Wednesday, March 31

A Coincidence Helps Him Buy A Discount Television

A coincidence today sent to me by Alan Parker. In his words:
television coincidenceThis coincidence happened to me when my girlfriend and I were soon to leave for University.

I had just received a large tax rebate so we decided to buy a new television. We took what we thought was enough money to buy what we wanted and then went to town to make our purchase.

When we arrived we decided to have a drink before looking around the shops. We didn't talk about televisions while there and left the bar soon after. As we did so a guy bumped into me, looked at me and asked me whether I was interested in buying a television set.

It turned out that he had a discount store card for an electrical retailer. As he was about to go to Australia for a few years and needed cash, he offered to let me pick any television set from the store. He would then buy this using his card and sell it to me for no more than £250.

Although maybe this was questionable legally, I took up his offer!

I had never bought a television previously, as I never had the money to do so before. Although I sometimes have a drink in that bar no-one had ever offered me anything remotely of that nature before or since!

The fact that I was there specifically in town to buy a television, and I got offered one pretty much as soon as I got there and at a discount, blew my mind.

I have never been able to explain why or how this happened – a coincidence perhaps?
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Tuesday, March 30

Visualisation Brings About Coincidences And Synchronicity

La Orotava churchYesterday I wrote 'coincidences have a mind of their own and don't come on tap exactly when you want them to' and to my mind this is true - but I do feel that we can cause coincidences or synchronicity to happen in a general way.

By this I mean that it's probably not easy for most of us to say, "I'll have a wonderful coincidence today," and, wham, it'll happen - though it just might.

However what we can do is to visualise things we want to happen. Let's say we want some information or perhaps, say, a sum of money or a new romance. If we visualise properly then these wishes, dreams etc. will come about. The time they take to arrive can be the more difficult bit. This depends on many factors, including our belief that such things can actually happen.

It's this kind of visualisation and demands which very often causes coincidences or synchronicity. I gave an example of this in my post The Secret Answer To problems And Questions.

The Universe (or call it as you will) tries to fill our requests - if they are clear and precise. And sometimes, to do this, coincidences are used as an aid to bring these about. We might bump into someone - maybe an old friend, be given a book or newspaper, see something in a movie or in a myriad of other ways.

To cut it short visualisation, knowing what we want and demanding/requesting this of the 'Universe' can bring about coincidences and synchronicity.

Years ago I used to fill scrap books with pictures of the things I wanted in life. At the time this helped with my visualisation clarity and, sure enough, most of them are now incorporated within my life style today: my family, my home and income, the part of the country I now live, my freedom to do as I wish and so on.

It's all out there and coincidences and synchronicity can help us along the way.

And by coincidence I have just read that even Bruce Springsteen can be materialised. Yes, whatever we want can come about: spiritual, material or even The Boss!

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Saturday, March 27

Message Nudges From The Canary Islands

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
I arrived home today at three in the morning after a lovely break away in the Canary Islands. I had hoped to come back with stories in abundance of coincidences and synchronicity - but I guess it doesn't always work like that. Coincidences have a mind of their own and don't come on tap exactly when you want them to.

Puerto del la Cruz, Tenerife
Nevertheless a couple of things that I think are worth mentioning. Firstly about messages. Nothing dramatic but, as I mentioned previously in the post A Message Without The Messenger Realising, sometimes - if we are observant - small message nudges can help us along the way.

For example on the first day of our holiday we were in Puerto de la Cruz on the north side of Tenerife. My wife and I were in a cafe for cake and coffee and there was a queue to pay for what we had just enjoyed.

Without any previous words being spoken the man in front turned to me and said in broken English, "Relax, you are in the Canaries, there's no rush."

I wasn't aware that I was in any way tense but I must admit I don't usually like standing in queues and maybe the gentleman picked up on this. But he got an important message across to me and after this there weren't two more chilled out people on the island than my wife and I - okay a slight exaggeration but after this we just went with the flow.

That evening in the hotel where we were staying there was a buffet evening meal. I was in a queue again but, so what, it didn't bother me in the least. In front of me was an elderly lady, she must have been well over 70, and she tried to spoon some food onto her plate but the food stuck to the spoon.

I said some silly remark about how the food didn't want to go onto her plate and she just smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, but isn't it great fun trying." Yes, she was also English!

So on my first day in the sunshine I had two message nudges: relax and have fun - and I did my best to adhere to the advice.

View of snow topped Mount Teidi
Two aspects of Canary life the new and the old.

Old part of Puerto de la Cruz
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Photos: Mike Perry 2010

Thursday, March 25

A Wrong Number Coincidence That Stopped An Abortion

This is a story via 40 Days For Life. I'm not about to enter the abortion debate but this is a story about a coincidence which, some will say, saved a life.

As to the rights or wrongs of abortion I will leave readers to decide. Here's the story:

mobile phone"Erin from Indianapolis had a busy morning. She had seen off her children to school and dropped off her pre-schoolers at a friend’s house. She then realised that she was late for an appointment.

The appointment was at a clinic for an abortion.

Erin phoned the clinic to make sure the appointment was still okay as she would be late arriving. Somehow she dialed a wrong number.

Instead of the number she wanted she got through to Joseph of 40 Days for Life in Indianapolis. When the problem was explained by Erin he seems to have fibbed because he told her a counselor, Elizabeth, would call her back.

Elizabeth did so and begged Erin not to hang up when she realised to whom she was speaking. Elizabeth said that she thought it was God's grace at work in the wrong number coincidence.

Erin's reasons for wanting the abortion were quite simple - she was desperate. Her life was very problematic: she already had four children whose father was in jail, she had lost her job, her electricity was about to be cut off and, to cap it all, she was behind with her rent. Also her mother and sister were encouraging her to abort because of her circumstances. It can't have been an easy decision for Erin to make.

The final outcome was that Erin eventually cancelled her abortion appointment. With the help of Elizabeth someone offered to pay her electric bill and ten others (within the anti-abortion movement) pooled cash to pay her rent.

Elizabeth says that a local group is now working with Erin to help find her a job.

Erin herself has 'reacted with both joy and disbelief that strangers were helping her.'"

This story has heavy influences from 40 Days For Life and, what they call, 'the evil of abortion'. Whatever our own opinion of abortion may be, coincidences do sometimes happen for specific reasons.

Was the miss-dialled number purely a random coincidence or was there some greater influence? Perhaps there is a special reason as to why this baby should be born. There are so many questions to think about when coincidences like this happen.

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Tuesday, March 23

The Coincidence Of The Duplicate Flights

I may not have posted this coincidence had I not been on holiday. Mainly because I haven't had time to confirm the facts but it's an interesting tale.

The story is about a duplication of events.

Cessna 421 planeBack in 1979 Das Besteran, a German magazine, decided to stage a writing contest about unusual incidents. They asked readers to write in with their stories and the one they thought the best would have his published in the magazine.

There were lots of entrants but the winner was a Walter Kellner from Munich.

Herr Kellner wrote about his experience when he flew his Cessna 421 between Sicily and Sardinia. The plane hit engine problems and down into the sea it went - splash. After spending time in an emergency dinghy the gentleman was finally rescued. The story was obviously written in an extended version and made more interesting than I have just done.

Anyway, a man in Austria - also called Walter Kellner - got a bit hot under the collar about this. "Plagiarism," he shouted, though in German.

The second Herr Kellner said it was he who had flown a Cessna 421, over the same sea, had engine trouble but he was forced to land in Sardinia instead of splashing into the drink. Okay the ending was slightly different but it was essentially very similar.

So was it fisticuffs at dawn? No, because the magazine checked out both versions of the story and they were both true. They two men were indeed both called Walter Kellner and both had made the same journey in a Cessna 421 plane from Sicily to Sardinia and both had engine troubles - well their planes did. Only the final outcomes were different.

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Saturday, March 20

The Mystery Of The Disappearing River Boat Iron Mountain

There are many legends which have developed over the years of planes, boats and the like simply disappearing without trace. Sometimes, however, they may not be quite what they seem.

Take the case of the Iron Mountain Mississippi river boat.

The legend has it that in June 1872 the Iron Mountain (though some writers refer to it as the Iron Maiden) set off with 52 passengers and a cargo of cotton bales. It was also towing a string of barges full of molasses and cotton.

A couple of hours later another riverboat, Iroquois Chief, rounded a bend near Vicksburg and very nearly went headlong into a fleet of barges.

It turned out that the barges were from the Iron Mountain and and the tow rope had been cut - but there was no trace of the Iron Mountain herself.

The legend has it that there was no sight of the riverboat or her passengers and cargo ever again.

Researchers say they found no trace of the Iron Mountain, the riverboat had simply vanished. No explanation was ever found.

But ...

If you are like me you'll probably love to hear of such stories but there is another version of events not quite so well known. It's one the sceptics of anything mysterious will be nodding their heads to in agreement.

The other story tells how the Iron Mountain was at a place called Stumpy Point where she hit an obstacle, that caused a big hole - and the boat sank. The passengers and crew scrambled onto the barges and were all saved except for one unfortunate woman trapped below deck. Her body was found the next day.

Ah but ...

The full wreckage was never found, a few small items were recovered but not the complete wreckage. So, even with this version of events, there is still a bit of a mystery.

You pay your money and take your choice: a mystery or an unfortunate accident?

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Thursday, March 18

Meeting In Far Away Places

A coincidence story sent to me by someone called Frank, before I went away on holiday. It's not mind blowing but it does show how our past is often with us.

Dennys Costa Mesa"It all started when I was sitting at the counter of a Denney's restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA, about 3:00am one morning. I had hitch-hiked out there to see a buddy of mine and was doing the cheapest thing possible to pass the time until I thought it appropriate to head on over to his place.

The waitress saw my backpack and asked where I had come from. I said, "Wisconsin". She said, "Oh, I lived there was a little kid."

"Oh yeah, what part?" I asked.

"A real small town west of Milwaukee. You've never heard of it." she assumed. I noticed that her Denny's nametag said 'Holly'.

"Really, tell me where, Holly. That's where I grew up."

She looked at me and said, "North Lake."

North Lake was less than 400 people and had only a four room schoolhouse in the early sixties. First and second grade shared a room on the first floor. Holly Melon was in first grade and I was in the second when their god-awful little house burned down. They left town for California.

"Dick Arndorfer pushed you down the stairs at the library and you broke your leg when you were five. When the house burned down, you smelled the smoke first and woke everyone up."

Maybe I should have asked her five dollars for a psychic reading before I blurted out things she barely remembered. Never scare the sh*t out of the waitress at Denney's at 3:00am is what I learned.

No great ending. When I came back the following night for some more coffee I remember she told me that she'd called her grandmother who remembered my family. I didn't tell her that Dick was killed later in a car accident."

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Wednesday, March 17

The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln Walks The White House

Abraham Lincoln ghostThere was a post yesterday about Abraham Lincoln and I've stayed on the same subject today, but this time it's about his ghost.

There are lots of references to Abraham Lincoln's ghost being seen in the White House. The first reference I could find was of Theodore Roosevelt who records that he often 'felt the presence' of Lincoln.

The first sighting of Lincoln's ghost was by Grace Coolidge, the wife of President Calvin Coolidge, in the 1920s. She saw the ghost while standing at the Oval Office looking out onto Pennsylvania Avenue. Since then other staff have seen an apparition at the same window.

A famous sighting was by none other that Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. She was sleeping in the Lincoln Room when she heard a gentle knock on the door. She opened the door and standing there was President Lincoln who doffed his stovepipe hat and then vanished.

Winston ChurchillWhen the Queen informed President Roosevelt about her night encounter he told her that he knew the room was haunted. It appears that Winston Churchill had also seen Lincoln's ghost while sleeping in the same bed.

In the late 1940's Harry S Truman told guests about Lincoln's ghost though he admitted he had never seen it for himself. He did, however, reckon he had heard it. Footsteps would often approach his bedroom door, this would be followed by a knocking - but there was no one to be seen.

Friends of the Kennedys have also said that both John and Robert Kennedy had seen the spirit of Lincoln while at the White House.

When you get people such as Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina claiming to have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln it makes you wonder. They surely wouldn't have made it up, would they?

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Tuesday, March 16

Famous Precognitive Dreams: Abraham Lincoln

This post follows on from Famous Coincidences - Abraham Lincoln and also ties in with posts about precognitive dreams.

Apotheosis of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln seemed to be sure that his future was predetermined. In his book Recollections of Abraham Lincoln Ward Hill Lamon writes:

"Assured as he was about omens, which to his mind were conclusive - that he would rise to power and greatness, he was firmly convinced by the same tokens that he would suddenly be cut off at the height of his career and the fullness of his fame."

Lamon goes on to write about a dream that Abraham Lincoln had less than a week before he was assassinated by John Wilkes. He had a prophetic vision and in this dream the White House state rooms were all quiet and empty and he could hear the sounds of people weeping.

Lincoln described his dream:

"Determined to find the cause of the state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered."

Lincoln continued:

"There was a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments, Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, some gazing mournfully at the corpse whose face was covered; others were weeping pitifully.

'Who is dead in the White House?' I demanded of the soldiers.

'The President,' was the answer, 'He was killed by an assassin.'

There came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which woke me from my dream. I slept no more that night.

Abraham Lincoln appears to have known in advance of his impending death.

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Sunday, March 14

Thought Of The Day: The Sadness And Sorrow Of War

I'm straying from the normal subjects of this blog today. I found the letter below so very touching, it was amongst some of my mother's papers and is correspondence sent to her sister, Ella English.

Ella's fiance, Sapper Leslie William Moat 2008731, was killed in World War 2 and this is how she received the news of his death - just imagine.

Sometimes with all of the news on our televisions, the Internet and in the media it's easy to forget the reality of wars, the sheer awfulness. It's not some computer game, lives are lost or disabled and sadness and sorrow follows for many families.

This letter somehow says it all (click to make image bigger).

killed in action
All I could find out about Sapper Moat was that he died on 24 November 1942, aged 25 years old. He was with the 1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers and took part in the North African campaign, during Op Torch. He is now commemorated on the Memorial at Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery, Tunisia.

As for Aunt Ella, she never married. How different her life would/could/should have been.

Thursday, March 11

Canary Island Battery Charge

Canary IsalndsI'm off to the Canary Islands for a break for about 15 days, so there won't be a post every day as usual during this period. I have, however, pre-written some posts which will be automatically published - subscribers will get the info as usual.

When my wife and I go away it's strictly no computers, mobile phones and so on, other than a text to our (adult) sons to confirm we have arrived safely.

It's good to charge the batteries somewhere different and to see new places. Who knows what exciting things may happen!

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See you soon,

Wednesday, March 10

Dreams And Precognition Of The Aberfan Disaster

After reading a post on Trish and Rob MacGregor's, excellent blog about precognition and dreams, it reminded me of the tragic Aberfan disaster in Wales in the sixties.

Aberfan prior to tragedy
Aberfan is still remembered because of the horrific collapse of a colliery spoil-tip that occurred there in 1966 and killed 144 people, including 116 children. The slurry went into the side of the Pantglas Junior School and part of the separate senior school, demolishing most of the structures and filling the classrooms with thick mud and rubble up to 30 feet deep.

Many stories have been recorded about premonitions of the event.

One of the most well known is of the young 10 year old girl Eryl Mai Jones. She awoke two days prior to the disaster and told her mother, "Mummy, I'm not afraid of dying."

Her mother tried to reassure her that everything was alright but her daughter continued, "I'm not afraid of dying because I shall be with Peter and June."

Eryl went on to describe a dream she had, "Mummy, it was so strange. I dreamed I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it."

Forty-eight hours later she was dead, crushed along with her classmates beneath tons of pitch black coal debris. Eryl's name is sadly listed on Aberfan memorials.

Many other people had 'seen' the event within dreams.

A Plymouth housewife had such a dream seven days before the mountain moved. She said, "I saw an old school house nestling in a valley and then a Welsh miner. After this I saw an avalanche of coal hurtling down the mountainside. I saw the rescue operations. I had the impression of a little boy who was left behind and saved. I could never forget him."

The following day she gave a full account of her dream to friends at her church social club. Six witnesses confirmed this.

While the tragedy was shown on television the woman recognised the young boy and one of the rescuers she had seen clearly in her dream.

Sybil Brown from Brighton had a nightmare about a child in a telephone booth screaming and a child walking towards her with a 'black, billowing mass' following him. Suddenly Sybil, still dreaming, found herself in a street and a voice said to her, 'The whole family is in the house. I didn't seem to be able to do anything. I can't explain why ...'"

The Aberfan landslide destroyed twenty terraced houses.

A man in the north west of England had a dream about the word A-B-E-R-F-A-N which he had never previously heard. Now, unfortunately, the world knows of Aberfan but for the wrong reasons.

And so it goes on, there are many, many other examples of Aberfan precognitions.

Time and time again, prior to tragedies, dreams foretell the future. When we say 'dreams can come true' we normally associate this with good news, but we should perhaps also pay proper attention to things we might not want to hear as well.

Photo credit: Aberfan Colliery Spoil Tramway. The photo was taken to show the tramway that took waste from Aberfan colliery to the spoil heaps high above the village. Two years later, the spoil heaps collapsed destroying the school (the red brick building mid-left) and taking over 150 lives, mostly children.

There are more photos at Aberfan Disaster

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Tuesday, March 9

A Wrong Righted By A Coincidence

A small coincidence sent to me by Paul which illustrates how wrongs sometimes can be righted - with the helping hand of a coincidence.

"I had a girlfriend, Lisa, during the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year in college. I went back to college, then returned for Thanksgiving and had one more date with her. Then I broke up with her via a letter in December (a huge mistake, but that's another story).

I was back in St. Louis 12 years later, in 1994. I visited a bookstore in a mall about six miles from my parents' home. I visited that bookstore perhaps once every five years. When I went to stand in line to pay, there was Lisa, right in front of me! I asked her how often she visited that bookstore, which was even further from her home, and she said that she had never been there before. We had dinner that evening and I apologized for breaking up with her so impersonally."

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Monday, March 8

Pea Horsley The Woman Who Talks To Animals

Pea Horsley, the UK's first professional animal communicator, chats with animals and what's more they reply to her - and she understands what they say!

"The mouse said that I was bullying his family so we did a deal"An example? Okay this happened when she had mice in her kitchen - and you must promise not to giggle.

Pea spotted one of the mice and asked him to come forward for a talk, they had been nibbling at her food. She began by sending him feelings of love and tried to talk to him, but he wasn't listening. He was in fact livid.

Pea said, "I'd like to talk to you about the food you are eating." He screamed at her and then answered, "I'm not going to stop eating! You humans are all the same - you're bullies. You don't care for us. What am I meant to do? It's cold and and I have a family to feed."

Pea told him, "I'm not asking you to stop eating the food; I just want to make a deal with you. I suggest that during the cold months I leave you and your family dog biscuits in a white dish. The rest of the food is out of bounds."

It seems that the mouse agreed to this compromise and all was well within the household.

Now some of what Pea Horsley claims does seem a little hard to believe but she has helped many pet owners. Such as a lady called Celia who's cat Joey had disappeared.

Celia emailed a photo of Joey and, while looking at this, Pea felt a sense of uneasiness and anxiety. She asked, "Are you okay?"
"No, I can't get out," Joey replied. She asked him where he was and he said he was in the basement by the boiler. Pea asked for more information, "Can you show me more of this place?" She then saw a door and concrete steps. There was a green metal door hinged on the right with a handle on the left. She could see the cat in a dark empty space, lying by a wall and could make out a window with horizontal bars.

All of this information was passed on to Celia and, sure enough, the cat was found exactly as described, after having been missing for six days.

Celia has lots more tales to tell. There's Fred the goldfish who likes rock music, Scopino the tortoise who loves blondes and then there's Mr. Butch the rabbit with attitude!

As to whether you believe Pea Horsley or not is up to the individual but Pea says, "My journey into animal communication has brought me the very thing the soul longs for - intimacy - and I feel my life is so much richer for it because, in the end, connection is what life is all about."

"... connection is what life is all about" ... now that makes sense.

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Sunday, March 7

Thought Of The Day

Red rose
If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

Other Thoughts Of The Day

Photo: Mike Perry 2010
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Saturday, March 6

Footsteps Of Dead People

Ghost faceGhosts or sightings of dead people: must admit I have never spotted any myself but I have felt a presence and have noticed a lingering smell - such as my dad's blend of tobacco long after he had died. I've also experienced things like my father's watch stopping at the time my son was born. I think I may have heard something as well ...

This happened when my mum was near to drawing her last breath. She had only days to live so it was a very emotional time. Two days before she died I was in the bathroom having an early morning shower when my wife called out that she was popping down to the local shop for something. "Won't be long," she said.

"Ever near us, though unseen ...
the fair immortal spirits tread;
For all this boundless universe is life;
there are no dead."
I finished my shower and all was quiet as I dried myself when I heard someone slowly coming up the stairs, their footsteps slow and precise. I took no real notice as I presumed it was my wife back already.

I got dressed and made my way downstairs for breakfast when I heard my wife at the front door. She told me she had just returned. "But I heard you come up the stairs," I said.

"Well it wasn't me," she laughed.

Puzzled and a little apprehensive I searched the house and felt quite relieved that there was nobody about. It would have been impossible for anyone to get in as all of the doors and windows were locked - and yet I definitely heard someone coming up our stairs and passing the bathroom.

My wife did say that it was perhaps my mum paying a last visit. Then I remembered another incident from when I was a child of probably five or six.

I was home from school as I hadn't been well. We lived upstairs in a flat (apartment). Suddenly my mum and I heard slow footsteps coming up the stairs. I remember being terrified listening to the steady tread on the stairs and continuing towards our living room.

The door opened and it was my grandmother! The front door was unlocked so she had just walked in. This was the one and only time she ever visited our flat, even though we lived there for nearly fourteen years - I won't go into the reasons why.

I remember vividly to this day how, when she came through the door, I was shaking with fear because I didn't know who it could possibly be.

The steps sounded exactly the same as those on my own stairs that morning.

It may seem very fanciful, maybe I'm fooling myself, but I feel that it was either my mother or her mother on the stairs that day.

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Thursday, March 4

Famous Coincidences: Mark Twain

Though known of for many years previously (recorded by the Chinese in 240 BC) Halley's Comet was named after Edmond Halley, he concluded in 1705 that the comet returned every 76 years. If you missed the last one, we'll all get a chance to see what all the fuss is about on July 28th, 2061 (fingers crossed!).

Halley's Comet 1986
Halley's Comet is thought of as a once in a lifetime experience but it wasn't for the writer and satirist Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known by the pen name of Mark Twain. I'm sure you will know that he wrote such classics as Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876).

Many famous coincidences you have to take with a pinch of salt, but this one about Mark Twain and Halley's Comet does seem to stack up. He was born on November 30th, 1835 exactly two weeks after the comet's perihelion - along with, of course, many other people.

The difference is that mark Twain made a prediction in his autobiography, published in 1909. He wrote:

Mark Twain"I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.'"
And, sure enough Mark Twain left this earth on April 21st, 1910 the day following the comet's perihelion. So his prediction proved correct.

It's a nice story but doubters will no doubt point out that in 1909 Mark Twain wasn't in the best of health and already suffered chest pains. It wasn't too difficult, therefore, for him to predict that he would die the following year.

I prefer, however, to just to go along with the Halley's Comet and Mark Twain coincidence as I feel sure he'd be chuffed to think that we do.

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Photos: Mark Twain - Mathew Brady; Halley's Comet - Public Domain.

Wednesday, March 3

Visualisation Helped Man Escape From WW2 Prison

Popular self-help books are always on about using visualisation techniques to attract the things we desire. True enough, they can work. As that song used to go, "If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"

Visualising and concentrating on something, however, can be something more than this. In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Joseph Murphy gives a significant account which led to several coincidences or synchronicity, this follows but in my own words:

Russian soldiers WW2 moving corpsesVisualisation helped a Dr. Lothar von Blenk-Schmidt to save his sanity during his imprisonment by the Russians in world war 2. The doctor had previously been an electronics engineer but was now forced to labour in coal mines, having to shift something like 300 pounds a day. If prisoners failed to do their quota they had their food rations cut.

To relieve his despair he began to concentrate on his escape to America, determined that his subconscious mind would find a way. He wrote. "I would imagine I was walking down Wilshire Boulevard with an American girl whom I met in Berlin prior to the war."

In his imagination he drove his imaginary American automobile up and down the boulevards of Los Angeles, saw himself in restaurants and made his vision highly and vividly detailed. As he said, "These pictures in my mind were as real and natural to me as the trees outside the prison camp."

This dreaming gave him hope and helped to retain his sanity and strength during difficult times.

Then an odd sequence of events occurred. One morning, after shouting out his number the guard was called away. When the guard returned he repeated the same number, and the next man stepped forward. Blenk-Schmidt realised there were now two number 17s on the list and he would not be missed.

With good fortune on his side he managed to walk out of the camp undetected. First he survived by fishing and hunting wild fowl and later hitched rides at night on coal trains heading for Poland. Once there he was helped by friends and eventually reached Lucerne in neutral Switzerland.

At the Palace Hotel he met an American who invited him to be his guest in Santa Monica, California. This led to his dream coming true, down to the last detail, even to an American wife - the identical girl he had met in Berlin prior to the war! When he first arrived in Los Angeles he described how the chauffeur of the man he befriended drove him down Wilshire Boulevard just as he had imagined while in the Russian camp.

Dreams really can come true.

Photo: Russian soldiers in WW2 - Public Domain

The Hologram Theory And Synchronicity

Hologram Theory"Yes but how can everything link up, how can we be a part of everything?" A question often bandied about when trying to explain things such as coincidence, synchronicity, psychometry and so on.

One answer is The Hologram Theory - which I intend to keep very simplistic!

We probably all know what a hologram is - it's a flat picture that looks to be 3D and stretches away to infinity. From various angles they can sometimes appear to be slightly different.

That's pretty straightforward.

But there is something strange about a hologram. If you cut them in half, and then maybe in half again, each section will contain the whole original picture. And if you cut the pieces again and again they would still contain the image - no matter how many times you do this.

The smaller the pieces get, the pictures may not be quite so clear, but they will still be there - just a bit hazier.

Now some say the universe is a Hologram!

The physicist David Bohm, for example, theorises that the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.

David Bohm tells of how we view objects such as subatomic particles as separate from one another because we are seeing only a portion of their reality. Such particles are not separate 'parts', but facets of a deeper and more underlying unity that is ultimately as holographic and indivisible.

Now back to keeping it simple! If we followed this theory - each part of us is the whole universe (God?). We are a snippet like one of those pieces of the hologram we cut up.

Everything interpenetrates everything. So when the phone rings and we 'know' who it is before we answer - we know because we are part of that other person (who is ringing us).

We may be a bit hazy, like those small pieces of the hologram but, perhaps, if we can learn to tune in properly, with the right energy, we can gain a clearer sight of the whole universe - and all things will become possible because there will be no time, space or separateness.

Okay, that'll do for now but The Hologram Theory would explain synchronicity, telepathy, being in two places at once and so many other things. Maybe it's worthy of further thought.

Tuesday, March 2

Small Coincidences: A Microwave And A Coat

MicrowaveMy wife and I have been out all day (it's now 5.05pm) so I'm a little behind in writing a post. What to write about? I wasn't at all sure, so I decided to check my emails first. Perhaps I might come across a coincidence or something.

There was an email from Amazon UK saying that our order had been dispatched. It's something we had been expecting for over a month - the microwave we wanted had been temporarily out of stock.

I left my office to shout down to my wife, "Good news, the microwave is on it's way."

As I glanced out of the upstairs hall window a delivery van drew up outside our house - and it was our Amazon order! If he had been any earlier we would have been out.

Okay, not exactly a mind blowing coincidence but it made me smile.

While we had been out today we went to the nearest big town, Plymouth, as my wife wanted to buy a new coat. We traipsed round the shops - not exactly my favourite pastime! - and couldn't find one she liked. Well there was one coat that got the approval for looks, but they didn't have her size.

We had some lunch and then was making our way back to the car. There was one shop we hadn't tried, which is usually quite expensive. "They might have a bargain," said my wife tongue in cheek and I felt my credit card tremble with fear.

But there it was: the perfect coat - right colour, size and, most importantly, price - actually a bargain. It had been reduced to half price and there was a ticket saying it had been cut by another 50%! Almost unbelievable, surely a mistake. My wife was right about there being a bargain.

We got to the till to pay and my wife mentioned the extra 50% off. "Oh that's not right, it doesn't start today," said the assistant, "but as it's on the ticket we'll have to honour the price."

I guess the lesson is: there is a time for everything.

Monday, March 1

The Precognitive Dream Of An Air Crash

Dream of JacobPrecognition, which happens in dreams, is unfortunately not always good news, especially if we ignore the message. Here is such a story to which there are three parts.

Firstly there is the dream which David Redman-Thomas had back in the late 1960's. He awoke one day screaming with fear. When his wife, Merle, asked him what was wrong he laughed it off and said that he had imagined himself plunging from the sky.

Merle also had a dream, the second part of this story.

She described the dream about her trainee amateur pilot husband. "In the dream I watched my husband take off and fly around the airfield. Suddenly the plane plummeted to the ground. I recognised the control tower and other buildings very clearly. It was Wycombe Air Park. It was all so realistic that I woke up in tears. My husband told me not to be so silly and to go back to sleep."

The following Easter Monday David drove his wife and children to Wycombe Air Park where he was due to have his very first solo flight that morning. Everything was arranged and David kissed his wife and headed towards his aircraft.

He was stopped on the way by his friend, another David - David Poore - who invited him for a ride first in his aircraft.

Merle continues with the story. "That was when my dream started to come true. I saw them take off and to start circling the airfield. Then the engine began to miss badly. As I watched it fell from the sky and out of sight behind some trees. It all happened within five minutes of take off."

The two Davids died in the accident.

The third part of this story happens the day after the crash. It was broad daylight and Merle saw an image of her husband's face.

Merle explains, "At two o'clock the next day, following the accident, I was at home talking to my mother when suddenly I saw David staring at me from the opposite wall. His face was completely unmarked, but I noticed his hair was standing up at the front as if somebody had cut a lock from it."

"I hadn't wanted to see his body, but the next day my father-in-law handed me a lock of hair as a keepsake. He told me David's face was unmarked and that he had cut the hair from exactly the same spot as in my vision."

As usual I leave readers to form their own conclusions.  G 15/09

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