Tuesday, June 30

The UFO That Came To Earth At Kecksburg

Photo source: Pinterest
So many UFO sightings get muddied along the way. Here's a mystery I didn't know much about until I did a little bit of research.

In 1965 something fell from the sky, a brilliant fireball with the flash being seen in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Grass fires broke out, including one just outside Kecksburg, in south-west Pennsylvania as, whatever it was, came to earth.

In Lapper, Mich., the County Sherriff  Kenneth A Parks said his office received a report that an unidentified object fell into a field about half a mile south of Lapeer, just east of M 24.
Source: Herald Journal - Dec 10, 1965

One of the firefighters at the scene was James Romansky.

James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township was then a 19 year old firefighter. He told the Associated Press that he was among those who drove to the landing site.

"Now, I'm prepared for a smashed-up airplane ... and I'm thinking, 'What the hell is this?' I'm looking for wings, propellers, motors, a fuselage - but there's none of that," Romansky said, "There's no rivet marks on it, no windows, no doors - no possible way of getting in and out of this thing that I seen.

"There was writing on it, but not writing that you or I could understand. I always referred to it as something like the ancient hieroglyphics. There was dots and dashes and circles," Romansky said.
Source: Observer Reporter - Dec 6, 2003

Other witnesses described a 'fireball' and a metallic, acorn shaped object about 12 to 15 feet high and 8 to 12 feet in diameter landed in the woods - as per photo at top of post. Military personnel quickly surrounded the site, removed the object, threatened residents who tried to enquire about it, and left - later calling the object 'a meteor'.
Source: Beaver County Times - Dec 7, 2003

Going back to 1965, Sheriff Kenneth A Parks (previously mentioned) only admitted that his men found some pieces of shiny metallic foil, each four to six inches long and about a quarter inch wide.
Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle - Dec 10, 1965

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 9, 1965 reported:
U.S. Army officials and the Pennsylvania State Police Thursday night sealed off an area in south-west Pennsylvania explaining the 'is an unidentified flying object in the woods'. A spokesman from the Army's 662 Radar Squadron said, 'We don't know what we have yet.' After sealing off a wooded isolated area at Kecksberg, officers said Army engineers were being called to the scene.

No conclusions can be made from the above - but there is no doubt much more information to be found on the Internet if interested.

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Sunday, June 28

The Cute Coincidence

Coincidence story

A quickie coincidence above, from my cuttings. This one originated from an old issue of the The Milwaukee Sentinel.

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Saturday, June 27

Coincidence Marks Young Girl's Death

Sometimes it's as if we do things without fully realising why - as if we have had a quick glance into the future and were guided to do whatever it was. I was reminded of this when I came across this sad story in The Pittsburgh Press from October 8, 1939.

"Chicago: Jacqueline Neville, 9, was roller skating near her home last night with two playmates when two bandits drove up to the curb and parked behind an auto in which insurance agent Jack Lomas was waiting while his partner, Frank Maneely, made a collection.

One of the bandits forced Lomas into the rear of his auto. Maneely returned, saw the bandit, and ran. The bandit with Lomas started firing.

Frantic the little girls started to flee but were hampered by their skates. One bullet struck Jacqueline. She fell to the pavement. The bandits escaped.

There was a strange twist to the story of Jacqueline's death. A month ago her widowed mother, Mrs. Cecilia Neville, took out an insurance policy on Jacqueline's life. The agents were: Maneely and Lomas."

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Friday, June 26

Father Meets Son After 40 Years By Coincidence

Coincidence of name

Holly was born more than 40 years ago, but his mother died when he was only a week old. This was in New Orleans. The baby's maternal grandparent's adopted him. 

The grandfather died some years later and the grandmother married a man named Jones. Holly then became Holly Jones through adoption.

The Joneses moved away to California and Holly went to school and graduated from the University of California.

For many years Holly Jones wondered what had become of his birth father, who he knew was called Charles Beitel. By chance, his wife, through her employment, found herself addressing a letter to a Mr Beitel.

Mr Beitel ran a general store in another Californian town, so when on a trip they looked in on the store.

The store clerk said that Breitel wasn't around at the moment, but said to Holly, "... you must be a relative of some kind ... you sure look like him."

When Beitel came to the store, he immediately recognised Holly, even though he hadn't seen him since an infant. "I knew you right away," he told Holly. "I've been looking at myself in the mirror for a long time and you're me all right."

So the reunion was made. Beitel, who by coincidence had moved to California ten years ago, gained, not only his son, but also a daughter-in-law and two grandsons.

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Wednesday, June 24

A Coincidence Showed Her She Missed Out On Her Dream Home

White cliffs

Here's an example, from Ruth Cameron, of why we should follow our intuition, instincts or gut feelings. Some things, perhaps, are meant to be - but we miss out because of our inertia. There's a coincidence as well, to rub salt into the wound!

"Five years ago I fell in love with a lovely, empty bungalow with an immense open fireplace. It stood all alone at the foot of a high cliff looking straight out to sea.

None of the locals knew to whom it belonged, some man in the city, they said, hadn't been down for years, didn't seem to care much for it, probably.

My instinct was to pursue the matter further, find out who owned that bungalow, and if it could be bought at a reasonable price, But my own inertia, plus the advice of even more inert friends dissuaded me, and I let the matter drop.

A few weeks ago, by an odd coincidence, I met the man who had owned that bungalow, He told me that he had been ready to sell at the time, and that it ultimately went for a small price because of the lonesome location, which I so much admired. Worst of all, the new people who bought it had ripped out that magnificent fireplace.

And to think I might have had it all if I had only the gumption to ask for it."

~ Ruth

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Tuesday, June 23

The Paul Lynde Coincidence Or Precognition

Payl Lynde coincidence

Paul Lynde isn't someone I had previously heard of, but I understand he was an an American comedian and character actor. The following coincidence was passed on to me from a reader relating to Lynde. It does seem, though, to be more of a case of precognition. Anyway, in his own words:

"Whenever I go to New York and I'm walking along Fifth Avenue I will see someone I knew when I lived there, but as soon as I run up and say hello, I'll find myself quickly apologising: case of mistaken identity. And always the physical resemblance is uncanny.

But - and this is the curious thing - the very next person I'll see will be the one I thought I knew seconds before.

This happens to me every time I have been to New York - that is, if I'm on Fifth Avenue."

It appears that the story was published in the Bangor Daily News prior to Lynde's death. So is this perhaps a case of precognition or coincidence?

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Saturday, June 20

Driving The Wrong Car By Mistake Coincidence

 Mustang convertible

A couple of days ago I published a post about a mix up with Identical Cars Coincidence. Here's a similar story from The Hour publication.

Eileen Maslowski from Wisconsin, was sure that the white Mustang convertible she drove home from church was hers. The key even fit.

But not so, said Mary Rhomberg. She has a similar car. Both cars have red, white and gray intereiors. They were parked within three cars of each other one Saturday night on the lot at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.

Maslowski's car is a 1989 model with a black top, and Mary Rhomberg's is a 1990 model with a white top. But the tops were down and that's how the mix up occurred.

"I came out of Mass, got in my car and I thought someone had been fooling around with it because the seat was back," Maslowski said, She fixed the seat and drove home.

Rhomberg searched for her car. She said she tried her key on Maslowski's Mustang, but it didn't work. "I knew it wasn't my car," she said.

Rhomberg called the police and the puzzle began to fall together.

"We laughed about it. I was an innocent mistake," Rhomberg said. "My husband was a little anxious because he bought it for me for a surprise wedding anniversary present last year. I'm glad it had a happy ending."

A Ford spokesman said the company hears similar coincidences from time to time.

Also Emily M left me her similar story on a Google+ comment:

"I had a brand new light blue Mazda 323 in 1992. I had parked it at a store parking lot and then later returned to it. After unlocking the light blue Mazda 323, I put the key in the ignition, and started it. I turned to back out and noticed things on the back seat that weren't mine. I then saw more subtle differences in the front seat and quickly got out of the car. Then I noticed my car nearby. I was in disbelief that I could start another car with my key. When I got home, I called the dealership and told them what happened. Their reply was that every 5th car or so, the manufacturer makes the same key lock combo."

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Thursday, June 18

The Doppelganger In The Mall


A story from Erica via Google+. Probably more of a doppelgänger than a coincidence but, there again, they are related.

I was walking round the mall and I noticed a man staring at me. I carried on walking in and out of shops and realised he was following me. I thought it was just a coincidence and carried on, making sure I ignored him.

Finally the man approached me and I felt very uneasy. He complained to me that I had become very snobbish, giving me the impression that he thought we knew each other. I started to worry when he then carried on talking quite casually.

I had definitely never seen the man before. Without a by-your-leave I decided to rush off in the opposite direction leaving him rooted to the spot.

I can only presume I have a look-a-like and this was a coincidence.


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Wednesday, June 17

Identical Cars Coincidence

Identical cars

This is a true coincidence story from a while back, I don't think it could happen today with modern car keys.

Chicago: Albert Winter and Albert Dillon were strangers. They ate dinner at separate tables in the same restaurant.

Winter left first, got into a parked sedan, drove home and went to bed.

Dillon also got into a parked sedan, started for home but detoured to police headquarters.

"It's the same make, same model, same year, same colour and my keys fit it, but it's not my car," he reported,

Police traced the licence to Winter, who went down to headquarters - and the men exchanged cars.

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Tuesday, June 16

The Coincidence Of How The Queen Elizabeth Ships Captains Both Died On The Same Day

Queen Elizabeth ship approaching New York
Queen Elizabeth ship approaching New York 1950s or 1940s
I was reading about the Queen Elizabeth ship, launched on September 27, 1938, and, guess what? I found a coincidence!

Amazingly two of the former captains of the ship died on the same day - 28th of March 1967.

Captain George E Cove, 77, died in Liverpool and Captain Sir James Bisset, who also commanded the Queen Mary, died in Portsmouth.

And strangely, the current captain at that time, Commodore Geoffrey T Mar, fell on the bridge and broke his ankle as the liner approached New York - on the very same day

So a little cluster of coincidences or synchros. I noticed them because my wife's birthday is on the 28th of March and the number 67 has associations with this blog's name,

Going back to the captains who died. I also read that James Bisset was on duty on the Cunard Liner, Carpathia, in the North Atlantic, on the evening of the 14th of April 1912, when distress calls were received from the Titanic.

The Carpathia led rescue operations until 8:30 a.m on the morning of the 15th of April when she then set sail for New York with 703 Titanic passengers aboard.

Interesting how one thing leads to another ...

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Monday, June 15

Mysterious Dream Of The Sea Came True

Mysterious tales of the sea

Mysterious tales of the sea have been told over the years. The Rev R.B Elrington told, one such story, where dreams sadly came true.

"A woman parishioner of mine, whose husband was a fisherman, at that time on the sea, dreamt one night in a terribly vivid fashion that his little craft had been cut in two by the towering steel bows of a great liner.

Her eldest son was with the husband, and as she woke she screamed out, 'Oh, save my boy, my boy!'

This was remarkable enough, considering the sequel, but almost at the very moment the poor woman was in her distress, yet still asleep, another son was pounding on her door, half asleep and half awake and crying, 'Oh, mother, where is father?' The terrified woman now rose and let the boy in.

He was crying. He told her he had distinctly heard his father's heavy tread coming up the stairs and his ponderous kick with sea boots against the door, as had been his manner when returning abruptly from a long cruise.

Next morning the alarmed mother and wife told all the neighbours, and before the day was out the dreadful news came that every detail of her dream was true.

The little trawling lugger had been run into by a coasting liner, nearly cut in two and sunk with all hands, including her husband and son."

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Saturday, June 13

Strange Coincidence: Brothers Meet After 20 Years

Going through some very old newspaper cuttings I came across this coincidence story from The Sydney Morning Herald and dated February 8, 1934.

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Friday, June 12

Coincidence Reunites Mother And Daughter

Baby holding mother's thumb

San Jose: A mother and a daughter separated 18 years ago, when the daughter was given up for adoption, called a local adoption agency within minutes of each other to seek information.

Normally such agencies refuse to divulge names of persons involved in adoptions, but in this case they made an exception.

Beverly Petropoulos, 35 of San Jose and Dianne Hughey, 18, were reunited in front of the Catholic church where Mrs, Petropoulos had prayed years ago when contemplating giving her baby up.

Mrs Hughey said, "When we first saw each other in the parking lot of the church we knew who the other one was. We just started crying and hugging. The first thing she asked was did I hate her because she gave me away. I told her not at all, that I respected what she did."

Mrs Petropoulos said, "I've regretted it every day of my life, I always thought about Debbie Sue (the daughter's original name), especially on birthdays. I simply could not feed her, I was only 16 and had no education and there was no future for her."

Mrs. Hughey, now a mother herself, told of how she loved her adoptive mother but now has a second mother to get to know.

Source: Lodi News-Sentinel

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Thursday, June 11

Coincidence Photograph Of Fiancé Told Her They Were Over

Here's a coincidence or synchronicity story sent to me via Google+. It's another photo coincidence.

"I fell into conversation with the new manager of a store I often frequent. I thought it odd, but he asked me if I'd like to see some of his photography work. I had mentioned to him that I always take a camera with me when I go out.

I started flipping through the photos of architecture, towns and people. Then one particular shot caught my attention - and held it. One of the faces was familiar.

The photographer didn't know who the person was but I certainly did. It was my ex-fiancé, and the photo was taken some five years before I had even met him. But it was definitely him!

This got me wondering, did this coincidence mean that my life was still inextricably linked to my ex in some way?

I thought no more about it, but the next week who should I literally bump into in a neighbouring town, but my ex-fiancé. We exchanged pleasantries but I felt there was nothing between us. He went on his way.

Maybe this happened to prove to me that he didn't mean anything to me any more, so I could fully close that chapter of my life."

~ Sally

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Wednesday, June 10

Viking I Coincidence

Viking I
I was reading about the successful landing on Mars of the Viking I way back in 1976. The journey took 11 months and the craft had covered some 500,000,000 miles. It landed on Chryse Plain. Then I noticed there was a coincidence attached to the landing.

It seems that the plan was to reach Mars on July 4, 1976 but, by coincidence, it landed instead on the seventh anniversary of the first landing of men on the moon - the 20th of July.

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Tuesday, June 9

The Bells Of Poetry Coincidence

Bell at Rye Church
The Bell at Rye Church
This is a vintage coincidence story about the author Rose Hartwick Thorpe, one of her books being Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight.

In the early 1900s, when Judge Tourgee was editor of the Our Continent magazine, a number of Rose Hartwick Thorpe's poems had appeared in the publication. In fact all she had submitted had been accepted.

She wrote a poem called Wrecked and sent it off in the normal way to Our Continent. In about the time it would take to reach the editorial rooms and return it made its re-appearance back at her home, which was then in Chicago.

Enclosed was a letter from Judge Tourgee saying that one of the strangest coincidences that had ever come to his notice had occurred when the poem reached his office. 

On receipt he wrote on the poem that it was already accepted for the next issue of the magazine. Then he realised that this was a different poem to the one he had for publication.

The poem he had already accepted had the same title, Wrecked, and the same subject matter and versification. The poem he had accepted, however, was by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

The similarity in the authors' names made the coincidence all the more remarkable.

Judge Tourgee returned the manuscript at once, so that it might be sent elsewhere before the Our Continent edition came out, in which Mrs. Lathrop's poem was to appear.

Rose Hartwick Thorpe dispatched her poem immediately to another publication. It was accepted and she received a larger payment than she would have gained from Our Continent.

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Monday, June 8

Vintage Ship Coincidences

Vintage sailing ship

Names have figured frequently in coincidences, one of the most remarkable vintage cases being that of a series of men named Hugh Williams, who all escaped from shipwrecks.

On December 5, 1664, according to records the English ship Menai was crossing the strait of Dover and capsized in a gale. Of the eight-one passengers on board one was saved. His name was Hugh Williams.

On December 5, in 1785 a pleasure boat was wrecked off the Isle of Man. There were sixty person on the boat, among them Hugh Williams. Of the three score only Hugh Williams survived.

On August 5, 1820, a picnicking boat party on the Thames was run down by a coal barge. There were twenty-five of the picnickers, mostly children under twelve years of age. Little Hugh Williams, only five years old, was the only one who was saved.

Now comes the most singular part of this singular story. On August 10, 1889, a coal laden craft with nine men, foundered in the North Sea. Two of the men, each of whom was named Hugh Williams, an uncle and nephew, were rescued by some fishermen and were the only men of the crew who lived to tell of the calamity.

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Saturday, June 6

UFOs Connecting The Living And The Dead

Pelicans flying in formation
Pelicans flying in formation
Flying saucers - the name that is - has been around since Kenneth Arnold saw nine peculiar aircraft on June 24, 1947. Actually, he didn't give them that name himself. As he explained,

"This young reporter from Pendleton, Ore., asked me how they flew and I said they flew very erratically, they flipped and flashed, like if you took a saucer and threw it across the water. So from that, everybody wrongly assumed they were round instead of crescent shaped."

So Arnold saw crescent shaped UFOs - it's strange therefore, how many people, following his sighting began to see round, saucer shaped, craft - and for a while this became the norm.

Anyhow, in a new book How UFOs Conquered The World the author, David Clarke, tells of how in 1997 a Scottish ufologist, James Easton, suggested these 'saucers' seen by Arnold may not have been alien forces from another planet but rather large pelicans, indigenous to the area.

In the book he writes:

"Being predominately white with black wingtips, these birds [pelicans] have highly reflective bodies that appear to sparkle or flash when spotted in the far distance. And they weren't flying that fast, because they were much closer than Arnold thought and much smaller than flying saucers."

I traced an interview from 1982, where Arnold described his sighting once more:

"They were all individual but they were following each other and the formation had a funny diagonal line, like geese or the tail of a Chinese kite. Some would gain on the others, some would lose a bit. But they were going someplace. They weren't interested in me."

He continued:

"It wasn't an optical illusion. I'm positive any pilot in the same place would have observed the same thing. As far as I'm concerned. I just told things the way they were."

A year following his initial sighting Arnold saw a group of about 24 UFOs when landing his plane at LaGrande, Ore., "... clustered together like a bunch of blackbirds, going fast, little ones only three feet in diameter."

Arnold also said in an interview:

"We've gone to the moon and that's just a stepping stone to other planets. If there is life out there, maybe there are people or life as we recognise it and maybe they'd make the journey here.

"Then there might be two worlds connecting the living and the dead. Maybe you continue living when you die. I can't envision myself on the steps of God, playing a harp with 10 million other souls ... maybe it has something to do with that."

He went on to say about UFOs:

"This type of craft has been seen for hundreds of years so to accuse me of being the discoverer of flying saucers isn't right at all. I just happened to report something substantial enough to be called the modern entry of the fact that we weren't alone."

Whether we believe in UFOs is up to us. I've never seen one myself but have spoken to people who are sure they have - regular normal people. Can they all be misguided, mistaking bird formations and so on for space craft?

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Friday, June 5

Was President Kennedy's Death Down To A Coincidence?

President Kennedy minutes before his assassination
A few minutes before President Kennedy's assassination
Okay, there have been many. many conspiracy theories about President Kennedy's death, but this is something I came across recently, in The Pittsburgh Press published 12 days after the assassination. The question is: Was JFK's death purely down to a coincidence? If the circumstances hadn't come about as per the following, would President Kennedy still be alive?

Dallas, Dec 4, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald's boss said today that he thinks sheer coincidence led Oswald to the job that provided a vantage point from which he allegedly assassinated President Kennedy.

Roy S Truly, superintendent of operations at the Texas School Book Depository, said he hired Oswald as a temporary stock clerk at $1.25 an hour on October 16, 1963.

It was not until Nov 20, two days before the assassination, that it became known the President's motorcade would pass the book building.

In fact, Mr Truly said, there was doubt almost to the last whether there would be a motorcade through Dallas as all.

Furthermore, Mr Truly said, it wasn't Oswald who asked for the job at the book building but rather his landlady.

Mrs Michael Paine, with whom Oswald's wife and children lived in suburban Irving, telephoned Mr Truly about the job. "She called me and said that a neighbour's brother was working here and that he had mentioned that we might need another man," Mr Truly recalled.

Mr Kennedy was shot to death by a rifle fired from a sixth floor window of the book building and Oswald has been accused of committing the deed.

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Thursday, June 4

Sleep Paralysis And Seeing People Who Aren't There - Or Are They?

Sleep paralysis

I had a follow up comment from Jo Bober to my post Kate's Sex With A Ghost Turns To Sleep Paralysis And Thoughts Of Aliens. The post is primarily about sleep paralysis. Jo writes:

"I have had sleep paralysis episodes for as far back as I can remember. They tend to come in groups rather than random attacks. I've tried to control them, and have on a couple if occasions, but usually they're just plain scary.

Twice I've seen a tall figure stood in my room. A man wearing a hat and a long coat. He never did anything but his presence scared the hell out of me.

At other times I've felt someone lying next to me and could hear their breathing. Sometimes I can feel them touching my skin.

Only once did I feel anything physically aggressive and the following morning I had bruises on my wrist. I took photos and was determined to get to the bottom of what was happening, but then I started to think I was probably driving myself crazy and must have done them myself in my sleep. Its the only logical answer.

I'm just glad other people have shared their experiences on the internet."

It does seem that hallucinations, or believing someone is with you, often occurs with sleep paralysis. The medical explanation is along the lines of:

This is thought to be due to the brain not properly switching out of dream mode.

But supposing this isn't the explanation. Could it be, say, that the person is tuning into, well something like another dimension - sort of akin to tuning in to another radio station. And perhaps all of those people described as mad in the past, for hearing voices, were doing the same thing. All of these other dimensions might be out there - just like all of those radio and television channels - and at times, when we got our wires crossed. we somehow tune in to another dimension.

Too fanciful? But strange things do happen, like with the Double Split Experiment for example.

Going back to sleep paralysis I have experienced this myself, fortunately only twice and neither time did I see of hear anything peculiar. But it was still quite scary.

It's funny old world, with much more to it than we first imagine.

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Wednesday, June 3

Precognition: Her Son Saw Into The Future

Child precognition

The following story from Mary: is it a case of precognition or something else?

I can remember reading somewhere that children can be psychic. I never really thought further about this until my son was born. At times he appears to see and know things beyond his age or knowledge. I'll give you an example, it's one that shook me up.

Jake was home from nursery (he's just 4) as he hadn't been feeling too well. I was doing some housework and he said to me, "Mummy, tell me about the car crash we were in. It was when a red car crashed into us and I was in the front seat."

I told him I'd never had a car accident. He said no more about this and went back to playing with his Lego.

Later that day I remembered that I needed some bread for my husband, for the next days lunch sandwiches.

I called to Jake that we had to go out in the car and strapped him into his car seat in the front passenger position, so we could go to the local shop. I hadn't gone far when a car came out of a side road without stopping and collided with the side of our car. Nobody was hurt.

I later realised that the other car in the collision was red. It was as if Jake had known about the crash happening about four hours before it happened. Or was it a coincidence?

~ Mary T.

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Tuesday, June 2

Vintage Horse Coincidences

Vintage horse and coal cart
Coal deliveries by horse and cart
A couple of vintage coincidence stories featuring horses. The first takes us back to 1901 when horses were used to pull coal carts. The first is taken from the Boston Evening Transcript of Aug 8, 1901

At almost the same hour this afternoon two employees of the Metropolitan Coal Company were victims of similar accidents in different parts of the city.

H.A Foerster, thirty-two years old, of 15 Minden Street, Toxbury, was kicked by the horse he was driving and suffered a broken left leg.

Livingston J Richardson, also a driver for the same company, had his left leg broken as the result of being kicked by the horse he was driving.

Both men were taken to the City Hospital

The next is much newer - from 1937! Seen in the Reading Eagle of Aug 5, 1937

Sacramento, California: A ranch hand working for Fred Wild on his farm at nearby Woodland, became angered at a horse hitched to a hay wagon when the animal balked and refused to budge.

Jumping from the pile of hay, the worker walked around in front of the horse, pointed his finger at the stalled and stubborn animal and shouted:

"If I had a gun I'd shoot you - bank - bang!" At that very moment the horse dropped dead.

The veterinary, verifying the cause of death, said it was all a coincidence, the horse had succumbed to a heart attack.

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Monday, June 1

The Four Coincidences Which Linked Two Men

1908 Adams Street, Peoria
Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois 1908
I was looking for something completely different but came across this coincidence story in the archives of the Lewiston Evening Journal.

Peoria Illinois: Two Illinois men born the same year, with the same name are recovering in the same hospital room from the same type of surgery performed by the same doctor.

William Lynch of Havana and William Lynch of Peoria, both 81 and retired, are recovering from urological surgery at St Francis Hospital.

The namesakes had never met before they were inadvertently assigned to hospital Room 245.

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