Monday, December 31

The Snow Buddha

Buddha Ice Scuplptor

Snow is the theme for the third day running, will get back to more wordy posts next year.

This enormous Buddha snowman, sorry sculpture, is 20 meters high and 13 meters wide at the base. It took ten days to complete and if you want to see it for real - before it melts - pop along to the ice sculpture park in Xinjiang Hami, Balikun County, China.

Buddha snowman


The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show ~ anon

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Sunday, December 30

Snow Video Coincidence

As yesterday's post was about snow, here's a video called Snow.

It was a bit of a sync or coincidence that I came by the video. I'd just finished writing the snow post and straight away afterwards found this on Darren's blog Just Watching the Wheels Go Round. He is recommending everyone to give it a thumbs up. See what you think, I like it and it would be good to give some publicity to the musicians.

Snow is by King Uke and Daniel Hulbert

And also I saw the following on Pinterest. It's nothing to do with snow but it's a coincidence story of sorts. I can't vouch that it's true but, who knows ..

Source: via kelly on Pinterest

The Snow That Is Only In The Mind And Our Imagination

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Saturday, December 29

The Snow That Is Only In The Mind And Our Imagination

Snow scene trees

I've mentioned several times in posts about how there is no reality. There is only our realisation of how things are. I got thinking on this theme because of the Christmas cards we have received.

Many of the cards feature a White Christmas, with snow topped houses and perhaps a snowman. It's the idealised image (at least in the UK) of what Christmas is like. But this isn't the reality.

During the 20th Century there were only seven official white Christmases in England. This doesn't even mean that the ground was covered by snow. It simple means: 'a single snowflake (perhaps among a mixed shower of rain and snow) has been observed falling in the 24 hours of 25 December' (source UK Met Office).

So where did this idea of a White Christmas come from?

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens 1812-1870
It could well be from the writings of Charles Dickens and other authors from that period. In a Christmas Carol, for instance, it's as if a White Christmas happens each and every year. Over the years this idea has become enforced into our minds, by the likes of that famous Irving Berlin song and in a myriad of other ways.

Somehow we come to associate December 25th with snow covered scenery but, as with much in life, this isn't the reality (in England).

However, if we look back to when Dickens was alive (7 February 1812 - 9 June 1870) the climate was different. During the first eight years of his life there was in fact a white, traditional Christmas every year - for he lived during, what is known as, the Little Ice Age.

The period of this Little Ice Age is debatable but was probably from around 1350 to 1850. Out of interest this was preceded by the Medieval Warm Period (about 950 to 1250) when temperatures were higher. So, yes there are cycles of climate change.

I won't delve into the controversies of Climate Change at this time but I think we have to be careful as to what we accept as being reality. It's sometimes good to question old or even popular beliefs as it's easy to get kidded into accepting some strange ideas as being reality.

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Friday, December 28

Kate Says She Has Sex Regularly With A Ghost

young woman lying sleeping on bed

Regular readers may remember that I have published three posts from Kate about how a ghost wants sex with her. She has sent me another email with an update of what has now happened to her. It seems things have progressed. I have amended her email a little and omitted some content to make it less explicit.

"Kate here, remember me?

I would like to update you on what has happened following the last experience of mine that you published. I know you and your readers may not believe me but it's true and I figure that if it's happened to me and also my aunt it must have happened to others as well.

My ghost now visits me regularly usually on a Wednesday every week. It's mostly the same procedure and I look forward to these visits.

It always starts when I'm sleeping, as I told you last time, but now I do not tell him to go away as I did before. The ghost has sex with me. I enjoy it and am a willing partner. It feels very real and afterwards the ghost I now call Thomas goes away and I go back to sleep.

These aren't dreams as I wake up as soon as he starts to first touch me.

My aunt, who had similar experiences, says it was the same with her and this continued for several months before it suddenly stopped, and the ghost was never seen or felt again.

If it wasn't for my aunt I don't think I would have let it go this far. As it is I now look forward to Wednesdays and prepare for his visit."

So there we go. Having done a little research into the subject it appears that others also claim to have had similar experiences.

Often these visitors - men appear to have them as well as women - are described as incubi and succubi. They are mostly believed to be 'thought forms.'

In the 1500s Paracelsus described them as demons or the 'shades of dead persons' who have carnal intercourse with amorously disposed women and men.

It's said that witches and sorcerers can generate incubi and succubi, or project out of themselves the organisms necessary for conscious enjoyment of sexual pleasure with sleeping human beings.

In the Life of Paracelsus Franz Hartmann writes that ,"...Such imaginary but nevertheless real forms may obtain life from the person by whose imagination they are created, and under certain circumstances they may even become visible and tangible."

It could be that these thought forms are related to poltergeists, who cause violent disturbances, usually in a household which includes an adolescent. It has been suggested that the poltergeist is a dynamic reflex of superfluous sexual energy.

I wouldn't want to define what Kate's visitor actually is, it could well be a ghost or spirit but a thought form is a real possibility. In Medieval Europe, where natural instincts were suppressed by ascetic tendencies, there are stories of lurid happenings with such astral creatures.

Perhaps we sometimes create thought forms - and give them life - without us realising we are doing so. This would be an answer to the cause of many paranormal experiences.

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Thursday, December 27

White Doves Acting As Messengers From The Dead

white doves

I published a post a while back about The White Dove Being A Messenger Of The Dead. This told of Dan's experience with a white dove when his aunt died.

In response to this post other 67 Not Out readers have responded with their own experiences similar to Dan's. Here are two of them.

"I went today and placed a memorial garden stake on my best friend's grave who died two months ago today (I just now realized that the date was significant).

While I was there I prayed and asked to feel her presence. I wanted assurance that she was in Heaven and happy now.

When I left, I did not feel any particular assurance, other than having a good feeling from visiting her burial site and placing a memorial, with her photo, so people can remember her beautiful smile.

When I returned home, there was a white bird sitting near my driveway between her old house (we used to be neighbours) and mine.

When I got out of my car to investigate (I was afraid it was someone's pet bird) I discovered that it was a white dove.

I immediately felt assurance that my friend was in Heaven and she had sent this white dove as a message to let me know that all is well."

"My husband and I where on the way to see my mother and we saw three doves flying in formation.

The three doves where flying so close to my car that I almost had to pull over. I was so afraid they where going to hit my car but they stayed right by the side of it.

My mother was in good health when we arrived.

On our way home, however, we heard on the car radio of an awful car accident locally, where three people had been killed. I don't know if there was any connection with the three doves but it was on the same stretch of road."

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Wednesday, December 26

Why The 26th Of December Is Known As Boxing Day

Fox Hunting on Boxing Day

Today, the 26th of December, is known as Boxing Day in Britain and in several other countries as well.  It is what we call a Bank Holiday (a normal working day when the banks are closed) but no doubt would be called a Public Holiday in other parts of the world.

How Boxing Day came about is not absolutely clear. The most popular thought is that this was the day when servants and tradesmen would collect their Christmas Boxes - tips for good service - from the gentry or their employers.  These money gifts or 'boxes' were mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary entry for December 19th 1663, so the tradition goes way back.

In days of old churches would have a box in which to place contributions for the poor at their Christmas Day services. These boxes were then opened on the 26th for distribution to the needy.

Another explanation for Boxing Day dates back to when sailing ships set off to discover far away lands. They would take with them a sealed box full of money as a good luck talisman, to help keep them safe on their voyages. When they returned safely a church service of thanks would be held and the box was presented to the vicar or priest.

This box would be kept until Christmas when the contents would be shared with the poor.

I personally look at Boxing Day as being family time, though often sport is involved. In the UK there isusually  a full programme of sport including the top football (soccer) clubs. I remember going to matches at the London clubs: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, with my father when I was young.

One of the traditional events (unfortunately) in England is the Boxing Day Fox Hunting. In 2005 hunting, however, with dogs become a criminal offence but the hunts still go ahead where the scent of a fox is followed.

I have to admit that this is quite a sight with the riders in their red jackets, the sound of horns blowing, the dogs and the horses in splendid condition. It's a actually one of my very first memories.

I believe I was three years old and at Christmas we were staying in a country location with friends of my parents. The Fox Hunt started from the cottage where we were staying was situated. I remember distinctly the horses and dogs, the colour and all of the excitement. Back then I didn't, of course, realise that the idea was to kill the foxes with the dogs tearing them to pieces - something truly horrific in my eyes today.

Today I'm with my family, what could be more perfect? I hope you are having a perfect day too.

Oh yes, and now Boxing Day is when the sales start in most of the shops. The January Sales come early. Commercialism has taken over. Once it was simply family, sports and thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves, but now it's greedily shopping for supposed bargains. What skewed priorities we have.

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Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Day Wishes

Jesus birth Christmas

A short post to wish everyone a wonderful day.

As it's Christmas Karin and I will be at our son and daughter-in-law's house for dinner. We'll be eating at about one o'clock but will have opened our presents before this.

This will be our grandson's second Christmas so he's now aware of what's going on. When asked about what he wanted for Christmas by Santa Claus he answered, "Puzzles." He just loves jigsaws especially. I suppose his more expensive tastes will come in the future.

In the evening we'll be the hosts, dishing up more food. There will be nine of us for tea ( and hopefully a few more presents!) at about six o'clock.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are in the world, whatever your beliefs, may your day be filled with joy and happiness.

Best wishes,

Sunday, December 23

Could The Date Jesus Was Born Be Linked To 9/11

all in the stars

With Christmas fast approaching I was interested to read on Dixie's blog that some 'experts' believe that Jesus was actually born on September 11th, 3BC.

There has always been much debate as to when Jesus was actually born, but it was the September 11th bit that caught my eye more than the year.

September 11th is now remembered because of 9/11 when two hijacked aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center and a third smashed into The Pentagon. Nearly 3,000 people were killed.

Surely there can't be any significance between Jesus being born and 9/11, can there? Probably not but, for those into mystical style numbers, there are 111 days left to the year on September 11th.

Also the Ethiopian calendar usually starts on the September 11th.

But going back to Jesus being born on this date, according to the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (ASK) this was the Jewish Day of Trumpets.

What is the significance of this Day of Trumpets in 3BC? According to ASK it was all in the stars. To quote them:

"Look at the celestial events that occurred around that Rosh ha-Shanah date of September 11th in 3 B.C.E. Exactly one month before (on August 12) the world would have witnessed the close conjunction of Jupiter (reckoned astrologically as the Father) and Venus (the Mother) when they were only .07 degrees from one another when they appeared as morning stars on the eastern horizon. This was a very close union. But then, nineteen days later (August 31), Venus came to within .36 degrees of Mercury in a very similar astronomical display.

Then, on September 11th, the New Moon occurred which represented the Jewish New Year. This happened when Jupiter (the King planet) was then approaching Regulus (the King star). And, on September 14, Jupiter and Regulus came to their first of three conjunctions in this extraordinary year. Then, over an eight month period, Jupiter made its 'crowning effect' over the King star Regulus."

Seemingly, quoting again, there could not have been a 'better astronomical testimony to the birth of the new messianic king from the Jewish point of view'

It is also said by some that the world, as per Genesis in the Bible, all started on, yes you've guessed, September 11th. Okay, on dodgy ground here as there are a myriad of theories as to when the world was formed. Some even say the Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago ... now if that was on a September 11th I've no idea!

Moving on, Mahatma Gandhi coined the term 'Satyagraha' on September 11th, 1906. In his own worlds this means:

"I began to call the Indian movement Satyagraha, that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence ..."

It's strange where you can end up once you start writing but, whatever our opinion of dates and Jesus, the one thing that I retain in my mind is that He taught love and forgiveness. Add to that Gandhi's truth and non violence and we have a pretty good ideal to follow - whatever our beliefs.

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Saturday, December 22

World Record Message In A Bottle Coincidence

Andrew Leaper Guiness world record holder
Andrew Leaper with bottle and World Record Certificate
Fishing boat skipper, Andrew Leaper, holds a world record and has been presented with a Guinness World Record certificate as proof.

So what is his record?

He found a bottle at sea with a message in it. But this was no ordinary bottle as it was released 98 years ago. So his world record is for finding the bottle that has been adrift at sea for the longest amount of time. He beat the old record by five years.

But here's the coincidence bit, the bottle found for the previous record was by Mark Anderson who just happened to be on the very same boat as Andrew - the Shetland based Copious - when he found his bottle. Andrew and Mark are friends.

The bottle found by Andrew Leaper contained a postcard which promised a reward of six pence to the finder. It had been released back in June 1914 by a Captain C.H Brown of the Glasgow School of Navigation.

Mr. Leaper explained: "As we hauled in the nets I spotted the bottle neck sticking out and I quickly grabbed it before it fell back in the sea. It was very exciting to find the bottle and I couldn't wait to open it."

"Mark is very unhappy that I have topped his record. He never stopped talking about it - and now I am the one who is immensely proud to be the finder of the world record message in a bottle."

So there we go, cast your net widely - or something like that. You never know what you might find.

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Friday, December 21

Out Of Body Experiences


I have published several posts about Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and Near Death Experiences (NDE) and it's interesting when readers leave their own experiences.

The noticeable thing about OBEs and NDEs is that people recalling them are always sure that these aren't simply dreams. They are very real. As to whether this proves life after death is up to individuals to decide.

Here are a couple of reader's experiences - anonymous as requested.

"I personally had a similar experience (an OBE) and had not heard of anything like this prior to now. There was a time in my life when I was mired in the experience of the greatest emotional pain that I've ever endured. At the height of my body's suffering, I felt 'myself' float up and behind my body.

For a few minutes, I floated there looking down on the back of my head. I remember the immense peace that I felt while floating. My thoughts during this experience where that I had no idea my body was capable of such an emotional extreme and I was marvelling at the event. After my body calmed down I naturally migrated back in to it.

From my experience I might offer that perhaps the spirit is incapable of occupying the body when the body is experiencing extreme pain. And that once the body is again an available vessel, the spirit will return to its natural state."

"I recall having my drink spiked, followed by a blur and then waking up in hospital (or so I thought) in a critical condition and witnessing my mum and her friend at my bed side. The strange thing was that I felt serene and peaceful but here is the twist in the story. I wasn't awake as I was essentially in a coma with drips and all sorts of things attached to me.

When I saw my mum the next day I apologised to her for the grief I had caused everybody and we spoke about the night before and I will remember till the day I die the look on my mother's face when I told her that I remember seeing them both at my bedside the night before. To which she replied, "You must of dreamt it," because apparently I was completely out of it, and she told me that I was in a coma when she had visited me the night before.

I have since tried to do this again but I am unable to do it as it feels very strange and I guess fear plays a big part."

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Thursday, December 20

The Biggest Coincidence There Has Ever Been

Frederick and Sophia Perry born in the 1870s
I know I have said something similar along these lines before but it's something I woke up thinking about this morning - and all because I have been doing some research on my family tree.

If  I look at the number of people who follow on from John Perry, born in 1839 (Father of Frederick in the photo), they amount to a considerable number. Now just think if he hadn't have met Emma, born in 1840, none of those people would be here now - including Frederick, oh, and me.

Who knows, John and Emma could have met by what many would call a coincidence. If that hadn't have occurred life would have been vastly different for many other people - including my wife, as she would never have met me.

So the fact that any of us is actually here at all is the biggest coincidence there has ever been. Or perhaps it's fate and was all pre-planned - John was destined to meet Emma. But was he?

Sometimes we hear about how some people view themselves as unimportant in life. But this is completely untrue, we are all important, essential links who have helped to create the world today and what it will be like in the future.

If we are lucky enough to have children there could well be millions of people who are likely to follow on because of this. How we influence our offspring will be carried forward over generations to come.

But it's not simply by breeding that we have influence. We also have an impact, in varying degrees, on everyone we meet or contact in any way. What we say or do causes an effect, whether for good or bad. It's why bringing up children, to the best of our ability, is so important. It can influence the future.

Okay, that's it, just spreading a titchy bit of influence ...

Traiangles of Influence

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Wednesday, December 19

10 Coincidence Photos

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

The lighter side today with ten coincidence photos I discovered on Pinterest, which I joined recently. Not to be taken too seriously!

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

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Tuesday, December 18

16th Century Chalice Reunited With Lid Coincidence

16th century chalice

Sara Richards
Sara Richards has had an interest in antiques for many years and acquired a silver lid some twelve years ago. She wasn't too sure what the lid belonged to: a teapot perhaps or a sugar basin?

Eventually, after much research she discovered that it was in fact a lid to a chalice - a very old one at that, could well be from the 1500s.

Time passed, as it tends to do, and about twelve years after discovering the lid Sara went to evening classes on the subject of archaeology. At the class she met Canon Graham Loveluck a priest on Anglesey in Wales.

Canon Graham Loveluck
The pair got talking and for some reason Sara mentioned the lid she had found and how it could well belong to a 16th Century chalice. Canon Loveluck told her he had such a chalice at his church and this had a missing lid.

Surely they couldn't belong together! Out of interest the lid was taken to the chalice and sure enough, like Cinderella and her slipper, the lid fit.

But that wasn't all, through various markings and designs they discovered that this was the actual, original lid to the chalice. A photo of the two was even discovered in a very old book. How the two parts were ever separated is a mystery but the two are now happily reunited. After existing for over 400 years they belong together.

Old book showing 16th centiry chalice

The photo below shows Sara Richards and Canon Graham Loveluck reuniting the lid with the chalice - or maybe the other way round: the chalice with the lid.

Sara Richards and Canon Loveluck reuniting the lid with the chalice

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Monday, December 17

Little Coincidences Can Mean A Lot

Autograph book

Nothing too dramatic for today's post but little things can mean a lot.

I'm a hoarder of old items that mean something to me. I was delving deep into one of my boxes and out came an old autograph book. This belonged to an old uncle and the dates in the book vary from the mid 20s to 1932.

I opened up the book at random and the pages above came to view. The two things I noticed were that the date on the right hand side is 23rd July - my birthday - and the name Michael in the address on the left hand page - my name.

I thought this was a bit of a coincidence or synchro. I turned the page and the next autograph was the photo below.


I immediately recognised the rhyme, in fact I wrote about this in a post called Miles Of Smiles And Butterflies in January 2010.

My father also wrote this in my own autograph book which I received for my seventh birthday - so dad wrote this on July 23rd. He had no connection with the other autograph book as the uncle was on my mother's side of the family. Another synchro or coincidence.

Autograph from dad about smiles

I've been researching my family tree recently and that's why I was going through my box of old bits and pieces. The old Uncle who the autograph book belonged to was called Wilf English and he came from the north-east of England. At that time in the 20s and 30s it was known for coal mines, ship building and they loved their sport, especially Newcastle United Football Club. This is reflected in some of the drawings in the book.

Drawing of working in a coal mine in nort-east England

Though the sketches are pretty basic they reflect what was important at that time.

And, of course the 1914-18 first world war was still in their memories.

I thought I'd finish this post with a poignant page from the autograph book.


"When the leaves of this album are yellow with age,
and the names I write here is dim on the page,
still think of me kindly
and dinna forget wherever I am
I remember you yet"
~ May 1929 Mary

I don't know who Mary was but I hope, wherever he may be, Uncle Wilf remembers her and she him.

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P.S. Thank You 3 Million Times