Saturday, March 22

The Coincidence And An Abundance Of Fiddle Faddle

Fiddle Faddle music

An an usual bit of fiddle faddle in the form of a coincidence or synchronicity.

Fiddle faddle 1. n. Trifling or
trivial matter(s). 2. a. petty, fussy
3. v.i. Fuss, trifle. 4. int.

Here's the story:

"I recall the case of my parents, when, one morning, my dad had woken early and was reading a non-fiction history book (Elizabethan period), when my mum stirred from sleep and said "Oh, fiddle-faddle" - an expression not commonly used nowadays, I would think, and never in our household.

M dad turned over and said to her, "What did you say?"

"Fiddle-faddle. Time to get up."

He showed her the words he had just read: Fiddle-faddle.

He then asked if she had peered over his shoulder to read them - which she could not have done, and in any case denied."

Fiddle faddle isn't something we hear to much nowadays, well not in England anyway, but there's more of it about than one would think.

Fiddle faddle

Fiddle faddle truck

Fiddle and Faddle and JF Kennedy

Fiddle faddle and popycock

As someone once (probably) said: 'There's plenty of everything to go round for everyone, if it was distributed and shared out fairly.' Hope you are getting your share of fiddle faddle.

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  1. I have never heard of the expression,or song "Fiddle Faddle",but I have heard the singer's name on the record because Ethel Smith was my Nana's name when she died.She was married three times,first to my father,then to my step-grandfather who's name my father took as a surname,and then to a man named Smith.I never met any of them as they all passed away before I had a chance to see them.I always chucked when I heard people call my Nana Ethel,as to me it was a funny old fashion name.I must chase that song up on You Tube.Thanks for bringing this to my attention Mike.

    1. Well, how about that! I wasn't going to use that particular image as I already had two about music - that's why it's the last one. Then I changed my mind - now I know why! Funny old world - again.

    2. Oops ! That should read first to my father's father instead of "She was married three times,first to my father..."
      We're not inbreeds,no matter what the neighbours might think. ;-)
      I shouldn't write stuff when I should be asleep.

    3. :-) When I saw the time of the comment I thought it must have been late where you are.

  2. Suzie12:28

    I had an old aunty who would say fiddle faddle when anything went wrong. If she dropped a stitch when knitting she would say, "Oh fiddle faddle" Haven't heard the expression for years, thanx for reminder.

    1. I like these old sayings and words, so much better than a lot of the gutter language today.

  3. Someone in my family used to say fiddle faddle when stuff went haywire. Haven't heard the expression in years!

    1. I quite like the expression though have never used it myself.

  4. Being from the Southern US, I would frequently hear someone say fiddle faddle instead of using cuss words! Especially some of my older maiden lady aunts.

    1. Interesting, it seems to come from a more innocent age when those cuss words weren't acceptable.

  5. No, it's not late, I'm a nightowl and retired! Though I do need to break these sleep habits for summer.