Wednesday, April 8

Contacted By Her Deceased Husband

Ghostly hand

I've published several posts recently of examples where the deceased have seemingly contacted their loved ones. Here's another short example.

After a long and happy marriage, my darling husband died. Five months later, I was sitting in my kitchen with the door to the hall open when the temperature in the bungalow dropped (it was a lovely, sunny day).

When I looked up, I could see an outline similar in size to my husband.

I spoke to him and told him how I loved him and missed him. After a short while, he put out his arms towards me ... and then he disappeared, and the temperature returned to normal.

I have never dismissed the thought of an afterlife, nor have I really believed in it, but I do know now that my beloved is waiting for me, so I have no fear of dying.

~ Yvonne Morman

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  1. I tend to believe this. Whether it's real or not is not something I'll debate, for the person it happened to, it was. And it was comforting. And that is all that matters.

  2. This is a beautiful story and experiences like this aren't uncommon. But so many of us are taught to believe that contact with the deceased isn't possible, so our belief becomes limiting.

  3. I think Shadow has nailed it.