Monday, March 11

Jimi Hendrix And Coincidences Through Time

23 and 25 Brokk Street, London

"Typical 18th century properties in Brook Street, London," you might say, when looking at the photo above, "But so what?"

London plaque of George Frideric Handel
The clue is in the round blue circles between the windows. The coincidence being that at number 23, on the left, lived Jimi Hendrix and at number 25 on the right lived George Frideric Handel. Okay not at the same time, obviously, but strange that two such contrasting musicians sort of lived next door to one another.

Handel, the great baroque German born composer, lived at number 25 from 1723 until his death in 1759. Hendrix, the American musician, singer and songwriter, lived at 23 in the late sixties.

It is said that when Jimi realised Handel once lived next door he made an immediate beeline for the local HMV store, at nearby Oxford Street, and bought most of the Handel music records available.

This is all well and good but there was also a personal coincidence or synchronicity with all of this. After writing some of this post I checked my live blog, and what do I see but Jimi Hendrix's photo looking back at me! See below.

Hendrix's photo was featured on the Google ads I run on the blog. I have no control over what they advertise and have never seen an ad for Jimi Hendix previously. The ad was for his album People Hell & Angels released this month (March 2013).

Out of interest the architect Colen Campbell (1676 to 1729) lived at number 76 Brook Street. He was the person credited as the founder of the Georgian style of architecture. And at number 74 once lived Sir William Withey Gull a physician and Freemason suspected of being Jack the Ripper.

Handel's house is now the Handel House Museum and Hendrix's place is now part of their offices.

View of Brook Street, London
Brook Street, London
Always interesting to discover the links between time, people and places - and how we are all part of this.

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  1. It's actually not such a coincidence that the Jimi Hendrix ad popped up,if you have been doing searches on Google.
    I listened to this talk called
    "Digital Big Bang: expanding horizons for the work of writers" at the BBWF,where it was recorded (I'm in the audience,not that you'll hear me)and in the talk Marc talks about this creepy function of Google,with some sometimes humorous results.

    This talk is worth a listen,not just for what I've mentioned about Google.
    It is quite interesting on a lot of levels.

    1. Ah, but it was a sychro for me - as the pic came up exactly after writing some of the post. It's what is meaningful to the individual that is important. Thanks for the link.

  2. How odd that Hendrix and Handel lived in those houses. Two such different musicians. Liked the ad coincidence.

    1. Yes, I thought it odd too and the ad showing up - though I have seen the Hendrix ad again now (though not on this blog).

  3. Love this sequence of synchros. How fascinating that they both lived there!

    1. Thanks Trish, interesting all of these sort of links.

  4. Anonymous20:12

    I find the coincidence in the first syllable of the names strange. We would pronounce Handel as HENdel and then along comes HENdrix.

    1. When you say 'we' who do you mean?

  5. This is just as intriguing as the "Grand Funk" post. Most be a moment for musicians!