Tuesday, October 8

How The Universe Nearly Got A Football Coincidence Right

Arsenal FC training
Arsenal Training
I've been a football fan since a child (that's soccer) when my dad used to take me to matches in London. I went to see the likes of Spurs, Chelsea, Fulham, Millwall, QPR and Arsenal. Back then it didn't cost an arm and a leg to watch a match, and you could simply turn up on the day - times have changed!

I was talking about Arsenal to someone we met as Karin and I went on our daily walk. The club are doing well in the league, at the time of writing, and the other chap wondered when Arsenal last won a major trophy. I didn't know the answer for sure and neither did he. As for Karin, she just looked blank - or was that bored!

We went on our way and Karin bent to pick up something from the pavement. I thought she'd found yet another coin, which she often does, but it was a pin badge. And what's more an Arsenal badge! Strange as they are a London club and I live in Cornwall about 300 miles away.

The badge stated "FA Cup Winners 2003 - Arsenal." So the question about them had been answered, or so I thought. However, when I checked on the Internet I saw that Arsenal had also won that particular cup in 2005 as well - and that was their last major trophy.

So the Universe nearly got it right! But it was still a coincidence to be talking about Arsenal and then finding the badge. I guess the Universe isn't a Gooner or it would have known the correct answer.

I found a website that shows to the second how long it is Since Arsenal Last Won a Trophy. When I looked it was 8 years 4 Months 13 Days 22 hours 58 minutes and 6 seconds. The way things are going that could be put right this year.

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  1. Arsenal!! How could you - I'm a Chelsea fan! Never mind, it's an interesting coincidence.

  2. That's a pretty neat sync,but it's a pity Karin didn't find something more valuable,like a Spurs badge.-)

    1. Spurs - now lets see. Oh yes, beaten at home in their last match by West Ham of all teams. Oh dear!

  3. Good one! Really, what are the odds that just as you are talking about it, Karin finds that particular badge!

    1. I'm always amazed at what she does find!