Sunday, January 31

A Coincidence About Letters Leads To Walking On Water!

Walking on water

A letter was delivered to Mrs. B. Moore, who lives on Franklin Street in Lakeland, Florida. She realised this wasn't for her so she sent the letter along to Mrs. B. Moore who lives on Franklin Street in Lakeland, Georgia.

I saw the above in the Lakeland Ledger newspaper. They commented. "It was a strange coincidence of two Mrs. B Moore's living on streets and cities with identical names." Certainly was!

But then, by coincidence, the next thing I saw was a strange story in the Herald-Journal from August of 1973. They reported that ...

Mrs. B. Moore of Duncan, has lost some 50 pounds over the last several months and she feared that perhaps she also lost a skill that few people in the world possess.

So Mrs. Moore went out to Silver Lake and although she now is much lighter, she found she can still walk on water.

Mrs. Moore can't swim a single stroke but she can walk across Silver Lake which is 60 feet deep and not sink. "I just walk in the water like I walk down the street and I never go down. There are a few people in this world who are floaters and just can't sink and I happen to be one of them," explains Mrs. Moore.

I'm still scratching my head over that one!

As for the photo at the top of the post I found this on Pinterest. An illusion I presume - but such is life!

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Saturday, January 30

Similar Traditions Of Northern Paiute Native Americans To Christian Religion

Northern Paiute: Native Americans
I came across and article about Native Americans from 1937. Times have certainly changed, the article was headed Pagan Custom Less Among Indians. It came to my attention because there is a coincidence of sorts. This is the article:

Sarah Winnemucca
Paganism is gradually disappearing among Indians on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, according to the Rev. William A Stinson vicar at St Mary's on the desert of the Nevada Episcopal missionary district.

"Many of the old customs still exist to be sure," he said, "but they interfere very little with our Christian teachings."

There are now 400 baptized Indians on the reservation, of whom 175 have been confirmed.

"One of the strongest of the old traditions is that of water babies," the vicar reported. "When some of the Indians tell me that the water babies were crying last night, they are really serious.

"Tradition has it that when the wind blows in off Pyramid Lake and sighs though the trees of the reservation it is the water babies crying, and something ominous is about to happen," he explained. "Superstitious Indians remain indoors when they think the water babies are about."

A similarity between religion of the primitive western tribes and the Christian religion was described by the vicar.

"It may only be a coincidence, but the older Indians have told me their ancestors used to kneel facing the east each morning as they washed their faces and would pray to the Great Spirit to cleanse their hearts as the water cleansed their faces," he said. "As you know, the altars in our churches are always placed in the east end."

"A literal translation of the Indians' tribal name is water ute derived from the name of the original Ute Indians in Utah and pah meaning water," he declared.

As I understand it, the indigenous peoples of the mentioned area are known as Northern Paiute.

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Friday, January 29

A Coincidental Psychic Reading In Denny's

Denny's Costa Mesa CA

A coincidence story I was sent quite a while back from someone called Frank. It's not mind blowing, but it does show how sometimes we carry our past with us.

It all started when I was sitting at the counter of a Denny's restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA, about 3:00 a.m one morning. I had hitch-hiked out there to see a buddy of mine and was doing the cheapest thing possible to pass the time, until I thought it appropriate to head on over to his place.

The waitress saw my backpack and asked where I had come from. I said, "Wisconsin". She said, "Oh, I lived there was a little kid."

"Oh yeah, what part?" I asked.

"A real small town west of Milwaukee. You've never heard of it." she assumed. I noticed that her Denny's nametag said 'Holly'.

"Really, tell me where, Holly. That's where I grew up."

She looked at me and said, "North Lake."

North Lake was less than 400 people and had only a four room schoolhouse in the early sixties. First and second grade shared a room on the first floor. There was a Holly Melon in first grade when I was in the second. Their god-awful little house burned down. They left town for California.

"Dick Arndorfer pushed you down the stairs at the library and you broke your leg when you were five. When the house burned down, you smelled the smoke first and woke everyone up." I told her.

Maybe I should have asked her five dollars for a psychic reading before I blurted out things she barely remembered. Never scare the sh*t out of the waitress at Denny's at 3:00am is what I learned.

No great ending. When I went back the following night for some more coffee she told me that she'd called her grandmother who remembered my family. 

I didn't tell her that Dick was killed later in a car accident.

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Thursday, January 28

The Street Urchins Coincidence

Street Urchins
Street Urchins
Sir Henry Hawkins
Sir Henry Hawkins
Of course, coincidences aren't a new thing. Here's an amusing vintage story from the past featuring street urchins, a high court judge and a future Archbishop of Canterbury,

As Sir Henry Hawkins, of the High Court of Justice, alighted from his coach, his judge's wig caught the top of the door and was lifted from his head. And his head was said to have looked as round and bald, as a marble.

The street urchin children, gathered in a crowd, burst out laughing, and very irreverent laughter it was.

Sir Henry had come as usual to St, Mary's, the university church of Oxford, for the special service held to mark the opening of the assizes, or court sessions.

Rev Cosmo Gordon Lang
Rev Cosmo Gordon Lang
He was met by the vicar, Rev Cosmo Gordon Lang, later the Archbishop of Canterbury. Mr. Lang, having escorted the judge to his pew, mounted the pulpit to preach the sermon he had carefully prepared. The text - of all texts - was II Kings 2: 23 which reads:

"... as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head."

When the service was over, Sir Henry remarked to the vicar, with a dry smile, "A very excellent sermon - on a very apposite text."

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Wednesday, January 27

Emotions And Ghosts Stored Within The Walls Of Our Homes

Tennyson wrote:

"Woods have tongues
As walls have ears."

That's sort of true. Houses and buildings somehow absorb attitudes and perhaps temperaments of the people who have lived there previously. If the last tenants were full of family love this permeates the atmosphere. The opposite is true as well. If there has been hate and ill feeling these vibrations linger and can be felt by the new owners.

Inside Rye Church
All buildings have a mood. I like visiting churches and places of worship, wherever I travel in the world - even though I don't belong to any organised religion. Most churches give an instant feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Other buildings give off different vibes. Obvious ones are places such as airports, where everything seems to be hustle, bustle and confusion. A doctors surgery may give off anxiety, restaurants a sense of expectations and so on.

Rye church tower stairsSome people say they see ghosts in their houses or in other buildings, who repeat the same action over and over. These apparitions walk down the same stairs, in the same way or across a room in a certain direction. Some strong emotion has imprinted this into the house.

It's interesting (or maybe worrying!) to consider what the walls of our own houses are taking in as they observe our moods, tone of our voices, thoughts and so on.

Shelly said, "One wandering thought pollutes the day." As well as polluting our minds perhaps these thoughts also pollute our living areas.

Wonder what people feel or sense when they walk into our homes ... hopefully happiness and comfort.

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Tuesday, January 26

Scottish Golf Club Coincidence Found In Australia

G Brodie Brezze golf club

Neville from Melbourne, Australia, bought an old golf club for his son, who was starting to show an interest in golf.

Eventually, however, the club was discarded - and Neville found it, well covered with weeds in his garden.

He decided to clean it up and, as the rust and grime came off, he saw that it had been: Hand forged in Scotland by G. Brodie Breeze.

The name Breeze rang a bell, so he called up an old school friend of his Graham Breeze.

"Any relation of yours?" Neville asked, telling him of the inscription on the club.

"Yes," said Graham, "that would have been made by my grandfather's brother."

Neville presented the club to Graham who said it was quite a thrill to get both another club and one with such family interest. And, on top of this, it was Graham's name on it - for he too was christened G. Brodie Breeze.

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Monday, January 25

The Dream That Raised Over £56 Million For Breast Cancer Charity

Walk the Walk cancer charity

Nina Barough woke up one morning following a vivid dream. In this dream she had seen 'lots of women walking fast in a marathon, all wearing bras on top of their T-shirts, to raise finds for breast cancer research.'

This was back in 1996 when Nina, a British fashion stylist, was 42. The strange thing about the dream was that she had never entered a marathon or done any sort of fund raising, plus she didn't know anyone with breast cancer.

The dream however was to lead to over £56 million (about $90 million) being raised for breast cancer and was also precognitive.

After her dream Nina took to following it through and, together with 13 other women, entered the New York marathon purely for fun. They called their effort 'Walk the Walk' and in doing so they managed to raise £25,000 (about $40,000) for Breakthrough Cancer.

Walk the Walk may well have been a one off but in 1997 Nina herself was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.

Her friends and colleagues wanted to do something to help so another marathon was entered and another £25,000 was raised for charity.

Walk the Walk snowballed from there on, they became a proper charity and managed to get Prince Charles as a patron. Information on future walks can be seen on their website.

80% of all of the money they have raised has gone to Penny Brohn Cancer Care. This was personal to Nina as their integrated health programme was a big part in helping her to manage and conquer her own cancer.

During her own treatment she used power walking, diet, vitamins, positive thinking and visualisation. Nina said, "I became fitter, had more energy and felt more vibrant and balanced than ever before." To tie in with this Nina has written her own book called Walking for Fitness.

In this case Nina Barough's dream of women wearing bras raising money for charity came to reality - along with her own battle against breast cancer.

Following a dream can lead to some remarkable happenings.

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Sunday, January 24

After 11 Years They Meet By Coincidence On The Hippie Trail

The Hippie Trail

A coincidence story from my clippings file from Tony Smith. It's always puzzling as to why such meetings come about and so far from home.

"As a boy, I lived in Bognor Regis [England] and attended Minshull House primary school in Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex. When I left in 1959, age 11, for boarding school on the Isle of Wight I no longer saw my primary school friends. In 1967, I joined West Sussex police.

In 1970, I travelled overland to Australia with four friends. We went through Europe, working in Italy for a while.then carried on through Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran, where we stopped at a camp-site outside Tehran.

We'd just arrived when a British registered ex-ambulance pulled in. The four lads on board were on the Hippie Trail to India and Nepal. We began talking and found out they came from Bognor and went to the same primary school as me.

The chance of meeting fellow pupils after 11 years on one night in Iran is small I imagine."

~ Tony Smith

Hippie Van

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Saturday, January 23

Amazing Coincidence Of Hitler And British Prime Minister

Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden

Berlin, March 27, 1935: Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden (British Foreign Secretary later to become Prime Minister) discovered by accident that they were lying in directly opposite trenches on a Great War (1914-18) battlefield exactly 18 years prior to their meeting.

The amazing coincidence was realised by both men during a luncheon at the British Embassy while the peace conversations were in progress.

While illustrating a point Eden turned the menu card over and drew a map of a British Ypres sector showing exactly which sheltered him in 1917, and how the British troops were deployed.

Hitler then took Eden's card and drew a sketch of his own trench opposite, and the general arrangement of the German troops in this sector,

Eden took the menu card as a souvenir of his Berlin visit ...

... but, of course, they would be on opposite sides once more during World War II (1939-45)

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Friday, January 22

Haunted By Her Ex-Husband Who Begged Forgiveness


A story today with ghostly connections. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.

My former husband, John, ensured by various means that our son and I were systematically denied fair financial support,

In short, I had many very hard years of single parenthood and overwork, while he lived a very comfortable, easy life.

He died unexpectedly at the age of 57. Shortly after his death, I felt a presence in my home. Though he had never lived here. I just knew it was him.

I told the presence to leave our our son and me alone (in a less polite manner) - he had done enough harm in life. The presence persisted on and off.

Several months later, I came by chance across someone at work, Peter, who told me he was a psychic medium. We were chatting together when he told me I had 'something' hanging about me.

Later that day, he sent me a text with a drawing of a young man's face. In the text he asked: "Does it mean anything, linking to the song I Can't Let Maggie Go ?" None of it added up at this stage.

The next day in the office, we were discussing this and were both suddenly hit with a tingling sensation like an electric shock.

Peter said: "He is here. his name is John, he needs your forgiveness, he can't move on."

Peter was looking at something over my shoulder. I was terrified to turn around in case I saw something. I shouted: "Leave me alone!" and it went away.

We looked again at the picture and yes, I recognised that this was John as a young man in the Seventies. The song signalled that I had to forgive him and 'let him go.'

It seemed that the strength of my ill-feelings was holding him back.

Later, on reflection, I said the Lord's Prayer to express my forgiveness of John. I then felt a great lightening of spirit.

~ Anonymous

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Thursday, January 21

The Woman Who Talks To Animals And Gets Replies

Mouse talking

Pea Horsley, fron the UK is an animal communicator who chats with animals and what's more they reply to her - and she understands what they say!

An example? Okay this happened when she had mice in her kitchen - and you must promise not to giggle.

Pea spotted one of the mice and asked him to come forward for a talk, they had been nibbling at her food. She began by sending him feelings of love and tried to talk to him, but he wasn't listening. He was in fact livid.

Pea Horsley
Pea said, "I'd like to talk to you about the food you are eating." He screamed at her and then answered, "I'm not going to stop eating! You humans are all the same - you're bullies. You don't care for us. What am I meant to do? It's cold and I have a family to feed."

Pea told him, "I'm not asking you to stop eating the food; I just want to make a deal with you. I suggest that during the cold months I leave you and your family dog biscuits in a white dish. The rest of the food is out of bounds."

It worked! The mouse agreed to this compromise and all was well within the household.

Now some of what Pea Horsley claims does seem a little hard to believe but she has helped many pet owners. Such as a lady called Celia who's cat Joey had disappeared.

Celia emailed a photo of Joey and, while looking at this, Pea felt a sense of uneasiness and anxiety. She asked, "Are you okay?"

"No, I can't get out," Joey replied. She asked him where he was and he said he was in the basement by the boiler. Pea asked for more information, "Can you show me more of this place?" She then saw a door and concrete steps. There was a green metal door hinged on the right with a handle on the left. She could see the cat in a dark empty space, lying by a wall and could make out a window with horizontal bars.

All of this information was passed on to Celia and, sure enough, the cat was found exactly as described, after having been missing for six days.

Celia has lots more tales to tell. There's Fred the goldfish who likes rock music, Scopino the tortoise who loves blondes and then there's Mr. Butch the rabbit with attitude!

As to whether you believe Pea Horsley or not is up to the individual but Pea says, "My journey into animal communication has brought me the very thing the soul longs for - intimacy - and I feel my life is so much richer for it because, in the end, connection is what life is all about."

"... connection is what life is all about" ... now that makes sense.

Pea Horsley on Amazon UK

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Wednesday, January 20

The Coincidence That Got Him In Touch With His Old Army Pal

Royal Artillery Badge

Here's another coincidence that goes back a while, but it's a nice story - though my school teacher, from many years ago, would be appalled at me using the word 'nice'.

I was called up for National Service in January 1948 and joined the 42nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery at Crookenden Barracks, Essen-Kupferdreh, Germany. I was a signaller and my pal Ron was the driver of our Bren Gun carrier.

About 25 years later my wife and I were on holiday in Mullion, Cornwall. As we were going there, I thought I would look Ron up, as I had an address for him and a photograph of us together.

We asked about directions to his address from an elderly man cutting his hedge. I explained the situation and showed him the photograph. "That's my boy, Ron!" he exclaimed.

He went on to say that Ron had moved to St Austell and that, as we were going to be in Mullion for a week, he would arrange for Ron to come over and meet us the next day. After that, we kept in touch for many years until Ron died.

~ Trevor Morgan, Devon.

Bren Gun Carrier
Bren Gun Carrier

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Tuesday, January 19

Coincidence, Synchronicity And The Hologram Theory


"Yes, but how can everything link up, how can we be a part of everything?" A question often asked when trying to explain things such as coincidence, synchronicity, psychometry and so on.

One answer is The Hologram Theory - which I intend to keep very simplistic!

We probably all know what a hologram is - it's a flat picture that looks to be 3D and stretches away to infinity. From various angles they can sometimes appear to be slightly different.

That's pretty straightforward.

But there is something strange about a hologram. If you cut them in half, and then maybe in half again, each section will contain the whole original picture. And if you cut the pieces again and again they would still contain the image - no matter how many times you do this.

The smaller the pieces get, the pictures may not be quite so clear, but they will still be there - just a bit hazier.

Now some say the universe is a Hologram!

The physicist David Bohm, for example, theorises that the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.

David Bohm tells of how we view objects such as subatomic particles as separate from one another because we are seeing only a portion of their reality. Such particles are not separate 'parts', but facets of a deeper and more underlying unity that is ultimately as holographic and indivisible.

Now back to keeping it simple. If we followed this theory - each part of us is the whole universe (God?). We are a snippet like one of those pieces of the hologram we cut up.

Everything interpenetrates everything. So when the phone rings and we 'know' who it is before we answer - we know because we are part of that other person (who is ringing us).

We may be a bit hazy, like those small pieces of the hologram but, perhaps, if we can learn to tune in properly, with the right energy, we can gain a clearer sight of the whole universe - and all things will become possible because there will be no time, space or separateness.

Okay, that'll do for now but The Hologram Theory would explain synchronicity, telepathy, being in two places at once and so many other things. So, what do you reckon?

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Monday, January 18

Tragic Coincidence Marrs Good Samaritan's Helpful Deed

Good Samaritan

Florida: A young man, bloodied and bruised, ran up to 72 year old Alfred Gilbert and asked for help. He told him that he been attacked, so Gilbert offered assistance.

It was 9:30 a.m and the young man requested a ride home. Gilbert was happy to oblige. But there is a black side to this story.

About three minutes prior to the meeting, unknown to Gilbert, his wife, Betty Jean, 69, had been killed in a car crash. He did not hear about this until he returned from dropping off the man.

The young man was later identified as Richard Eric Watson, 19, and he was subsequently charged with driving the car that killed Gilbert's wife. His full charge was vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

According to police Watson's car ran a stop sign and hit Betty Gilbert's car. She was killed instantly.

Police Lt. Twiss is quoted as saying, "An incredible coincidence. It's like Ripley's Believe It Or Not. This guy was being a nice guy and gave him a ride not knowing that he killed his wife three minutes earlier."

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Sunday, January 17

Visualisation Helped Him Escape from A WW2 Prison Camp To Wilshire Boulevard

Wilshire Boulevard postcard

Popular self-help books are always on about using visualisation techniques to attract the things we desire. True enough, they can work. As that song goes, "If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"

Visualising and concentrating on something, however, can be something more than this. In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Joseph Murphy gives a significant account which led to several coincidences or synchronicity, this follows but in my own words:

Russian soldiers WW2 moving corpsesVisualisation helped a Dr. Lothar von Blenk-Schmidt to save his sanity during his imprisonment by the Russians in world war 2. The doctor had previously been an electronics engineer but was now forced to labour in coal mines, having to shift something like 300 pounds a day. If prisoners failed to do their quota they had their food rations cut.

To relieve his despair he began to concentrate on his escape to America, determined that his subconscious mind would find a way. He wrote. "I would imagine I was walking down Wilshire Boulevard with an American girl whom I met in Berlin prior to the war."

In his imagination he drove his imaginary American automobile up and down the boulevards of Los Angeles, saw himself in restaurants and made his vision highly and vividly detailed. As he said, "These pictures in my mind were as real and natural to me as the trees outside the prison camp."

This dreaming gave him hope and helped to retain his sanity and strength during difficult times.

Then an odd sequence of events occurred. One morning, after shouting out his number the guard was called away. When the guard returned he repeated the same number, and the next man stepped forward. Blenk-Schmidt realised there were now two number 17s on the list and he would not be missed.

With good fortune on his side he managed to walk out of the camp undetected. First he survived by fishing and hunting wild fowl and later hitched rides at night on coal trains heading for Poland. Once there he was helped by friends and eventually reached Lucerne in neutral Switzerland.

At the Palace Hotel he met an American who invited him to be his guest in Santa Monica, California. This led to his dream coming true, down to the last detail, even to an American wife - the identical girl he had met in Berlin prior to the war! When he first arrived in Los Angeles he described how the chauffeur of the man he befriended drove him down Wilshire Boulevard just as he had imagined while in the Russian camp.

Dreams really can come true.

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Saturday, January 16

Coincidence Of Meeting 40 Years Later On Holiday

Morris Minor Van
Another coincidence story from a newspaper - there seem to be a lot about at the moment! This one is from Eric Grant from England.

My wife and I decided to have a 'real' holiday in 1958, the first since we married.

We'd go in our Morris Minor van-with-windows camping for two weeks, through France, Switzerland and Italy (a 4 ft mattress fit snug in the back!).

The first night we'd booked a hotel in Abbevilla and after dinner walked down the main shopping street. On the opposite pavement we saw someone who looked remarkably like a solicitor friend from home, Geoff Meopham. We decided it couldn't be, as he hadn't appeared to recognise us.

Six weeks later, buying petrol, in followed Geoff, and I told him he had a 'double' in France. "You fool," he said, "that was me." Oh dear!

Exactly 40 years later, having lunch in Lanzarote, with our feet dangling in the pool water, in came a man who did look a bit like our friend (whom we hadn't seen for decades due to moving), though looking much older.

Clipart two people meeting
Without hesitation I rushed over to him and said, "You look remarkably like an old friend, Geoff Meopham from Billericay. This happened 40 years ago and we didn't approach you then, so thought I would now!"

He said, "I'm glad you did, Eric. I've lost my wife so am here to try and recuperate. Nice to have someone to talk to for a week!"

What a reunion!

~ Eric Grant

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Friday, January 15

The Notable Coincidence Of Thomas Edison And Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
In 1910 the following story, combining Thomas A. Edison and Samuel F.B Morse, was described as a notable coincidence. The following is from a newspaper cutting from the year 1910 telling of the incident.

In the middle of 80s [that's the 1880s] Thomas A. Edison took a house in Gramercy Park, where he found himself very well situated for the leisure which he always enjoys, being by nature a reposeful man and not the grinding dynamo that people often fancy him.

Thomas A Edison
Thomas A Edison
Few things suit better the mood of idleness than to poke aimlessly around an old house that has its legible traces and signs of human occupancy, and thus one day Edison found himself in the garret of the house, where some old furniture had been stored.

Opening one of the drawers he saw a flat, oblong book labelled 'Daily Journal'. To his great astonishment this proved to be nothing less than an original diary kept by Samuel F.B Morse, inventor of the system of telegraphy which bears his name.

The entries belonged to a brief but interesting period of his life, the year 1848, supplemented by transcripts of important correspondence dated back as far as 1843, when the electro-magnetic system was being constructed between Washington and Baltimore.

Edison put the book away carefully and took it with him when he established himself at his home in New Jersey. He has now placed it in the hands of the American Institute of Electric Engineers with this comment of July 22, 1909:

"As this appears to be a matter of great scientific and public interest, I feel this journal should be placed where it may be accessible to others, and I therefore take much pleasure in forwarding the same herewith in the presenting it to your institute, in the hope that it may be deemed worthy of receiving a place among the mementos of the telegraphic art of your library."

That Edison himself, the great telegraph inventor of our age, who stands next in line to Franklin and Morse as master of the electrical forces, should have chanced thus casually on such a lost relic of his predecessor is to say the least a notable coincidence.

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Thursday, January 14

The Coincidence Of Meeting At A Dance 50 Years Later

Scottish dancing

This coincidence was seen in a letter sent to the Daily Mail newspaper, there is no name shown for the sender.

A friend and I, both avid Scottish country dancers, decided to go to a dance in Cambridge run by a local country dance club. We drove up the A1 into Cambridge, soon realised we were lost and arrived after it had begun

I looked for the ticket lady at half time to pay our entrance fee and found her sitting at a table discussing with friends the best place to live in Scotland. In a lull in the discussion, I told the group they were all wrong and that Renfrew (my home town)  was the best place to live in Scotland.

Clip art Scottish Dancing
A gentleman at the table turned to me and announced that his father worked in Renfrew and when I looked at him, I said: "I bet your name is Russell."

I don't know who was more astounded, for the face looking up at me was the image of my old English teacher and deputy head, Mr. Russell.

So what would be the chances of his son and I, both now with an interest in Scottish country dancing, ending up at the same dance 50 or so years later.

His dad was still alive and living in Greenock. Not unexpectedly Russell Jnr didn't recall his father mentioning me.

I've often wondered if we'd arrived on time, would I have picked out Mr. Russell's son from the 100 or so people at the dance that night.

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