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Top 10 Posts For August: White Doves, Aliens, White Feathers, Coincidences, Mysteries, 1914 Adverts

1914 advert for Bryant & May's matches
See Number 10: 1914 Advert for Bryant & May's Safety Matches
Another month has passed us by so here are the Top 10 most viewed posts on 67 Not Out for the month of August 2014. It always amazes me how some of my older posts are visited over and over and now have hundreds of thousands hits, one of them has had over one and a quarter million. It's good, therefore, to see a few new entries into the Top 10 for this month.

1. The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead
Finally I went in the back door of my house. I looked out the window and this one lone white dove was still on the front steps at 4pm and 5pm and 6pm. At 7pm that night I received an urgent phone call ... Read full post

2. He Felt Dirty After Being With The Aliens
Bill Herrmann claims that he was carried on a tubular beam of blue-green light into a flying saucer. He was then examined by aliens from another star system and afterwards ... Read full post

3. The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead
I'm returning to the subject of white feathers today and their meaning. Since first writing about this I think I've had more emails on the subject than anything else. By white feathers I mean how they can often be found following a loved ones death. Read full post

4. The Telegram That Told Of A Death
A couple of days ago I published a post about our modern use of computers and phones. This reminded me of the contrast with a telegram I have from 1940, which I found following my mother's death. In 1940 ... Read full post

5. Top 10 Coincidence And Synchronicity Stories When I started this blog the theme was mostly coincidences and synchronicity. Since then I've wandered off into other directions but it's back to basics today. The following are the Top 10 Coincidence and Synchronicity Stories ... Read full post

Skeleton from the Crete Minoan period
See Number 9: Skeleton from the Crete Minoan period
6. Married Couple In The Same Photo As Children
Young newly weds Alex and Donna Voutsinas were looking through some of Donna's old photos from when she was a child and came across one of her at Disney World. Nothing too unusual about this, you may say ... Read full post

7. The Mystery Of The Mouse Triangle
We had a recent trip away but, before we went, a Mouse Triangle began to take form. Two days before going we found a dead mouse on our driveway. I moved the mouse in a respectful way. The following day there was a further dead ... Read full post

8. Ghostly Rye: The Most Haunted Town In England
One of the most atmospheric and ghostly places I have visited is the town of Rye on England's south coast. Some claim it is the most haunted place in the UK and on a visit it's possible to see why this is. Last year my wife and I were staying in a 15th century cottage ... Read full post

9. The Mysterious Skull With The Golden Wreath Of Protection
I photographed this skull with a gold wreath while in Crete. It was discovered while excavations were taking place and is believed to have been that of an athlete. In the second large photo below a coin is also shown which was found inside the skull's mouth. This is a silver ... Read full story

10. 1914 Adverts At The Start Of World War I
1914 saw the start of World War 1. Britain declared war on Germany on August 4th. But I wondered what was being advertised in the newspapers and magazines at that time. Here are a few 1914 adverts - the first was an obvious one: Join ... Read full post

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  1. I enjoy these monthly roundups! Happy September...gulp, pretty soon it will be Christmas and 2015!