mainly from the fear that they have "caused something by thinking about it". Whenever I hear someone say they wish they could predict the future, I think of what an awful burden that would be!

    1. It's better that we don't know our future, especially if we can't change things from happening.

  2. Your cartoon drew a big laugh from here!

    I'd love to know what "Kelly's" short story included.

  3. Yes, if we really are as much all of our own as we have been generally taught, all such occurrences would have to be merely coincidences.

    1. True, but perhaps we aren't all on our own - who knows for sure.

  4. Good source of material to write about coincidences. Happy Forever After Christmas.

    1. ... and Happy Forever After Christmas to you too.