Wednesday, September 30

Coincidences Following The Death Of A Loved One

Clement Freud
Clement Freud
Today's story is about death, coincidences and last words. It is the bare bones of an article by Emma Freud, which was published in the magazine, Eulogy, when it launched.

It's about the death of Clement Freud, the grandson of Sigmund, who was well known in the UK as a member of parliament, a knight, chef, broadcaster, author, soldier and raconteur.

Clement Freud died at the age of 84 while he was in the mid sentence of writing an article for The Racing Post. He had a massive heart attack and the last words he wrote were 'and in God's good time'.

His wife has stated that, in his 50+ years of writing, she had never known her husband make any reference previously to God.

At the time of his death his daughter, Emma Freud, was in Copenhagen and she received two calls from her mother trying to tell her about her father's passing. As her phone was switched off she phoned her mother back and heard the news.

Emma says, "I made a noise - a bit like a lion and a bit like a gasp. I instantly felt sorry that my mum had to listen to it."

Now comes the second strange incident. Emma's 13 year old daughter, who was two flights below her in a restaurant, heard her gasp. In Emma's words:

"My daughter incomprehensibly heard it and instantly ran up to me as fast as she could. No one else heard a thing, but something communicated itself down to the basement and she responded in a heartbeat."

In time the funeral and cremation were arranged and Emma decided to sing a song, to her own piano accompaniment, at the ceremony. She chose the classic I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places.

Following the cremation, when all of the mourners had left, Emma and her partner decided to walk down to their local ice cream parlour. As they opened the door the speakers were playing Billie Holiday singing I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places!

As Emma put it, "Obviously my dad hadn't gone to heaven, he'd gone to Gelato Mio instead. And while he was there he wanted to hear the song sung properly."

It does seem that such coincidences and happenings can be in abundance following the death of loved ones.

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Tuesday, September 29

The Coincidence Of A Steamer Saved From A Titanic Iceberg

I have published several posts about the ship Titanic and coincidences. Here's a further coincidence story that has connections with the Titanic and it's one I haven't mentioned previously.

There was a young seaman called William Reeves. He was on watch in the bow of a steamer heading to Canada from Tyneside in north-west England. The year was 1935. The month was April - the same month of Titanic's sinking. Reeves became obsessed with thinking about Titanic's downfall. He felt some strong negative feelings about his voyage.

The thoughts of danger took shape in the seaman's mind as he remained on watch. He strained his eyes looking for any signs, but could see nothing but the gloom and darkness. He felt though that something was wrong, but couldn't say why. He felt too scared to shout out any alarm for fear of ridicule.

His feelings of doom, however, became stronger when he realized the date was April 14, the same day the Titanic sank. He risked making a fool of himself and shouted out a danger warning, The helmsman immediately rang the signal: engines full astern.

The ship churned to a halt ... just yards from a huge iceberg which towered high out of the water. There were also other icebergs crowded round the steamer. It took nine days before the Newfoundland icebreakers could smash a clear path for the steamer.

By another strange coincidence the steamer was called the Titanian.

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Monday, September 28

The Lands Where Man Has A Dog's Head

Men with dog's head Nacumera

So, was mankind once crossed with canines? Okay, probably not many readers will believe this to be the case but ...

The Koniagas, a tribe of North American Natives, trace their pedigree back to a dog. And the legends of a breed of men with dog's head is a recurring one in many different civilisation. For example ...

One of the best accounts is by Sir John Mandeville, who wrote ...

Men go by the sea ocean by many isles, unto an isle that is called Nacumera, that is a good isle and fair. And it is in compass about more than a thousand mile. And all the men and women of that isle have hounds' heads, and they be called Cynoceptales (Greek for 'dog heads'). And they be full reasonable and of good understanding, save that they worship an ox for their God. And also every one of them beareth an ox of gold or of silver in his forehead, in token that they love well their God. And they go all naked save a little clout. They be great folk and well-fighting. And they have a great targe [shield] that covereth all the body, and a spear in their hand to fight with. And if they take any man in battle, anon they eat him.

Marco Polo said that these people lived in the Andaman Islands in The Bay of Bengal.

Also in some depictions of St. Christopher in Eastern art he is shown with a dog's head. There is a reason for this though ...

St. Christopher with a dog's head

The legend is that St. Christopher was very handsome and was therefore continually pestered by women - how awful this must have been. So he prayed to be given a dog's head as protection.

Back in ancient Egyptian times there was also the cult of the dog-headed god, Anubis.

Well with all of this, no wonder a dog is Man's Best Friend ...

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Saturday, September 26

Two clip art women

A short, snappy coincidence from Karen.

"My biggest coincidence is from about 20 years ago. My name is Karen and I live in Michigan (USA), and I met another Karen who lived about a block away from us.

We got to talking, and over a few weeks time we realized that we had both lived in the same house while growing up in Minnesota (about 600 miles away).

Her family lived there before our family did.

Not sure that it really meant anything, but it was very interesting!"

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Friday, September 25

Autograph Book Coincidences

Autograph Book

This is a 'small' personal coincidence I first wrote about in January 2010. Someone described to me that coincidences were a wink from the Universe - so here's a couple of winks I received

I had been clearing out the loft in our house and came across a case full of bits and pieces from when I was a child. Amongst the items were two autograph books. I kept these out as I wanted to look through them to see if any of the more famous names might be of interest.

An autograph I did notice, as I absent mindedly flicked quickly through the pages, was one from somebody called Don Robertson who wrote in my book, "Hi Mike, Don Roberston Yo-Yo Instructor."

I didn't think any more about this until I was watching The One Show on (UK) television the very same night. Who did they bring on as an odd interest item? Yes, an 84 year old Don Roberston!

Seemingly Don is still technically the reigning yo-yo champion because the title has not been contested since he won many years ago - and I've got his autograph! Small world.

There was another aspect of this coincidence as well. On the front of another of my autograph books (pic right) was the word Corbiere. I had never realised this previously. But, by coincidence, I used to live in Corbiere Avenue, years back, when I bought my very first house.

I am starting to feel that these sort of coincidences are indeed winks from the Universe!' It's as if the years are all linked and threaded together. Perhaps, in some respects, time in meaningless.

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Thursday, September 24

Tapping Into Magic For Creative Ideas


The author Elizabeth Gilbert - she wrote Eat, Pray, Love which was also a movie, starring Julie Roberts - has written a new book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This is about how we can discover our creativity. She has, for example, a novel way of thinking about ideas, and how they can come about. See what you think of the following, in her own words. Part of it is following the coincidences that cross our paths.


"I've spent my entire life in devotion to creativity, and along the way I've developed a set of beliefs about how it works - and how to work with it - that is entirely and unapologetically based upon magical thinking. And when I refer to magic, I mean it literally - in the Hogwarts sense. I believe that creativity is a force of enchantment.

I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and bacteria and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are a disembodied, energetic life-form, separate from us, but capable of interacting with us. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness, and they are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way any idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner.

Therefore, ideas spend an eternity swirling around us, searching for available and willing partners. (I'm talking about all ideas here - artistic, scientific, industrial, commercial, ethical, political.) When an idea thinks it has found somebody - say, you - who might be able to bring it into the world, it will pay you a visit.

Mostly, you will not notice, because you're so consumed by your own distractions and insecurities that you aren't receptive to inspiration. You might miss the signal because you're watching TV, or pondering your failures and mistakes, or just really busy. The idea will try to wave you down (perhaps for a few moments, a few months or even a few years), and when it finally realises that you're oblivious to is message, it will move on to someone else.

But sometimes - rarely, but magnificently - there comes a day when you're open and relaxed to actually receive something.

Your defences slacken, and magic can slip through. The idea sensing your openness, will; start to work on you. It will send the universal signals of inspiration (the chills up the arms, the hair standing up on the back of the neck, the nervous stomach, the buzzy thoughts, that feeling of falling into love or obsession).

The idea will organise coincidences and portents to tumble across your path, to keep interest keen. Everything you see and touch and do will remind you of the idea. It will wake you in the middle of the night and distract you from your everyday routine. It will not leave you alone until it has your fullest attention.

And then, in a quiet moment, it will ask, 'Do you want to work with me?'"

On Amazon UK: Big Magic:  Creative Living Beyond Fear
On Amazon USA: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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Wednesday, September 23

The Dream Of An Air Crash Came True

Precognition in dreams

Precognition within dreams, isn't always good news - especially if any message is ignored. Here is such a story to which there are three parts.

Firstly there is the dream which David Redman-Thomas had back in the late 1960's. He awoke one day screaming with fear. When his wife, Merle, asked him what was wrong he laughed it off and said that he had imagined himself plunging from the sky.

Merle also had a dream, the second part of this story.

She described the dream about her trainee amateur pilot husband. "In the dream I watched my husband take off and fly around the airfield. Suddenly the plane plummeted to the ground. I recognised the control tower and other buildings very clearly. It was Wycombe Air Park. It was all so realistic that I woke up in tears. My husband told me not to be so silly and to go back to sleep."

The following Easter Monday David drove his wife and children to Wycombe Air Park where he was due to have his very first solo flight that morning. Everything was arranged and David kissed his wife and headed towards his aircraft.

He was stopped on the way by his friend, another David - David Poore - who invited him for a ride first in his aircraft.

Merle continues with the story. "That was when my dream started to come true. I saw them take off and start circling the airfield. Then the engine began to miss badly. As I watched it fell from the sky and out of sight behind some trees. It all happened within five minutes of take off."

The two Davids died in the accident.

The third part of this story happens the day after the crash. It was broad daylight and Merle saw an image of her husband's face.

Merle explains, "At two o'clock the next day, following the accident, I was at home talking to my mother when suddenly I saw David staring at me from the opposite wall. His face was completely unmarked, but I noticed his hair was standing up at the front as if somebody had cut a lock from it."

"I hadn't wanted to see his body, but the next day my father-in-law handed me a lock of hair as a keepsake. He told me David's face was unmarked and that he had cut the hair from exactly the same spot as in my vision."

Think of it as you will.

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Tuesday, September 22

He Foresaw His Brother's Plane Crash In A Dream

Vickers Wellington plane

The British entertainer Bruce Forsyth, now 87, has been telling of his experience of how he foresaw his brother's fatal plane crash in World War II.

Bruce, then 15, had a slight accident. He fell over, felt dizzy, disorientated and nauseous. In his words:

"... Suddenly I'm on a plane, flying over the sea. Not flying, I'm plummeting downwards out of control, at an acute angle. There is nothing I can do. I stagger towards the open door of the aircraft as the dark water rushes towards me. I jump ... a strange and unpleasant dream as I drift in and out of consciousness. What makes it particularly disturbing, however, is that I've never been on an aeroplane."

Bruce recovers and thinks no more about this until he returned home.

"Normally my mother would call out cheerfully the moment I walked through the door. Not this time. I found her sitting in her chair, gazing into space. 'What's up, Mum?' That's when she told me that my brother John - by then an RAF pilot - had been posted as missing."

It wasn't until many years later, after his parents had died, that he received an explanation as to what had happened to his brother on the night he went missing.

"They had been practising laying sea mines and one of the Wellington planes ditched in the drink. John's plane, plus another, went back to help in the search and rescue. With their lights on, flying just above the water in an attempt to spot survivors, these two Wellingtons collided. Of the 18 men from the three aircraft that crashed, only seven were picked up. John was not one of them."

It would appear therefore that Bruce's dream was a precognition. It's also possible that the dream and the plane crashing happened at the same time.

Bruce says that he still thinks of John even to this day.

Amazon UK  - Strictly Bruce: Stories Of My Life
Amazon USA - Strictly Bruce: Stories Of My Life

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Monday, September 21

The Third Teapot Coincidence

West Country Cream Tea

A few days ago I published a post The Chipped Tea Pot Coincidence. It was about finding another exact teapot to one we had chipped.

Today I decided to start sorting out some of the postcards I have. I picked up one bundle and the third one was the picture as per the photo above. The teapot in the photo is the exact same design etc. as the two pictured in my mentioned post.

So another coincidence story - third postcard, third teapot and, as we know, 'things' come in threes!

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Saturday, September 19

The Fly Coincidence Amazed My Aggressive Boss

Here's a strange, amusing, story from a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous. Not sure if there is any great meaning to it, but sometimes we do appear to get help from unusual sources to enable us to make a point.

I don't know what you will make of this but I swear that it's true. I presume it comes under the category of a coincidence because I don't know how it could have happened otherwise.

I once worked for a boss who was very aggressive and domineering, and who criticized me for being much too easy going. She often preached that I needed to change my attitude to succeed with her company. One day she was rambling on and on about how I should have more fight in me, how I should change my attitude, become more out going and aggressive.

We were standing by a window as she continued with her rant.

It's true I am placid and usually easy going but I'd had enough of her lecture and wasn't going to change my nature for her, or anyone else for that matter.

I spotted a fly settling on the window and I pointed my finger to it and said, "I'm afraid that's the way I am. I wouldn't even hurt a fly."

As I said this, the fly left the window and landed on my finger. It stayed there and I brought it towards her so she could take a good look. It was absolutely magical, an unbelievable moment and it looked exactly as if I had intended this to happen.

Her expression was one of amazement and she clasped her hands to her sizable chest. The clear picture of her shocked face remains with me to this day, even though this happened about ten years ago.

As she looked at me I said to the fly, "Off you go," and wiggled my finger so that it flew off to the window once more. "Was there anything else?" I asked my boss.

"No, that's it for now," she mumbled.

I left the company a short while after this for somewhere more appreciative to my easy going nature.

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Friday, September 18

He Saw A Ghostly Vision Of His Sister's Face

Ghostly face

A ghostly tale today from the archives, regarding J.L. Sanborn, who was a representative of a large tobacco house. This is his story.

I was in Louisville several weeks last summer, as business was rather dull, and I was engaged in doing some work about the store. Each night I would go out to Bardstown and spend the night with my mother.

My sister, Emma, two years before, had married a man from Bowling Green, and had gone there to live. Our house was an old-fashioned one, with a broad piazza in front, and this in summer was covered with vines. In one corner of the porch was a hammock which slung there every summer, and in which my sister was extremely fond of lying before she retired for the night.

The evening of which I speak I reached home rather late. Mother had taken a bad cold, and after I had eaten my supper I left her inside and went out on the piazza to smoke a cigar before going to bed. The moon was shining brightly, and some of its light entered through a broken part in the lattice on which the vines clambered.

As I stepped out on the piazza and started toward the hammock I stopped in amazement, for as plainly as I have ever seen anything, I saw my sister lying on the hammock with her face turned partly away from me. I stopped and stared but it was so plain I could not be mistaken.

I waited about a minute, and then approached the hammock. The apparition slowly melted away, and I found out that what I thought was a face was a part of the moonlight.

Saying nothing I went inside and told mother I had dropped something on the hammock. She went out to find it and saw the same thing which I had. She came back trembling all over.

We were prepared for the worst, and next morning we heard that Emma had died the night before. She was killed in a runaway accident about the time we had seen the apparition.

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Thursday, September 17

Bunch Of Keys Lost And Found Coincidence

Bunch of keys

A coincidence story from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I went on a long walk with my friend who was visiting me from up country. We did a circular walk through the woods and countryside of Dorset and about five hours later returned to my car.

I was horrified to see that the pocket, where my keys should have been, was inside out. I panicked, the keys were definitely lost.

Sheepishly I phoned my husband to drive over to where we were stranded, with my spare set of keys. He was none to pleased to say the least and eventually, following quite an ear bashing (with words only!), we reached home.

It wasn't only my car key that was missing. It was on a ring that also held my door key etc. plus other sentimental things I had attached: little miniature animals etc.

I put off getting replacements and the following weekend my parents also came to visit. I took them on the same walk. My husband was working all day Saturday so he did manage to lecture me about keeping my pocket zipped up properly and why hadn't I got any replacement keys as yet etc. etc. Yawn.

My parents enjoyed the walk, it was one they hadn't done previously. As we eventually strolled back to my car I saw a man in front of us bend to pick up something. My heart started thumping as I knew exactly what he had found. As we caught up with him he said, "Don't suppose you've lost any keys. I just found these in the ferns."

I could have kissed him because they were the keys I had lost last week. I was very happy on the drive home.

When he arrived home even my grumpy husband had to smile at the coincidence of the finding of the keys.

I suppose this is a coincidence.

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Wednesday, September 16

5000 Miles From Home She Meets Her Uncle's Best Friend On A Bus

1960s bus

I came across this following coincidence story in the Daily Mail newspaper of September 15, 2005.

While I was living in Malaya in the early sixties, I was travelling on the local bus to town when at the next stop another British lady boarded. She sat down beside me and our conversation started, as it often does with strangers, "Where do you come from?", she asked, to which I replied from 'Stirling.'

"Oh, that is where I come from," she said, and went on to say she had an uncle who lived in the small village of Whins of Milton,"

"Really?" I replied, "that's where I was brought up and my parents still live there."

She went on to tell me the street her uncle lived in and - another coincidence - so did my parents.

The crunch came when she named her uncle's best friend, who turned out to be my uncle!

We were 5,000 miles away from home and couldn't believe this had happened.

~ Mrs J. Foster, Stirlingshire.

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Tuesday, September 15

The Dressmaking Coincidence

Dressmaking cartoon

In some ways, today's post is similar to my previous post, as it illustrates how 'things' you wish for can come about very quickly.

For years my wife did dressmaking from home and was always very busy. Nowadays she only does occasional bits and pieces for friends - it's more of a social thing than anything else.

Anyway, on the day I am writing this, it's blowing a gale outside, the rain is in gusts and it's not a very good start, weather wise, to the morning.

Karin said, "I could do with a small dressmaking project on a day like this."

Within seconds the phone rang. It was one of her friends wanting some dressmaking done - just a small job. It was like magic!

So that's her settled for the afternoon: cups of tea and dressmaking.

But isn't it strange how such things happen, as also with the teapots yesterday? Precognition? Telepathy? Coincidence? Synchronicity? 

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Monday, September 14

The Chipped Teapot Coincidence

Teapots coincidence

We always make our tea in a teapot - none of that teabag in a cup nonsense! We've had the same teapot for years (the one on the right of the photo) but, somehow, the spout got chipped, as did the inside of the lid.

This morning my wife said, "What a shame, I really liked that teapot," or something similar, and added, "I wish we could get another one the same."

Later we went for a walk. It had been raining and by 'chance' we passed a sign for a car boot sale. I didn't think it was worth looking as, because of the weather, there weren't many cars. My wife said we might as well take a look, so we did. And - as you've probably guessed the coincidence - the second car boot we viewed had the very same teapot for sale (the one on the left of the photo).

So, mission accomplished without really trying! Strange how things work out - when you don't try too hard.

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Saturday, September 12

The Policeman And The Wrong Telephone Number Coincidence

1960s British policeman
1960s British Policeman
Over the years I've heard many coincidence stories featuring telephone numbers. Here's one, however, that I hadn't heard previously:

This features a British Police Constable, Peter Moscardi, while serving at a suburban police station in Essex, England in the late 1960s.

It began when the telephone number of the police station was changed. Moscardi bumped into a friend, who said he had been trying to call the station but had not been able to get through. Moscardi explained that the number had been altered and gave him, what he thought to be, the new number: 40166.

Later the same day Moscardi realised that the number was actually 40116, but was unable to pass this information on to his friend.

The next day, while patrolling an industrial area with a colleague, at about 11:30 pm, they noticed the front door of a factory building was open and a light was on. The constables cautiously went inside and entered the manager's office - it was empty. At that moment the telephone rang and Moscardi answered it. It was his friend! The one whom he had given the wrong number, calling him. The office had the telephone number 40166! He was, therefore, able to give his friend the correct number for the police station i.e. 40116.

Later, Moscardi checked and discovered this was the only time the factory had ever been reported insecure. Something magical must have been happening that night!

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Thursday, September 10

The Spooky Church House Coincidences

Church House

Here's a spooky coincidence story from 67 Not Out reader, Jill:

After we married my husband and I bought our home, where we still live today. It's a four bedroom dwelling that had once belonged to the nearby church and is situated at the top of a hill.

Previously it had been used as a home for the local vicar, but I gather the church sold this off about forty years ago. It is called 'Church House' and we moved in on March 3, 1984.

Six months after we moved in our son Jack was born.

Fast forwarding over the ups and downs of life, in 2009 our son got married himself to a great girl. And now comes the coincidence. She was born on March 3, 1984 and her surname is Churchouse. Plus her first name is Jill. It's therefore Jack and Jill and remember our house is on a hill!

But there is still one more twist as they have presented us with a beautiful granddaughter who was born on March 3rd!

~ Jill

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Monday, September 7

Coincidence Of Remembering Tracy In A Downpour Of Rain

Rainy day

A 67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Story today. My thanks to Angelina.

"I was driving home from a friend's house and there was a downpour of rain. It was torrential and it made me nervous as the windscreen wipers were barely clearing the windscreen. I was concentrating hard but out of the blue I remembered when, as a child of about ten, I fell off my bike in the rain after a school friend, Tracy T, skidded into my front wheel. I grazed my leg quite badly and since then have always blamed Tracy for a small scar I have on my knee.

I'm now in my mid thirties and had never seen Tracy T since leaving school.

The next day I had to give my mother a lift to the hospital for an appointment and on the way she said, "I never liked that Tracy T, the one who knocked you off your bike." I asked her why she remembered that incident and she said she had no idea why, it just came into her mind.

The following day I was in my car again and there she was: a bedraggled Tracy T was standing at a bus stop and it was raining. I pulled up and shouted out to her but a bus stopped behind me and she got on. I don't know if she had heard me or not. She may not have done because of the rain and the bus engine.

I mentioned this to my mother when I next saw her. She then told me that she had heard from a neighbour that Tracy T had been in town for a couple of days visiting family. As I showered that evening I noticed the scar on my knee, and it was quite red. I've no idea why there was a connection with Tracy T over several days. The scar has now once again returned to it's normal colour and can hardly be seen."

~ Angelina

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Saturday, September 5

Coincidence Of The First Nuclear Submarine To Execute A Submerged Circumnavigation Of The Earth

USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth  - Operation Sandblast - doing so in early 1960, under the command of Captain Edward L. "Ned" Beach, Jr.

There is a coincidence attached to the circumnavigation.

As the submarine was making it's submerged journey it raised periscope in the Philippines' Magellan Bay. On doing so Captain Beach found himself staring into the eyes of a startled fisherman in a canoe!

For a long time, in the 1960s, it was wondered, "Who was the fisherman?" The National Geographic Magazine actually managed to trace him on Mactan island off Cebu. He was, at the time, a 19 year old called Rufino Baring.

Rufino told of how he was terrified when the eye of the huge nuclear submarine unexpectedly broke water and then vanished. He said, "I was tired and thought I was seeing things. But when it came back a second time, I thought it was part of a very big monster and I was frightened. I tried to get away as fast as I could because it started to move very fast."

Rufino paddled frantically for home but didn't tell his family about what he had seen.

The incident was described by Captain Beach in his log:

"Upon raising the periscope. I am looking right into the eyes of a young man in a small canoe, close alongside. Perhaps he has detected the dark bulk of our hull in the relatively clear waters of the bay ...

A few seconds later I motion for the scope to be raised once more. Sure enough there is our friend, impassively leaning on his gunwales and staring right at the periscope as it rises barely two inches out of the water.

It's a ludicrous situation: On the one hand an impassive Asian, staring with curious concentration at an unusual object in the water; on the other a US Navy Officer, equipped with all the technical devices money can procure, looking back with equally studied concentration. On one end of the periscope, an outrigger canoe propelled by the brawny arms of its builder; on the other end a $100,000,000 submarine, the newest, biggest, most powerful in the world, on a history-making cruise.

What an abyss - what centuries of scientific development lie between him and me!"

When Rufino was eventually traced he thought he must have committed some sort of crime and was very relieved to be told otherwise.

He was unaware that his photo had been taken through Triton's periscope. When he was told that he was the only person who saw Triton on it's voyage, the information was greeted simply with an embarrassed smile.

And now for an uncanny coincidence about this story.

In making the voyage, in early 1960, Triton began and ended the circumnavigation from St Peter and St Paul Rocks off Brazil.

Rufino, frightened after his experience, repainted his canoe and added two saints' names to protect it from further meetings with sea monsters. The apostles' names he chose were: St Peter and St Paul!

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Friday, September 4

Daughter Auctions Father's Ghost On eBay

It's amusing some of the items that get listed on eBay. Here's an example.

A woman comforted her son's fear of his grandfather's ghost, by selling it on eBay, It had more than 34 bids!

Mary Anderson from Hobart, Australia, said she placed her father's 'ghost' on the on line auction site after her son, Collin, said he was afraid his grandfather's ghost would return someday.

With the eBay description she headed it:  This Isn't A Joke. Mary explained to bidders that she had decided to sell the ghost because of her young son Collin.

"I always thought it was just normal kid fears until a few months ago he told me why he felt scared. He told me, 'Grandpa died here, and he was mean. His ghost is still around here!'"

Mrs. Anderson didn't want to put off potential bidders so she added: "My dad was the sweetest, most caring man you'd ever meet."

She also included her father's metal walking stick in the auction, so she would have something 'solid' to send the winning bidder. The proceeds of the auction were used to buy Collin a special present,

Mary added one proviso for the winner bidder: "I would like to ask you to write a letter after you've received the cane, and the ghost, to my son, letting him know that he's there with you and you are getting along great."

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Thursday, September 3

Trixie The Cat Who Refused To Go Away


A strange sort of story from Lucy J about a cat who knew where she wanted to live. Just in case the story makes you cross, when reading the third paragraph, it does have a happy ending!

About four years ago I was living a few miles away from my parent's home. They had recently bought their house and with it came a cat, with different coloured eyes, that just wouldn't go away. We presumed she must have belonged to the previous owner.

As my mother is allergic to cats, they make her sneeze and itch, we tried everything to get this cat to go away.

In desperation - I'm now very ashamed to say - I took the cat in my car, while on my way to work, and dropped her off about ten miles away. I can remember looking in my mirror and seeing the cat standing there looking at me as I drove off. It now send shivers down my spine thinking I could ever have done such a thing.

Anyway, it's what I did and I went on to work. That night I had a bizarre dream.

I dreamt that I was lying on my lounge floor and the cat came through the front door. She came up to me while making a loud hissing noise, as she stared at me with those two strange eyes. It was a really clear dream which I put down to a mixture of guilt and my using nicotine patches to try and give up smoking, they seemed to make my dreams very vivid.

Three days later I was lying on the lounge floor, for real, and the cat came in through my slightly ajar front door!

It quite freaked me out. I was waiting for her to hiss at me or attack me but she didn't. She came up to me purring and looked like she was really pleased to see me.

I can't figure this out, as the cat had never been to my house before. It was my parent's home she wouldn't leave. Maybe her sense of smell led her the ten or so miles to my car and house, I just don't know. Maybe it was a coincidence.

Trixie, as I call her, is now living happily with me and me with her. We get on well and I've said sorry for dumping her all of those miles away. I don't know why I didn't just take her to my house in the first place. When my mother comes to visit I make sure Trixie is in another room.

I don't know what all of this means, maybe it is some sort of lesson for me.

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