Friday, February 13

The Coincidence Of Two Cars Having The Same Number

1950 coincidence

I seem to be trapped in 1950, what with all of those 1950 Flying Saucer sightings and today a news story of a coincidence from 4 April 1950. But there's no doubt worse places to be.

When the state of Pensylvania slipped up and issued two car owners the same number, it was just a coincidence that both men live in Johnstown. But Allen Koch and John Mugridge spotted the error at once. They're both employed at the veterans administration office and have adjoining spaces in the same parking!

Of course things were a bit slower with Google in 1950 - and a postage stamp was required!

Google in 1950

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  1. Okay my mind is blown now! Very strange about the tags, gentlemen's work and, parking spaces!! Then you post a Google photo that really takes the cake. Well done! And so am I, LOL.

    1. That's life - it's very strange!

  2. Very cool google logo! I love these 1950s synchros

    1. As we keep saying it's a funny old world.

  3. Anonymous01:45

    I would be willing to wager that there were more than just two plates issued with the same number. Could it have been that the press they were being stamped with got stuck and quite a few were distributed? In the days before computers, I could see it happening.