Saturday, May 31

The Billionaire And The Indian Empress In Malta Coincidences

Indian Empress in Malta

As I mentioned in yesterday's post we saw a billionaire's boat, Indian Empress, leave the quay-side while in Malta. That's the boat above with Malta's capital Valletta in the background. There was just the two of us watching because of the 'inside' information from that fisherman who went to Heaven. (Click on photos to make them bigger).

Indian Empress boat

The Indian Empress is owned by the business man Vijay Mallya, who is said to be India's version of UK's Richard Branson. He bought the boat from the Qatari Royal Family for something like $93 million.

According to Wikipedia Vijay Mallya "... also owns the Formula One GP racing team Sahara Force India. His companies own Indian Premier League team Bangalore Royal Challengers, the I-League teams Mohun Bagan A.C. and East Bengal F.C."

The boat was off to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Indian Empress boat Manoel Island, Malta

Now there was a bit of a coincidence or synchronicity about this, which will follow towards the end of this post.

$93 million boat Indian Empress

I snapped photos of some of the lucky passengers. I don't know who they are, perhaps they are the daughters or relatives of Vijay Mallya. Maybe someone reading this will know,

On board Indian Empress

As I said, Karin and I were the only people watching the boat leave for Monaco. The girls in the photos waved and smiled at us as they left and knew I was taking photos of them.

On board in Malta

I clicked quite a few photos in total and Karin said this must be what it is like being part of the paparazzi - I mention this because of another small coincidence.

On board Indian Empress in Malta

Indian Empress guests

After watching the boat leave Manoel Island I said I could do with a coffee. We stopped at the only cafe / restaurant on the island (photo below). As I sat down I noticed it was called Paparazzi - first coincidence.

Paparazzi, Manoel Island, Sliema, Malta

On leaving the Paparazzi we crossed the bridge, turned right and walked along by the main harbour. On the first seat there was a hat someone must have left behind. And on the hat was a badge for the Grand Prix, Monaco, which was where the Indian Empress was headed - second coincidence.

Grand Prix Monaco hat

As we continued walking we started talking about my dad, Karin had quite a bond with him as well. At that moment we passed a parked coach. "Look at that," I said. The coach name read Arthur & John's - which just happened to be my dad's name: Arthur John Perry. Synchronicity and coincidence sometimes come in threes!

Arthur & John's coach, Malta

Photos: © Mike Perry

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Friday, May 30

The Maltese Fisherman Who Visited Heaven

The fisherman who went to heaven
The fisherman who says he has been to Heaven, next to the $93 million boat
The universe sometimes works in mysterious ways. While in Malta I started to read a book called Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander. I only got through a few pages but remembered some of the Near Death Experiences I have mentioned on this blog and seen elsewhere.

The next morning Karin and I went for a walk around the big harbour in Sliema. In the middle there is an island, Manoel, now joined to the shore by a road. Along one side there are some enormous private boats moored - some costing millions.

We walked to the far end of the island looking at - and envying - the boats, many registered in the British Cayman Islands for the benefits that brings.

Sitting at the far quayside was a man fishing. Karin asked if she could look at what he had caught. I joined her and the fisherman told us they were parrot fish which he would be taking home to his wife. We chatted about the big boats. He was a bit of a philosopher as he went on to say that the owners still had all the problems that the rest of us have.

It was then that he looked at me and said, "I have been to Heaven."

No idea why he said this, as it was way different to what we had been talking about. I, of course, wanted some more information on what he had said. So I asked him how and why he'd been to Heaven.

I never got his name, just his photo above, but he told us of how he had had a severe heart attack. His wife rang for an ambulance and he remembers being very scared and saying over and over, "Please God, help me, please God help me."

He was rushed to hospital and it was then that he 'went to Heaven.' What he described was a little different from many other stories.

He found himself on a beach with very fine sand and all of his fears had diminished. He felt at peace but what he remembers most was the colour blue. As he looked upwards there was a blue, the like of which he had never seen before or seen since.

I asked him if it was anything like the blue sky above us in Malta but, no, it wasn't. He couldn't put the colour into words.

He then saw a group of people standing nearby. He didn't know any of them but they told him he had to go back, this wasn't his time.

The next instant he was back on his hospital bed again and in great pain again moaning, "Please God help me."

He remained in hospital for surgery and his wife told him that the doctors had explained to her that he had died - at the time he had found himself in Heaven.

Maybe this isn't as detailed as other Near Death Experiences but I found it convincing and what amazed me was why he even mentioned it to me - synchronicity?

The $93 million boat
The boat that cost $93 million
As for the boats the one next to the fisherman in the photo is something special. It belongs to a billionaire and I've found out since on Google that is was bought by the owner for $93 million!

The fisherman told us he had heard that the boat was leaving for Monte Carlo at 3 pm that day. So Karin and I returned and took some photos as the boat left the quayside. Just us there to wave it goodbye! More on this another day.

Photos: © Mike Perry

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Thursday, May 29

The Cannon Went Off And Malta Turned Magical

The Saluting Battery, Valletta, Malta
The Saluting Battery, Valletta, Malta
"All things co-operate for good
for myself and for all
with whom I come in contact with this day"

I've just arrived back from a holiday of two weeks in Malta - it was great, but might not have been! When we arrived at the hotel I had pre-booked I wasn't happy with the receptionist, it certainly wasn't the expected 'warm Malta welcome' I had envisaged. We were also disappointed with the restaurant service, so not a good start.

Then I started to get my thinking right. I'm always on about how we get back what we give out - so perhaps it was my fault. I was scribbling something in a notebook I carry with me, flicked the pages and came across the affirmation above. I put it into practise and it was magical! Everything started to fall into place.

At breakfast the following day Karin and I were laughing about something and  a German couple at the next table started to smile. The man said something to his wife about us, which Karin heard. As she speaks fluent German she replied to them, which they didn't expect. We ended up chatting together and they told us that they visit this particular hotel twice a year but they said, they hoped their next holiday would be in Cornwall, England - which by coincidence is where we live! They wanted to visit Lands End, so we exchanged email addresses.

The same morning we decided to take a local bus ride to the capital of Malta, Valletta. When the bus arrived it was packed and people were pushing to get on - it seems only the English queue! Somehow we got on the bus and the driver turned everyone waiting after us, away. Our luck had changed.

We decided to wander around Valletta without looking at any map or info leaflets and wandered where we felt like going. At about ten minutes before 12 o'clock we arrived at what we later found out was the Upper Barrakka Gardens where many people had gathered to look at something that was about to happen below a raised balcony.

There were lots of people so we didn't think we would be able to see what was going on but we went right to the middle and there seemed to be a gap which Karin squeezed into. Then the people seemed to part and there was room for me as well - so we were 'bang' in the middle.

Soldier at Saluting Battery, Valletta, Malta
A soldier arrives to set off the cannon
And 'bang' is the right word as at 12 o'clock every day a cannon is fired from the Saluting Battery - and there are amazing views over the water as well.

Soldier by cannon at Valletta, Malta
The soldier primes the cannon ...
... checks his time-piece and then ...
... the gun is fired at 12 o'clock
The Malta Heritage Trust explains the reason for the gun being fired, which is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years:

"This indicates the exact hour at mid-day for the benefit of ship-masters on board vessels to calibrate their ship clocks by. These time-pieces, also called maritime chronographs, were used to find the longitude at sea by comparing the difference between the time at the last harbour visited and that on board ship at that moment in time.

 The use of artillery as a means of announcing public time is not new in Malta, for three gun signals had been fired from a signal gun in Valletta since its inception. This gun was first operated from on top of St. James Cavalier where the Order of St. John also had its principal signal station. From here, three rounds were fired daily at sunrise, mid-day and sunset to signal out the exact time of prayer and to regulate the pace of life. The first and last shots also indicated the opening and closing of the city gates."

Following this our holiday continued to flow nicely. The next day, for example, we talked to a fisherman who told me he'd been to heaven and, unexpectedly, we saw one of the most expensive private boats in the world - but more about this another day.

Valletta Capital of Malta
Valletta Capital of Malta

Photos: © Mike Perry

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Tuesday, May 27

Missing Cat May Well Have Been Found!

Missing Cat humour

Not sure where this photo originated but it made me smile. Is it the cat that has a sense of humour or perhaps the cat's family aren't too good at finding things.

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Monday, May 26

Coincidence Of Links Between Boat Owners

A coincidence example showing the unexpected links there can be between people.

In 1992 my husband and I commissioned a narrow-boat from the Calcutt Marina, nr Napton Warwickshire.

After it was fitted out we arranged a mooring at the marina next to an old narrow-boat and found the owner (Ian) had attended the same school (William Morris Technical School) as we had in Walthamstow, London. Ian was some years older than us and had been there in late 1930s. My husband had left in 1949 and me in 1956, so none of our paths had ever crossed. We lived in Hampshire and Ian lived in Sussex.

Ian and his wife eventually sold their boat and it was moved away. The berth was taken by a new boat being fitted out by its owner. He (Blaine) turned out to have been a teacher at the same school in the 1980s.

Blaine lives with his partner Gerry (Geraldine) whereas our names are Elaine & Terry.

So how's that for coincidence? Source

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Sunday, May 25

Pegasus Resting On The Sand

Pegasus on the beach
I found Pegasus resting on the beach and was able to take a photo before he took flight or sank beneath the waves.

According to Wikipedia Pegasus is a winged divine stallion usually depicted as pure white in colour [when I saw him he was a bit sandy!]. He was sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa.

Bellerophon riding Pegasus (1914) - Public Domain
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Friday, May 23

The Feathers Fluttered Around Her As She Died

I have published many posts about white feathers as messages from the dead. Here's another example from Greg May.

"When my spirit-filled mother went to be with the Lord in 2008, I found the hospice nurse lying prostrate on the floor having a fit!

She kept repeating, "I have never seen anything like that!"

Just as Mama left this world the nurse said it felt like angel feathers were fluttering all around her.

A few years later, we had rented her house to a family. The daughter asked me one day if my mother had a bird; I replied 'no' she was a cat lover. The girl said that they had found a feather in the bedroom. It was in the corner of the room - the exact spot where my mother's bed was located."

~ Greg May

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Wednesday, May 21

The Oldest Clock In The World And Salisbury Cathedral

Oldest clock in world Salisbury Cathedral
While on a break we visited Salisbury Cathedral, which is thought to be on the same ley line as Stonehenge. The Cathedral houses the world's oldest working clock, as per the photo above.

The first stones for Salisbury Cathedral were laid in 1202. The clock is from 1386 and was originally housed in a separate bell tower until 1789. It is now positioned in the North Nave Aisle.

The clock has no face, as per modern time pieces, and was designed to strike the hours.

The power is supplied by two large stones hanging from pulleys. As the weights fall, ropes unwind from the wooden barrels. One barrel drives the main wheel which is regulated by the escapement, the other drives the striking mechanism and the air brake.

When the weights reach the floor, they have to be lifted back up again, a task that explains the presence of two large wheels shaped like steering wheels at either side of the clock.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral itself is a special place with Britain's largest spire at 404 feet (123m) and has the earliest choir stalls dating back to 1236.

The Cathedral's Chapter House is home to the best preserved of four surviving original Magna Carta sealed by King John in 1215. Written in abbreviated Latin on Vellum, the document set down for the first time the relationship between the King and his subjects and their rights.

The Magna Carta's significance in the democratic world continues today, inspiring documents from the United States Constitution to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I've mentioned before that I do not belong to any organised religion but I love the atmosphere and history of places of worship. I'd recommend a visit to Salisbury Cathedral if you are ever in the area and, while there, take a look at the world's oldest working clock, the tall spire, the medieval Cloisters, the Magna Carta, the 1236 choir stalls and so on.

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Tuesday, May 20

Atlantis Where The Immensely Wealthy, Powerful Egos Ruled The Majority

Map of Atlantis
Many books and theories have been written about the lost continent of Atlantis, but what do we know for sure? Well, not a lot relly.

The story of Atlantis was initially generated by Plato but this is only a version of what had been heard second or third hand.

If we think about it, there is no reason why a continent or country shouldn't have sunk beneath the oceans. Maybe that's what Noah in the Bible is all about. But let's look at Plato's original story.

The Atlantis story comes from two dialogues recorded by Plato: Timaeus and Critias. Critias was actually Plato's great-grandfather.

In Timaeus the discussion is about versions of the ideal state or country - Utopia if you like. Critias then gives his version of Atlantis - which he heard from his grandfather, who heard it from a friend of his fathers. So it is something that may well have been handed down over generations. The problem of this is, as with Chinese Whispers, the original version can become distorted over time.

Atlantis was thought to be nine, or maybe ten thousand years prior to Plato, though some will say only five thousand. Anyway, here is a translation of what is written in Timaeus:

"Our records tell how your city checked a great power which arrogantly advanced from its base in the Atlantic ocean to attack the cities of Europe and Asia, For in those days ... there was an island opposite the strait which you call the Pillars of Heracles (Straits of Gibraltar), an island larger than Libya and Asia combined.

On this island of Atlantis had arisen a powerful dynasty of kings, who ruled the whole island ... in addition they controlled Libya up to the borders of Egypt and Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.

This dynasty, gathering its whole power together, attempted to enslave your country and ours and all the territory within the strait. It was Solon who led an alliance of Greeks ... who was forced to overcome the invaders and finally celebrated victory.

At a later time there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence, and in a single dreadful day and night ... the island of Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea and vanished; that is why the sea in that area is impassable to navigation, which is hindered by mud ... the remains of the sunken island.

With Critias the story goes back to gods and the likes. It tells of how the gods divided up the Earth.

Athene was given Greece and founded the Athenian state and Poseidon received Atlantis.

Poseiden made love to one of the island's girls - Cleito - and had ten sons by her. Each of these sons became ruler of part of Atlantis, with the overall king being Atlas (thus the name Atlantis and Atlantic).

The ten sons, as Atlantean kings, met up every sixth year to discuss laws and to pass judgement on wrongdoers. All went well for a long time and high moral standards were kept. But then the residents and kings became ambitious and greedy and Zeus decided to punish them.

... and that's all we really know from the original Plato writings. From there on books and writings have developed and theories developed.

Atlantis map
In the The History and Power of Mind,for example, Richard Ingalese writes that Atlantis stretched from Northern Africa to the West Indies and the people who incarnated as Atlanteans were those who had been on Lemuria - another sunken continent.

According to Ingalese Atlantis reached the highest point of development, but materialism swept over the continent (sounds familiar!) and people turned to sensual abandonment. "Atlantis became a continent where a few immensely wealthy, powerful and strong egos rules the majority of the people, and made them their slaves."

All of this brought a reaction - karma - and Atlantis suddenly became submerged. Before the continent sunk beyond trace the upright inhabitants were taken to other countries by the Adepts and other civilisations were originated. The most advanced people moved to North Africa and laid the foundations of the Egyptian Empire.

Though, at the present time, we cannot establish the first hand truth about Atlantis there may well still be lessons we can learn from the stories themselves - there is a certain familiarity.

Map of the lost continent of Atlantis
The Maps:
Top: Atlantis by Patroclus Kampanakis. Originally drawn in 1891, first published in his book "The procataclysm Communication of the Two Worlds via Atlantis"

Middle: 1882 Map of the Atlantean Empire, from Ignatius Donelly's "Atlantis: the Antediluvian World" 1882.

Bottom: Map of Atlantis from "Mundus Subterraneus" by Athanasius Kircher, Amsterdam 1665

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Monday, May 19

Miles Of Smiles And The Flap Of A Butterfly's Wing

Buttefly effectI like to keep things simple. Why complicate anything with foreign or 'insider' words when it's not really necessary.

Not sure where I'm going with this theme but I've been thinking about how everything and everyone is all linked together and how coincidences and/or synchronicity may happen. Many give this linking together fancy names depending on beliefs, religions, the latest book they have read and so on.

This is fine but sometimes it's something almost simplistic that can get the message across. It did for me when I looked through an autograph book I had as a young child.

I've mentioned this autograph book previously and this morning I was flitting through the pages before putting it somewhere safe in my office.

My Dad's autograph and the verse he wrote, when I was seven, suddenly seemed relevant. Yes, it's simple, yes, it's quite well known but it does make a point about how we are all linked together and how what we do can affect others and, who knows, perhaps the whole world. Here's what he wrote:

My Dad's autograph
He's was right - one smile can create miles of smiles.

I remember years ago writing something along these lines but from a negative perspective. It was about how a wrong word could set off a chain reaction.

The spoken word is soon forgot,
By thee - but it has perished not;
In other hearts 'tis living still,
And doing work for good or ill.
I did a whole story about how a boss got angry with an employee. She went home and, as she was upset, had a go at her husband ... he stormed out down the pub where he met a woman ... they had an affair ... and, before you know what had happened, thousands of lives had been touched upon - and all because of a few angry words. In my story the reaction rebounded back to the boss who set the whole thing in motion.

And watching what we say is one of the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path of: Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.

It's also a little like that saying about how the flap of a butterflies wing in Brazil can set off a storm in Texas. Okay, unlikely in reality perhaps, but there's more on the Butterfly Effect on Wikipedia here if interested.

So there we go, never thought this post would end up being about this!

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Saturday, May 17

How Adversity Can Change Lives In Unexpected Ways

Woman's Own

I was thinking along the lines of how adversity sometimes, unexpectedly, produces a positive benefit. You know the sort of thing: if such and such hadn't have happened then something else would never have come about.

There were some magazines on the side in the kitchen that someone had given Karin. Definitely not my cup of tea and not really Karin's either but I opened the top copy of Woman's Own while waiting for the kettle to boil. And I found examples of what I'd been thinking about. The magazine headed their article 'Accidents gave us new lives.'

The first story I read was about Amelia Braddell from London who had an accident on a quad bike. She broke her back and initially had no sense of feeling from her belly button down.

She had a long recovery and eventually, after many months, was able to make small steps on crutches. "But," she said, "My hands rubbed on the clunky metal and they were heavy and noisy. I ended up with blistered fingers, so had to keep going back to my wheelchair."

Her mother suggested she should design something better. So Amelia designed a crutch that was light and quiet, with a comfortable moulded handle and cuff. Her mum got a prototype made and Ameilia than thought, "Why couldn't they be stylish and colourful?"

Cool Crutches

To cut the story short Ameliea's web site Cool Crutches was born. She describes it as, "A website where people like me, who will always need the aid of a crutch to walk, can buy a set that reflects their personality, not their disability. I hope through my business I can make life just a little easier for anyone facing tough times."

Another of the examples in Woman's Own was that of Pip Taylor.

Pip had a brain haemorrhage and later at Chester Racecourse she fell down a set of stone steps. After recovering she picked up a piece of paper and started to draw. Pip says, "I couldn't believe it - I'd never been able to draw."

Her drawings are impressive and can be seen on her Facebook page Pip's Pics. She told Woman's Own, "Where my haemorrhage forced me in on myself, that second knock opened up my world again through art. Few people get improved by a bash on the head, but I really did."

It's strange how life works out at times. We can never be sure what's around the next corner ...

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Friday, May 16

The Telepathy Between Son And His Mother While On Her Death Bed

A coincidence story today from the actor Jonathan Pryce (Pirates Of The Caribbean series, The Brothers Grimm, Tomorrow Never Dies, Evita and so on). This tells the story of when his mother died.

"My mother was 83 but had been ill for a while. My sister called and told me to come home, so I got the next plane out [he was in New York]. Now this could have been a complete coincidence, but I remember getting on the plane and telling the crew why I was going back, just in case I broke down and they thought, "Hell, call the captain."

I did get a bit tearful and short of breath. I remember looking down at my watch to see how long before we arrived. I sat with the stewardess for some of the flight and then went back to my own seat.

The driver I'd worked with on some films came to meet me. He was going to drive me to Wales straight away. I phoned my sister and she said, "She's just died." I asked what time and she'd died exactly as the plane had landed.

My sister took me through the last night with my mother. She said she started to slip away about 2am and they'd said to Mum, "Hold on, Jon's coming." It coincided with the time I'd got short of breath.

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Thursday, May 15

Meeting Long Lost Friends By Coincidence

Old Friends Meeting Up

A couple of simple, straightforward coincidence stories - if there is such a thing, that is. Both are about meeting up with someone they hadn't seen for years. Thanks to my friend JC for sourcing these for me.

Your personal coincidence or synchronicity stories are always welcome.

"Last week I was visiting my brother in Brighton, where I used to live, I casually asked, "I wonder if my mate James still lives here?"

I hadn’t seen James for over 18 years.

The next day I went for a drive to Eastbourne with my brother. This is a few miles along the coast from Brighton. We walked along the pier and there was James sitting on a seat enjoying the sea view!"

Stan J.

"I was wandering around an open air market in Wimborne, Dorset with my daughter-in-law. I said to her, "I would give anything if I could see Alice’s face just one more time." This was an old neighbour who I hadn’t seen for over seven years.

Virtually seconds or maybe minutes later I walked over to a litter bin to get rid of a Coke can I had been carrying. I looked up and there was Alice putting something into the other side of the litter bin. I couldn’t believe it."

Gentle Gen

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