Sunday, April 12

Flowers Received From Her Deceased Son


This is another experience where a mother believes she had contact with her son, who had died. It involves perhaps telepathy and also a communication with a third person.

"The death of my son Andrew at 21 was particularly difficult for me to bear. He was my only child - a Cambridge undergraduate, highly intelligent and gifted - and I had raised him mainly on my own.

Walking home from shopping after his death, I heard him say: "I'm going to remember Mother's Day tomorrow." I can only describe this as a telepathic communication, and it was very clear.

I carried on home greatly uplifted. It was a wonderful moment I shall never forget.

The next day, I answered an unexpected ring at my door. A casual acquaintance was there with her arms full of flowers - daffodils, forsythia and pussy willow.

She told me that the flowers were not from her. She said that she was washing up the breakfast dishes when she heard Andrew say: "Take some flowers for Mum." These were picked from her garden. She told me that nothing like this had ever happened to her previously.

It had a profound and moving effect on both of us. I'd not told anyone about the message the previous day. Neither did I know this lady very well. It was clear than Andrew wanted me to know he was safe."

~ Mary Marten

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  1. sent chills down my back.

    1. It's definitely uncanny, as my mother would have said.

  2. This one is awesome!

    1. I think that's the right word - awesome!