Saturday, April 30

World War 2 Coincidence

Buzz Bomb - V1 Flying Bomb
Photo: Roby

A World War 2 coincidence story today by Hilda.

"I have many war time memories, but one story stands out in my mind. My husband was in Germany in Neimegen at the time of the Arnhem Battle. I was here in London with my three year old daughter dodging the 'Buzz Bombs' (V1 Flying Bombs, as photo above).

We were out one day and walked into an exploding bomb, from which we escaped. My friend and I said, "Let's take the children 'somewhere' for a little rest from the bombs!"

I had a friend who lived outside Birmingham who said that she would find me somewhere to stay. This turned out to be Yardley Wood, Birmingham.

One day an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) workman knocked at the door and said, "Your husband is here in Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital - suffering from burns on face and hands."

I immediately went to see him - looking like the invisible man - no face to be seen. The next day I had the War Office Telegram telling me what had happened.

The whole point of my story is that I went to Birmingham and my husband Captain D J Keenan RA was flown there wounded at the same time. Isn't that a coincidence!"

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Friday, April 29

Absolutely Crazy Coincidence Of William And Kate

Kate MiddletonWell it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton do have similar adventure traits - they both went to Patagonia in Chile on the same 10 week 'expedition' before they ever met - and within a few months of each other.

They even had the same expedition leader. He is Michael Sutherland and said that it was an 'absolutely crazy' coincidence that this should happen.

Mr.Sutherland explained to the London Evening Standard about the two expeditions:

"With the expedition that William was on, there was a clear understanding of who he was, while Kate was like you and I. She was like everyone else; she didn't have a profile.

She was by herself, like most people. She was definitely one of the fitter and stronger members of her group, which assisted her for sure. At times it was physically demanding. She was pretty easy going.

There are no hair dryers, and there are very few showers to be seen."

Gosh, just think: no hairdryers, wow, to go on a Chilean expedition and they don't provide them. And Kate is just like you or I - amazing!

Prince William made his trip in October 2000 and Kate did hers in January of 2001.

Mr. Sutherland also said about the couple, "I think a lot of people don't realise there is that common connection there in their pasts."

Raleigh International, who operated the treks said that Kate and William would have had to each raise £2,995 to fund their place.

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Thursday, April 28

Are We Pre-Programmed For Limitation And Death

human computer programAre we humans simply some computer like programme destined to perform as instructed? If so, can we break free from this control, and acceptance, and go on to live physically - if we choose - forever?

To illustrate what I'm on about, here are a couple of short extracts I read in a magazine today about health:

"In your 50s, the natural loss of muscle mass and tone really begins to show and, as a result, your shoulders can appear hunched or slumped over."

And ...

"In your 60s you may start to feel some aches and pains in your body."

So what this publication - and the media and world in general - are saying is that at a certain age we begin to deteriorate in specific ways. And most of the population appear to accept this as being normal and acceptable. In other words this belief is programmed into us.

Another example. A friend's mother died and he kept her wheelchair in his garage. "Why?" I asked. "For when either my wife or I need it," he answered.

He's really saying that as the years move on, he or his wife, will become disabled and will no longer be able to walk properly.

Why are we like this?

Why do we believe we will deteriorate at a specific age? Why do we accept our lives as being limited?

Surely we should be re-programming ourselves away from these set, accepted standards. Some people do this to a degree. There are men and women who have taken up, say, hang-gliding in their 80s or have started a university course.

Now, you might say, "I don't want to live forever." Absolutely fine, we are, or at least should be, free to do as we please.

If asked about living forever most people add that they would only want to do so if their nearest and dearest did so as well. But why do we think that they wouldn't be able to do so - even if we could?

We are programmed to accept that there are stages in life and we have to conform to them.

You might believe that we are eternal but move on to a spirit world, heaven, or return to earth in a different body. Great, but we should, surely, be able to move on from this life when we choose and when we are ready to do so. Maybe even travelling between different dimensions as and when we please. It's what freedom is all about.

"Ah, but it's all karma," some will say.

Yes, there is cause and effect but why would any of us want to build up any bad karma? Many seem to forget that there is also good karma. If we live right, harm no one and so on we should be able to live happy, productive lives for, well, forever.

I won't go on about this any longer, but it concerns me how many of us limit our lives and potential because of our in-built programming. Here's another example. I was talking to a healthy, active man in his mid sixties. He told me he was definitely going to give up driving when he was seventy. "Why?" I asked. "Because I wouldn't want to risk driving a car at such an old age," he said.

How does he know that? Why does he think that? Advance programming, that's why.

Whether we are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or whatever we should be able to tweak our programmes for the better. Or, instead, we can accept things like 'in our 50s, the natural loss of muscle mass and tone will really begin to show and ...'

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Wednesday, April 27

Mystery Of The Angel Hair Left Behind By UFOs

The bird of God - angel hair

Angel hair under microscopeAngel Hair is said to be often seen following UFO sightings, so has it an extra-terrestrial source?

Probably not. And, besides, the good old scientists have a simple explanation: it's all down to spiders. Okay, perhaps, but I don't always believe the scientists' conclusions.

Angel hair is usually described as being similar to gossamer, cotton wool or silk. It's all soft, white and shiny. It's difficult to analyse as it melts away and disappears into nothing. It is also known by other names. In France it is called the Madonna’s present; in Italy it's siliceous cotton and the Ufologists refer to it as angel’s hair.

Angel hair, or whatever term you prefer, first came to the attention of the UFO bods in 1954 when two men, Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci, were on the balcony of a hotel in St.Mark's Square in Venice. They saw what they described as two shining spindles flying across the sky. These objects left behind a white trail as they sped on their way. The UFOs then changed direction and headed towards Florence.

On the same afternoon at a soccer match in Florence the players and the 10,000+ spectators watched two objects/UFOs fly over the stadium. Cobweb like threads started to rain down on the pitch as the UFOs disappeared.

Professor Danilo Cozzi of Florence University was able to examine the threads and gave his conclusions:

"It's a fibrous material, which is highly resistant to tension and torsion. Once subjected to heat action, the material grows dark and evaporates, leaving transparent sediment that melts away. The sediment was found to contain boron, silicon, and magnesium. Hypothetically speaking, the substance may be some kind of boron-silicon glass."

But that doesn't really tell us what it is and there are many other suggestions:

American ufologist Charles Maney put is down to, "The UFO excess energy which materialized, the threads return to their dimension or some other space-time continuum while fading away."

A British unnamed ufologist reckons it's a sort of ectoplasm similar to than emanated at a spiritualists seance.

Angel HairIn 1967 a study was done in New Zealand and the conclusion from I.V.Petryanov-Sokolov was that, "The sample is of considerable interest as a material with extremely fine fibers. It is unlikely that the material was formed by nature."

All of this doesn't really make things much clearer. Angel hair, however, keeps on being seen. In 1998 in North wales, for example, following a UFO sighting a 60 year woman, Mrs.Stanfield, saw cobweb-like material descend to the ground.

In Montreal, in 1962, the captain of the Roxburgh Castle vessel noticed, "... fine filaments of an unknown kind," draped around the railings and stanchions. The Marine Observer reported Captain Pape's experience in October 1963:

"Calling the attention of the Chief Officer, I pulled one of these strands from a stanchion and found it to be quite tough and resilient. I stretched it but it would not break easily and after keeping it in my hand for three or four minutes it disappeared completely; in other words it just vanished into nothing.

Looking up we could see small cocoons of the material floating down from the sky but as far as we could ascertain there was nothing above or at street level to account for the extraordinary occurrence."

Captain Pape was informed by D.J. Clark of Natural History Museum in London what he considered to be the source of the angel hair:

"Spiders are, I think, responsible for the phenomenon you describe. The majority of these spiders belong to the family Linyphiidae, and mature in the autumn ... on warm sunny days, the spiders begin to disperse and migrate ... the silk is drawn out in a thread by the air currents and hardens. The spiders sometimes are carried many miles ... they free this 'parachute' ... this becomes entangled with other threads."

So you take your pick as the source of angel hair: from UFOs or spiders or something else.

Ah but, one problem about the spider solution is that that spider silk cannot melt because heat does not affect it - but angel hair vanishes without trace. Plus spiders have never been reported within or near to angel hair.

And one problem with the UFO solution is that angel hair is often spotted without any signs or indications of UFOs being seen.

It seems as if the mystery of angel hair hasn't as yet been solved.

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Tuesday, April 26

The Lusitania And The Manipulation Of Wars For Profit

RMS Lusitania
Warning of the sinking of the LusitaniaSomething I have been thinking about recently: the coincidence that the US entered the first and second world wars despite first declaring their neutrality.

So why did they bother to change their minds? Because wars are extremely profitable for powerful, influential people and especially for banks.

You might disagree and say this wasn't the reason, and that it was because of the sinking of the Lusitania (WW1) and the attack on Pearl Harbor (WW2). But, like perhaps 9/11 as well, these may have been manufactured or encouraged to take place as reasons for going to war.

I wrote previously about Pearl Harbor and how possible warnings were given of the attack in newspapers. Passengers of the Lusitania were also warned beforehand of a possible strike by German submarines.

The relevant newspaper cutting is shown on the right. Note that it is included within an advert for the Lusitania. It says:

"Notice! Travellers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk. Imperial German Embassy, Washington, D.C. 22nd April 1915."

Lusitania sinkingDespite the warning the Lusitania still set sail on May 1st 1915 and was subsequently sunk on May 8th, 11.5 miles off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. 1,198 people died, including almost one hundred children.

Germany justified the sinking by stating that the Lusitania, "...was yesterday torpedoed by a German submarine and sank ... it was naturally armed with guns, as were recently most of the English mercantile steamers ... as is well known here, she had large quantities of war material in her cargo."

I've only written the bare bones in this post, there is much more on the subject on the Internet.

I guess the questions I'm raising are:

Why did the US get involved with the likes of World War I, World War II, Vietnam and the supposed War on Terrorism (Iraq etc)? In each case there was a tragedy - for the want of a better word - that persuaded them to do so - or was used as a justification. These certainly weren't coincidences.

Who are the people or organisations who have gained from these wars?

And to finish with, a couple of Lusitania oddities:

When Lusitania was built, her construction and operating expenses were subsidised by the British government, with the proviso that she could be converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser if need be.

After the war started, she was painted in a drab grey colour scheme in an attempt to mask her identity

Prior to her final sailing the Lusitania was returned to civilian colours. Her name was picked out in gilt, her funnels were repainted in their traditional Cunard livery, and her superstructure was painted white again.

Makes you think, doesn't it? At times it's as if we are being manipulated!

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Monday, April 25

The No Overtaking Sign Coincidence

No overtakingA short bitter-sweet story today from a 67 Not Out reader, Alan.

"Recently my niece, Barbara, died following a car accident.

Babs, as she was known, was running late for work and for some reason overtook another car along a country lane, where there was only two-way traffic. She was involved in a head on crash, the other driver survived.

Her grave is by the main lane running through our local cemetery and behind her memorial stone is a sign which says, 'No overtaking or passing.'

I know this doesn't sound the least bit funny under the circumstances, but even my sister (Babs' mother) smiled through her tears when she first saw the sign. Of all the vacant plots it had to be this one that was chosen for Babs.

My sister and my brother-in-law often think they see Babs, walking along the road, or in a girl's smile across a shop floor. It gives them comfort, though I think it is only their imagination, but it seems to help them come to terms with their loss."

I'm not sure, Alan, if you ever come to terms with the loss of a child but whose to say what your sister sees. Maybe she does see Babs. Our loved ones are with us always.

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Sunday, April 24

The Danger Of The Letter Z In Car Registration Plates

Letter Z
Drive carefully if your car registration plate includes the letter Z.

Why? Because vehicles with a Z on their plates have the most crashes - at least this is the case in the UK.

This isn't airy-fairy nonsense as the conclusion was drawn following an analysis of 643,939 car accident claims by insurers

They found that vehicles with the letters NCZ are to blame for the most crashes. (In the UK all current registration plates include a combination of three letters). NCZ had, in fact, two and a half times as many accidents as any other combination of letters.

And NCZ was closely followed by AWZ and AAZ.

RMZ had the most number of non fault claims, double the average.

Does all of this mean anything? Elephant managing director, Brian Martin, said, "I'm sure this is just a coincidence - we've got no plans to charge more for some registrations as a result." So that's good news for holders of any Z plates!

If you are buying a new car - there is usually a choice of numbers to choose from - it might be as well to avoid any plates which include a Z, coincidence or not.

Footnote: I read recently that, regarding peoples' names, those with a letter Z have a few supposed negative traits. They can be very impatient, hardheaded people who can be ruthless and not caring about who they hurt. Perhaps it's the same with cars!

P.S. I'd better quickly add that people with a Z in their names also have some very good, positive sides. They are trusting and trustworthy and have a zest for life. They are also quoted as being quick thinking and down to earth.

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Saturday, April 23

St.George And How He Slayed The Libyan Dragon

St George and the dragon
St.George's flagToday is St.George's Day, the patron saint of England since the 14th century. So being English I thought I'd write about him and how he slayed that dragon! That's his flag on the right and the flag of England - not of Great Britain or the UK or Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland. It's just for us English (though other parts of the world have also adopted it).

The St.George And The Dragon Story

St.George, though no a saint at that time, was in Libya - which is a bit of a coincidence at this particular time!

He was a friendly sort of bloke and got chatting to a hermit who explained how the country was very troubled. No less than a dragon was causing the population a lot of upset. And it's easy to understand why.

The dragon had a very voracious appetite for young maidens and demanded that one was brought to him every single day. The problem was they were running out of maidens and the only one left was the King's daughter. She would, therefore, have to be handed over to the dragon the next day unless, that is, a Knight could slay the dragon before this happened.

St.George remembered he was a Knight and was also chuffed to learn that the King of Egypt would give the hand (and hopefully the rest) of his daughter to anyone who could kill the monster.

St.George thought he'd have a bash at slaying the dragon, so that night stayed at the hermit's hut to prepare himself.

The next day, fully ready, St.George headed for where the dragon lived. On the way he caught up with the procession taking the beautiful Princess to her meet her end. He said kindly words to the Princess, admired her silken gown, and told her to return to her castle. Yes, he would save her from the dragon.

St.George rode alone to the valley where the dragon was based.

The dragon was none too pleased when he saw St.George and not a beautiful Princess. He rushed out roaring like thunder, his 50 feet long tail flaying behind him. St.George stood his ground and struck the dragon with his lance, hoping to strike a fatal blow, but no such luck. The lance broke on the thick scaly skin and, whoops, St.George fell from his horse.

Luckily he fell under an enchanted orange tree and was soon revitalised and up on his feet once more. With his sword at the ready he struck the dragon under the wing where his skin was soft - and the dragon was killed.

And all was well again with Libya.

Wouldn't it be nice to think that the problem with the Libyan dragon, Gaddafi, could be solved as easily?

P.S. The real St.George is believed to have been born in Eastern Turkey is 270 AD. He signed up with the Roman army when he was about seventeen years old and by all accounts became a brave soldier, but a Christian one. When the Christians started to be persecuted he pleaded with the Emperor to save their lives. He himself was then tortured but refused to give up his faith and was finally beheaded in Palestine on the 23rd of April in the year 303.

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Friday, April 22

Random Moments That Alter Our Lives Forever

Liz KesslerCoincidences, synchronicity or random moments - as author Liz Kessler calls them - can have a major impact on our lives. It's possible that some of us may not be here today, but for such a happening occurring in our family history.

Liz Kessler's grandparents lived in Vienna in the early 1930s and when her father was four years old he had a bad bout of whooping cough. As he recovered her grandfather took his young son on a Danube steamer as a treat.

As children tend to do, her father knelt on a seat as he watched the scenery go by. As he did so his feet got nearer and nearer to an English woman, who was sitting with her husband. He was told to be careful or he would dirty the lady's dress.

This didn't seem to worry the woman and she and her husband chatted away happily to to Liz's grandfather and father. They got quite carried away and somehow the English couple missed their stop.

The grandfather was full of apologies, though it wasn't really his fault, and as compensation offered to show the couple some of his city. After the tour he took them to his home for traditional cakes and coffee.

The couple were a Mr.& Mrs. Jones and after the event sent their new friends a note of thanks, written on paper from Mr.Jones' dental practice - which included the address.

The world, however, moved on and for the Jews in Vienna it became an uncomfortable place to live, as the Nazis came to power.

Liz Kessler's grandparents, along with her father, moved to Czechoslovakia thinking they would be safe there, but the Germans soon spread their wings into that country as well. As Jews they felt their lives were in danger and wanted to move away to England.

They had a big problem, as before they were allowed to leave Czechoslovakia, they needed an affidavit from someone in England to say they would take full financial responsibility for them.

What this in effect meant was that they would have to leave all of their family's money and possessions behind for the Nazis, and leave with nothing.

As Liz's grandfather was sorting through some of his papers he came upon the note from Mr.& Mrs.Jones. Frightened for the lives of his family he wrote to them hoping they would perhaps sign the necessary papers.

This was obviously a very long shot, and was asking a lot, but within weeks the English couple replied and said they would do whatever was required, and that they could live with them until they could find a home of their own.

The family of Jews left with nothing other than the clothes they were wearing, but managed a safe journey to England. They lived with the Joneses for six months and became life long friends.

But think of what may well have happened to Liz's grandparents and father. There is a possibility that she would never have been born.

As Liz puts it: "When I think about it, it blows my mind. If my father hadn't been ill; if his father hadn't decided he needed cheering up with a boat trip; if he hadn't knelt on his seat; if the Joneses hadn't missed their stop. At the end of all those ifs is a prospect I don't want to contemplate. No one needs reminding what kind of future awaited a Jewish family living under the Nazis."

Coincidences, synchronicity and random moments can play such important roles within our lives. And then there is the generosity and kindness of Mr.& Mrs.Jones. I wonder how many of us would have entered into such a commitment following a short one off meeting?

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Thursday, April 21

Future Queen Kate Middleton For Sale On Ebay

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton on a jelly beanYou may well have heard that there is to be a Royal Wedding here in the UK on April 29th, between Prince William and Kate Middleton - though the spin merchants want us to call her Catherine now.

Anyway, Kate's picture has just been found - on a jelly-bean! That's her on the right.

'So what?' you might think, well Weslie Hosie from Taunton, England who found the magic bean, along with girlfriend Jessica White, reckon they might be able to sell the bean for £500 (about $700).

Weslie said about the coincidence of finding Kate, in jelly-bean format, "As Jessica opened the jar, I saw her immediately. She was literally lying there staring back at me. Given that the royal wedding is only a few weeks away, we hope to make a few pounds out of it by selling it on the Internet to a collector."

It's unlikely that anyone else will find a jelly-bean Kate Middleton though, so no need to rush out and buy some.

Richard Cullen, the Managing Director of the firm The Jelly Bean Factory, that manufacture the beans said of the find, "This sounds truly incredible, I would have to see the bean myself to believe it. All of our beans are handmade and this looks like one of our red speckled Mango beans, the natural speckles are unique to each and every jelly bean due to the handmade process."

Of course people have been finding famous faces in all sorts of places. One bloke in Pittsburgh, for example, found Jesus in his bathroom and promptly sold him for $1999,99! Photo below.

Jesus face in the bathroom

You never know where you might find someone famous. As for the marriage of William and Kate - good luck to them. I'm no ardent royalist but the main family (Queen and children) are good for tourism in the UK and, with an expected 2 billion plus viewers for the televised wedding, it should be good publicity for London. As for the rest of the royal hangers on, it must surely be time to ditch them now.

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Wednesday, April 20

Tummo: The Yogi Power Of Warming The Body

Tummo Yoga
Alexandra David-Neel wrote in the 1920s, "To spend the winter in a cave amidst the snows, at an altitude that varies between 11,000 and 18,000 feet, clad in a thin garment or even naked, and escape freezing, is a somewhat difficult achievement."

I'd say calling it 'somewhat difficult' is playing it down slightly! What David-Neel was referring to is the Tibetan Buddhist Yogis 'Art of Warming Oneself Without Fire Up In The Snows.'

This warming process is known as tummo or tumo. David-Neel explains:

"The word tummo signifies heat, warmth, but is not used in the Tibetan language to express ordinary heat or warmth. It is a mystical terminology.

It is kept secret by the lamas who teach it, and they do not fail to declare that information gathered by hearsay or reading is without any practical result if one has not been personally taught and trained by a master who is himself an adept.

Sometimes, a kind of examination concludes the training of the tummo students.

Upon a frosty winter night, those who think themselves capable of victoriously enduring the test are led to the shore or a river or lake. If all of the streams are frozen a hole is made in the ice. A moonlight night with a hard wind blowing is usually chosen.

The neophytes sit on the ground, cross legged and naked. Sheets are dipped in the icy water, each man wraps himself in one of them and must dry it on his body. As soon as the sheet has become dry, it is again dipped in the water and placed on the novice's body to be dried as before. This operation goes on until daybreak.

It is said some dry as many as forty sheets in one night.

It is difficult to get a perfectly correct idea about the extent of the results obtained through tummo training, but these feats are genuine. Hermits really do live naked, or wearing one single thin garment during the whole winter in the high regions I have mentioned. It has been said that some members of the Mount Everest expedition had an occasional glimpse of these naked anchorites.

Some take such claims with a pinch of salt but I believe they are perfectly possible, we are only scratching the surface of our capabilities which stem from the mind.

In the 1980s a group of scientists from Harvard Medical School, led by Dr.Herbert Benson, went to check out three Tibetan Buddhist monks.

The scientists attached temperature sensors to the monks' bodies. They found that after meditation the temperature of the monks' fingers and toes rose by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Their internal temperatures remained normal.

Dr.Benson feels that, following meditation, the monks are able to dilate the blood vessels in the skin. This increases the blood flow, which in turn raises the surface temperature. This is actually the opposite of what normally happens. Following extreme cold the normal body response is to constrict blood vessels and thus lower the temperature of the extremities.

The likes of tummo indicate what might be possible with the power of the mind. Problem is, most of us would prefer to be slumped in front of the television with the central heating on high - but what if we tried to train out minds instead ... the possibilities are mind boggling.

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Tuesday, April 19

In Search Of Celtic Crosses At St.Winnow In Cornwall

River Lerryn and bridge
I wasn't too sure what to write about today so decided to do a post on a walk my wife and I often take. On this occasion we went in search of Celtic Crosses at a small church at St. Winnow in Cornwall.

Stepping stones at LerrynThis Cornish walk isn't too far - about five or six miles - but it takes in river views, woods, fields and the old church at St.Winnow.

We parked our car in the small car park at Lerryn, which is right next to the river - which we crossed using the stepping stones (photo right) as the tide was low.

Once on the other side of the river we looked back at the view, shown at the top of this post. I snapped the photos as we walked. As you will notice the weather was changeable from blue skies to being overcast.

River Lerryn Cornwall
The first part of the walk is very easy following the footpath by the river (above) but this soon ends and we head into Ethy Woods (below)

Ethy Woods Cornwall
As the path through the woods steepens there are lovely views over the River Lerryn (photo below)

River Lerryn, Cornwall
The woods end and we make our way into the fields via the steps and stile as shown below.

Cornish steps and stile
The fields usually have cows, or other animals, roaming free but this is a public right of way so the farmers have to put up with us walkers.

Cows and fields near River Fowey
Leaving the River Lerryn behind we join the River Fowey (photo below). We walk along the bank until we reach the small, lonely church of St.Winnow. It's here that we want to look at the Celtic Crosses.

River Fowey at St Winnow Cornwall
The churchyard has many Celtic Crosses amongst the gravestones, some quite tall as can be seen from the photo below.

St Winnow Church Cornwall with Celtic Cross
It is believed that St.Winnow Church was founded in the 7th century and was mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086.

St.Winnow, or St. Winnoc, was an evangelist who set up many churches and died around 717 AD. The church tower was most likely added in the 15th century.

St.Winnow church found a little fame in the mid to late 1970s when it featured in the Poldark television series based on the Poldark novels by Winston Graham which were all set in Cornwall in the 1700s.

Karin and I had our lunch, which we had brought with us, in the churchyard overlooking the river.

St. Winnow Church Cornwall
Lunch over - one last backward glance at more Celtic Crosses (below) and we set off again on a different return journey.

Celtic Crosses at St Winnow church Cornwall
It was then across a large farmer's field ...

Farmers fields near St.Winnow
... with the river now on our right ...

Scenary next to River Fowey
... and into Ethy Woods again.

Walking in woods at Lerryn Cornwall
Once out of the woods it's back to more fields, with many fine old oak trees, until we eventually return to the stepping stones and cross the river to our car

Fields approaching Lerryn Cornwall
Map of walk from Lerryn, CornwallOkay, nothing paranormal happened but we enjoyed the walk and seeing the church once more. I didn't find what I was looking for amongst all of the Celtic Crosses. I was hoping to find another cross with a dollar sign in the middle as per my post The Mystery Of The Celtic Cross With A Dollar Symbol
I think the one I saw at St.Breok must have been quite unique. I still don't know what it means. The answer is still hiding from me.

The Cornish Mystery Of The Trevethy Quoit Stones

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Monday, April 18

The Destructive Power Of Hatred

Nature and the passions - love and hate

There does seem to be a lot of hate here on earth so I thought I'd print something that dates back to 1904. You may well have read something similar, but I wonder why mankind still has hatred when we've known the outcome of this for such a long time. Basically, Jesus was right when he said we should love our neighbours - whoever they are. Anyway, the following was given in a lecture in 1904 by Richard Ingalese.

"Every moment of our lives we are changing our bodies and we are making them better or worse by our thoughts.

We are also creating our environment, liberating or enslaving ourselves, according to the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

We create ties between ourselves and other souls through hating as much as through loving because whatever our minds dwell upon, that we draw to us.

For example: If I think of you, immediately there is a vibration in the ether between you and me. If I continue to think of you, this vibration becomes intensified until a blue magnetic cord becomes established between us - a mental telegraph wire if you choose - over which my thoughts pass to you, and by which yours come to me. This connection is visible to the clairvoyant, but not to the physical eye, and can only be destroyed by disuse for a greater or shorter lapse of time according to its size and strength.

As a spider spins his web from one point to another, so do men constantly spin thought webs connecting themselves for good or ill with persons or things.

If you hate a person, you are continually sending hateful thoughts to that person and by so doing you keep a constant vibration of the ether between you. After a time this vibration becomes a real pathway for your thoughts to travel upon and binds you to the object of your hatred with a bond invisible yet stronger, and harder to break, than a band of steel.

This is the reason groups of egos come back to earth and incarnate in families and communities. Those who love each other are drawn again and again into the closer relationships of life, not because 'blood is thicker than water' but because of the ties formed in past lives."

Religions and organisations, which create hatred towards others, are a destructive force for evil, no matter who they claim their God to be. We should simply accept the wisdom that is within us and substitute love for hate.

There is a 'Theory of the Will'.

Axiom II states: To will evil, is to will death. A perverse will is a beginning of suicide.

Axiom III states: To will good with violence, is to will evil, for violence produces disorder, and disorder produces evil.

I see Axiom III as relevant to governments who believe they can produce a 'good' outcome by using violence. Think Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Any form of hate, even something which appears minor, is surely one of the emotions we have to try and overcome for the good of ourselves and for all of mankind.

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