Tuesday, January 31

After 28 Years She Met Her Unknown Twin In Sweden

twin coincidences

This is quite an amazing coincidence story of how Indonesian twins, separated when eight months old, find each other again after 28 years - living just 60 kilometres from each other in Sweden! Bizarrely there are other coincidences as well.

Completely out of the blue Lin Backland received a message on Facebook from someone claiming to be her twin - she didn't even know she had one! She thought the message was from a crazy person but mentioned it to her Swedish parents, who had adopted her in Indonesia when she was an eight month old baby.

There was nothing on the adoption papers to say that she was a twin. Even so she decided to answer the Facebook message, which was from Emilie Falk.

To cut a long story short, they eventually met up but didn't look alike. Lin said that, even so, "It felt like we’d known each other for a long, long time, even though we hadn't."

More meetings followed and because they both felt a strong connection they decided to have DNA tests to decide once and for all if they were related. The tests came back and, sure enough, it was proven that they were sisters and were therefore twins, both born March 18th, 1983.

The twins found that there were other coincidences other than them both now living in Sweden, just 60 kilometres apart.

~ They were both teachers.

~ They were both married on the same day.

~ They both played the song You and Me by Lifehouse at their weddings.

~ They both speak Skånska a Swedish dialect.

Their next hope is to try and see if they can trace any relatives in Indonesia but, says Backland, "We don’t really mind what we find - now that we’ve found each other again."

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Monday, January 30

The Twinless Twin Mystery

A young Elvis Presley photo

I like early rock music and in particular Elvis Presley. I don't mean the Las Vegas Elvis but the music and style he had before he started to churn out all of those movies. Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole were okay, but then things went downhill.

I'm also interested in why success comes to some people. In Elvis' case perhaps he was driven by being a twinless twin.

Jesse Garon Presley was born stillborn and Elvis arrived half an hour later - so part of him was missing, the soul who had been sharing his mother's womb for nine months.

It's reported that Elvis would hear Jesse talking to him, in his head, as a child and, prior to his death, he talked about joining his brother and mother in Heaven.

Of course, this has to be taken at face value but it is generally accepted that his mother, Gladys, talked about how Elvis had 'a destiny to do great things as he is living for two people' and said that, 'he has the power of two people."

Later in life Elvis considered Jesse to be his guide who also directed him to spirituality and to try and discover the meaning of life. He studied the Bible and other spiritual tracts. Dabbled in meditation, numerology and the like plus, unfortunately in his case, drugs as well.

Liberace (far from being my cup of tea) was also a twinless twin and talked to Elvis about the subject and how he himself had 'a compulsion to perform.'

When we talk about big name stars many will say that such things as a twin in the spirit world guiding the living twin as just a good publicity story. But such things happen to ordinary people as well.

I read on the Internet of how Autumn was obsessed with twins as a child and had the belief that all people have a twin somewhere in the world. When she was thirteen she received the news that she was in fact a twinless twin. Her sister died at birth. She writes:

"My twin visited a lot when I first found out. She now generally visits when I'm having a rough time with something or when I ask her to come with me for a big event and I'm scared to be by myself.

This past birthday I let a happy birthday balloon go for her too. The balloon stayed at my length and very slowly went to the end of street. It then went straight up into the sky, as if she was walking and then went back up to heaven.

I feel extremely blessed to have such an amazing twin sister ... I also feel very blessed to have such a strong bond with her. I look forward to the day that under God's will we be reunited and together again."

Also Allison writes:

"I lost my twin brother Michael shortly after we were born. I have felt a sense of loss my whole life ... I know Michael is always with me, an angel looking down on me. As a result of our birth I am visually impaired, totally blind, but I feel a strong connection with my brother."

I have an interest in twins because, before our son was born, my wife sadly had a miscarriage and lost twins. There is more to it than this, which I will keep private, but I was interested in what an anonymous person had written on a forum: "My son lost a twin in the womb at seven weeks into my pregnancy. I thought I'd lost him as well. The thing is I'm almost sure my daughter, who was born two years later, is that twin as they are so close."

I don't know, perhaps twins are the equivalent of soul mates or a close part of a soul group who need to be together. From what I have read though, twinless twins may well inhabit a private world where they are connected mentally and spiritually to each other.

I read how Elvis, before he died, had a dream where he and Jesse were performing on stage looking identical: same hair style and clothes. Now he is no longer on Earth there is no need for him to perform for two people. His burden will be lighter.

I'll end the post with the final lines of a poem by a twinless twin, antonyi:

"Knowing that I must be here for a reason, and must show it in every way
As now I live for two people, so must always succeed and win
As now I understand the world, as I know I’m a twinless twin"

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Sunday, January 29

The Wonder Of Synchronicity

Synchronicity of giraffes

"When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with wonder and synchronicity."

~ Steve Maraboli: Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Photo: Synchronicity by ucumari on flickr

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Saturday, January 28

Presentiments Sent To Warn And Advise Us

Presentiments by Emily Mary Osborn - 1828-1925
Presentiments by Emily Mary Osborn

I'd never come across the word presentiment until recently. I suppose I should have done, but I hadn't so I looked it up in a dictionary:

'A sense that something is about to occur; a premonition.'
'Obsolete French, from presentir, to feel beforehand

Okay I thought, it's a premonition. But then when I delved further I found that the dictionary probably isn't 100% accurate as there is a difference between a presentiment and a a premonition.

Yes, they are similar but presentiments are a feeling about how something may happen, without knowing what this may be. With a premonition there is a feeling or knowledge of what might actually happen.

Here's a couple of true classic stories of presentiments.

Mona Miller, like lots of people during World War II in Britain was evacuated out of London with her children to what was considered to be a much safer area in Babbacombe, Devon.

When she arrived she felt an uneasiness and she sensed that perhaps she should return home to London. Mrs. Miller is quoted as saying, "The feeling increased. The walls of my room seemed to speak to me: 'Go home to London.' I resisted but one day like a flash of light, I knew I must leave."

Within a few days she was on her way back to London with her children. On arriving back she received a letter from a friend she had made in Babbacombe. It read: "Thank God you took the children on Saturday. Early Sunday morning, Jerry (the Germans) dropped three bombs and one fell on the house where you were living, demolishing it and killing all the neighbours on either side."

A second example is the case of a US serviceman, Charles Bernuth. He was part of the invasion of Germany, again in WW2, and was driving down a German motorway with two officers as passengers. He then heard, what he described as, 'a small voice,' which told him something was wrong on the road ahead.

In his words, "I stopped, amid groans and jeers of the other two. I started walking along the road. About 50 yards from where I left the jeep, I found out what was wrong. We were about to go over a bridge - only the bridge wasn't there. It had been blown up and there was a sheer drop of 75 feet."

I guess these two examples of presentiments show the value of listening to our gut feelings, intuition or whatever you may wish to call such things. But not only listening to them but also acting on what we 'receive'.

Perhaps it's just me that hadn't used the word presentiment. I've now found it was often used in classic literature.

William Wordsworth wrote a poem called Presentiments ...

Presentiments! they judge not right
Who deem that ye from open light
Retire in fear of shame;
All 'heaven-born' Instincts shun the touch
Of vulgar sense,--and, being such,
Such privilege ye claim.

... as did Emily Dickinson.

Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn
Indicative that suns go down;
The notice to the startled grass
That darkness is about to pass

Charlotte Bronte also had a poem of the same name and wrote about presentiments in Jane Eyre.

Charlotte Bronte
Presentiments are strange things! and so are sympathies; and so are signs; and the three combined make one mystery to which humanity has not yet found the key. I never laughed at presentiments in my life, because I have had strange ones of my own. Sympathies, I believe, exist (for instance, between far-distant, long-absent, wholly estranged relatives asserting, notwithstanding their alienation, the unity of the source to which each traces his origin) whose workings baffle mortal comprehension. And signs, for aught we know, may be but the sympathies of Nature with man.

Presentiments like premonitions are not to be ignored.

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Friday, January 27

Receiving White Feathers From The Dead

white feather
I have written a few posts about White Feathers and how they may well be a symbol or a message from those who have died. From time to time I get stories from other readers about how white feathers have brought them comfort when they have lost a loved one.  Here are a few such stories, some of the writers wish to remain anonymous.

I have lost a close friend and had three funerals in the last three months which has been difficult.

After the funeral of the premature and sudden death of my friend, two feathers were on the floor of the car, no idea how they got there. Then a few days later, I was speaking with one of his other close friends on the phone. She was still in shock. I then left the house to go shopping and next to my car on the bush, there was a small white feather. It gave me comfort so I have it on my bedside locker now.

I am sure there is some link to the afterlife and this is a good one.

I lost my 21 year old son almost 2 months ago. He died after having a seizure in the shower.

Last night I was reading a book while having a bubble bath. I decided to finish the book in bed. When I opened the book, there was a big fluffy white feather on the very page I had stopped reading. I was blown away. I never took such things seriously before.

I cannot find any other explanation though, other than it was placed in a closed book by a spirit, my son's I believe.

Hi Mike:

I write because a friend forwarded your blog-link.

Funny, now that I'm 63 I can't remember when I started seeing the white feathers. [I've got a little homestead we call "White Feather Ranch."]

Anyway, my brother had committed suicide, our family was in pain and I think they probably started falling then and ever since they have just shown up and I've really never connected them with any particular event or thought that I can remember. [It is getting harder these days! My sisters may have a better recollection...ha!]

Anyway, I can remember sitting at a pool telling my sister about the white feathers when, out of the blue..ha, one floats down from nowhere. Yes, these are indications of some sort. Shall we investigate? Or, just let them underscore our delight! This is what I shall always do...delight in their existence in my life!

Hi Our baby girl was born sleeping last week and my partner just walked outside and a white feather flew down in front of him. I looked on the net and found your post, its lovely to think its her.

I'm a manual worker, a bricklayer, so I work in a hard environment. I only say this to show that I'm no tree hugging hippy.

My mother died of cancer. She was 58 and it hit me real bad. My brothers seemed to be able to take it in their stride but I couldn't and even went to see a medium. The problem was that I arrived at ma's house about half an hour after she had died. I got stuck in traffic but my brothers were there. They say that she asked why I wasn't there.

The medium played a guessing game and was no help at all. Then I looked at the Internet and came across this white feather business. This helped because I remember that the day after ma died there was a white feather on my tools at the building site. A big fluffy one.

After I read about this sort of thing happening on the Internet I've noticed and found lots of white feathers. There was one in my conservatory last night. I've no idea how it got there as all the doors were closed. I'm beginning to believe that these are messages from ma to say she's OK and she forgives me for not being with her when she died. I hope so.

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Thursday, January 26

The Brothel Closed By Prayer

In a small community a brothel opened right opposite a church.  Needless to say members of the congregation were none too happy about this.  They decided to set up a campaign to have the brothel closed down using petitions and prayers.

The brothel continued with it's business but one night there was a severe storm and a bolt of lightning struck the building, and it was burnt virtually to the ground. Fortunately no one was injured.

The church congregation were rather pleased with themselves and the outcome. Their smugness soon disappeared, however, when the brothel owner decided to sue the church authorities.

The grounds for the legal action was that the church, through its congregation of prayers and action, was responsible for the destruction of the brothel either through direct or indirect actions or means.

The church set up their defence and told the court that they denied all responsibility or any connection that their prayers were reasons for the act of God.

The judge who was in charge of the court hearing looked at the initial paperwork and concluded, "I don't know how I'll decide this case, as it appears from the paperwork that we have a brothel owner who believes in the power of prayer and we have an entire church congregation that doesn't."

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Wednesday, January 25

The Reincarnation Of Brian Blessed's Brother

Brian Blessed reincarnation
Brian Blessed is a larger than life British actor who is fortunate enough to have met the Dalai Lama more than once.

During one of the visits the Dalai Lama passed on remarkable information about reincarnation to Blessed.

First though, Brian's slant on the Dalai Lama himself:

"He is truly extraordinary and has an incredible aura, although he's not holier than thou.

When I was alone with him I felt an incredible burning sensation in my head and body, which was quite electrifying. I found myself becoming completely honest with him, totally myself and ended up being semi-rude to him.

I told him that he made me sick and he giggled and asked why. I said because he was such a goody gum drops.

Dalai Lama
I asked him if he ever lost his temper or got impatient with anyone and he said, 'Ooh yes, a while ago a doctor came and gave me an injection and he stuck the needle in too deep and ooh, it was so painful! I told him I hated him! He was a big fat doctor, fatter than...' Suddenly he stopped and we both knew what he was about to say. He was fatter than me!

I pretended I was hurt and the Dalai Lama got down on his knees and asked me to forgive him. We just laughed and laughed – he has such a sense of humour."

Brian told the Dalai Lama about his brother who was very ill. Unfortunately his holiness didn't pass on any miracle cure but informed the actor that he shouldn't worry because, though his brother would die shortly, he would be happily reincarnated as a boy in Halifax, Canada. He was told that 'God would look after him.'

The Dalai Lama passed on details and Blessed was later able to visit Halifax where he met the boy. He was amazed of how the child looked so much like his brother, though with a Canadian accent. The boy seemingly took an instant liking to the actor.

Blessed is quoted as saying that this proves the 'miracle of life'.

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Tuesday, January 24

The Winds And Energy Of Death

Out of body experience

Unfortunately I didn't record where I read the following, but it is of someone's experience when their loved one died. They are trying to explain what they felt at the time.

"When someone I know dies, close by or even a little far away, it gets windy outside. But it doesn't feel like regular wind. This probably sounds crazy but I feel like their spirit comes out, free, and turns into the wind."

I then remembered another cutting I had in my files, which was very similar.

"On the 23rd of August, 2008, it was still outside and I was in my back garden. I answered my phone and was told of my grandma's passing. At the exact same time there was a slight, gentle breeze that surrounded me. It was like she was with me one last time, or her spirit was."

This got me thinking about what we can feel when someone dies. I then read an article on the Internet by Sharon Soderbloom who was a hospice nurse. She was telling of a time an 'evil' man died while she was on duty.

"He was scared and agitated, fighting death all the way. He finally was to succumb and the body lay in the room for a little while before we could get to it to prepare it. I was the first one in the room, I had to suddenly back out of the room, the energy in that room was so strong and so negative. I had to get six other nurses to come in with me to prepare the body, it was awful."

I suppose the subject of what others feel when someone dies goes back to when my own mother passed on. She was in a Nursing Home and we were told that she only had a short time to live, a few days perhaps.

I spent all day with her, my wife also joined me and my son stayed for a while as well. Mum was unconscious and at midnight the matron persuaded me to go home to try and get some sleep. I reluctantly took her advice and within minutes of my wife and I arriving home (about a ten minute drive) the phone rang - mum had died.

It felt as if she didn't want me to witness her actual death, as she knew it would be hard for me. So she somehow hung on until I had left. I went straight back to the Nursing Home.

I sat with her body, on my own, for about half an hour, or maybe more, but I didn't feel anything other than sadness. Mum had gone.

It was only later that I saw the white feathers I have mentioned in previous posts. But I had no connection with mum straight after she died and I felt I had missed a proper goodbye.

I had been dwelling on this thought today when I picked up a book that had been given to us along with several others. It was the autobiography of a British singer and actor David Essex. I opened it up (page 275) and he was writing about how he had been notified of his father's death. He was doing theatre at the time and, as the saying goes: the show had to go on. He went for a walk and then, in his own words:

"I was back at the Queens Theatre by the 'half', which in theatre terms means the thirty-five minutes before the show starts, and as the clock ticked on I felt a power, an energy and a brightness inside of me. I can only say that the performance was the most powerful I have ever given. It was like an out-of-body experience. I know I connected with my father's spirit that night and the power was immense."

I thought  how lucky David had been to have had such an experience. It was then that I flipped to the beginning of his book, A Charmed Life, and found he was born on July 23rd, the same as me though a different year, and he too was an only child. Strange as, though I didn't particularly like his singing, I always felt a connection with him for some reason.

Though personally I have lost several close loved ones, sadly, I have never been with them when they died, and neither has my wife. I guess it was never meant to be.

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Monday, January 23

The Coincidence Nudges From TV

Coincidences or synchronicity examples today from Bette involving TV. I always like these less dramatic stories as they seem to be gentle reminders or nudges that perhaps not everything has an obvious explanation.

television coincidence clipart
"I was on the phone with my cousin who was telling me that she was to fly out to visit her brother in Orlando, Florida, that afternoon. I told her that my sister had visited a town near there that was full of psychics, and I knew that she (my cousin) would like to visit there, but I couldn't remember the name of the town.

I couldn't call my sister, as she was out of the country at the time, and this was pre-look it up on the Internet days, so I struggled to remember. Then, just as we were about to say goodbye, a commercial on the TV got my attention with the announcement, "A town full of psychics, Casadega, Florida, next on Geraldo!"

I have so many examples that involve the TV. Here's another quick one: My sister said to my daughter, "When your mother found out you were moving back here she sang ... Hallelujah!"

Just then my husband turned on the television which had a choir that sang, "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!" in exact timed response to her. Needless to say, we were all stunned.

These stories are so much fun!"

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Sunday, January 22

The Costa Concordia Coincidences With The Titanic

Titanic My Heart Must Go On

I thought there were bound to be some coincidences, somewhere, following the tragedy of the Costa Concordia off the Italian island of Giglio - and also possibly some sort of link up to the Titanic, which sunk one hundred years ago in 1912. Now two have come to light.

Firstly there is the case of 30 year old Valentina Capuano who was aboard the Costa Concordia as it hit rocks. One hundred years earlier her grandmother was aboard the Titanic on it's maiden voyage to New York from Southampton in England.

Valentina said, "It was like re-living history, it was horrible, I was really shocked. I am still shaken up and get very upset when I think about what I've been through, I have heart palpitations."

Her grandmother, like her, survived the Titanic sinking but Valentina's great uncle was also on board, working as a waiter, and was sadly one of those who died.

The second coincidence has been told by two survivors of the Costa Concordia, Yannic and Keven Sgag. They claim that as the ship hit rocks they were listening to music in the restaurant. At that precise moment was one of the songs from the Titanic film: Celine Dion's hit My Heart Will Go On.

The brothers said they were, "... astonished by the eerie coincidence."

And for the superstitious, we must remember that the Costa Concordia sunk on Friday the 13th. It's also said that neither the Titanic or Costa Concordia were christened prior to their maiden voyages.

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Saturday, January 21

TE Lawrence And The Law Of Oppulence

TE Lawrence statue and memorial

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible." - TE Lawrence

I always think of the above quote by Lawrence of Arabia, TE Lawrence, as a reminder that to achieve our wishes takes more than just dreams. We have to also take action - in whatever way we choose.

Some will say that we can create our dreams, desires and wishes with our mind by imagining the things we wish, visualisation if you like. Fine - but this also takes action, or that horrible word: work.

Nothing comes from nothing. According to some occultists there are three classes of workers and we all fit into one of these categories.

First there are the physical workers, second the physico-mental workers and thirdly the purely mental workers. This third group are the people who can put the full Law of Oppulence into practice and can create wealth to meet whatever their needs and expectations.

But as Lawrence indicates we have to act on our dreams to make them possible - whether this be physically or - at the top end of the scale - mentally.

Not quite sure how I got on this theme today. I think it was looking at the photos I took of TE Lawrence's effigy while in Dorset. The quite wonderful sculpture resides in the 1000 year old St Martin's Church in Wareham. It is now said to be priceless.

I came across it purely by chance. I was driving past the small church, screeched to a halt, and thought we had better take a look. We were quite surprised to find TE Lawrence inside as the church is really tiny and would seat only about 40 worshippers at the most.

We were the only people inside other than an 'expert'. She was informative and gave us lots of facts and figures on the church's history - too much!  I was soon in overload mode and most is now forgotten, but it was difficult to shake her off.

To find a sculpture of this quality and historical importance in such a small church and town is quite extraordinary, even though Lawrence lived in nearby. It was was sculpted by Eric Kennington, the official war artist for both the First and Second World Wars, between 1936 and 1939. Lawrence died of a motorcycle accident in 1935.

The St Martin's church warden said of this, "The effigy was actually made for St Paul’s Cathedral in London. I think the political unrest surrounding his death meant that they wouldn't accept him. He was then offered to Westminster Abbey and they wouldn't accept him. Then he was offered to Salisbury Cathedral and they wouldn't accept him. That's why he came to St Martin's. They had to put him somewhere."

And that's life, we all have to be put somewhere.

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TE Lawrence St Martin's Church Wareham Dorset

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Friday, January 20

A Sign From The Gods Showed Him The Right Road

B1246 near Broadbridge

A coincidence story today from a 67 Not Out reader, Brian of Guildford, England. If you have a coincidence story you would like published on this blog please use the contact button at the top of the page - thanks, Mike.

"I was travelling from Guildford to a small place called Broadbridge, quite near to Chichester on the south coast.   A friend had given me instructions, which I forgot to take with me on the journey, but I thought I had memorised them quite well.

I somehow went wrong and felt I shouldn't still be on the A3 which I knew headed for Portsmouth, west of where I wanted to go. I decided to take the next left turn and did so at Petersfield, I was then confused as to what way to go.

I saw a road sign for the B2146. I didn't know where this would lead but felt I should take this road. This is why:

'B' because my name is Brian. '21' because I was born on the 2nd of January and 46 for the year I was born, 1946. So there it was Brian 2-1-46. (Mike's note: In UK we put the day before the month).

This may appear to be somewhat silly, taking a B road instead of a better A road, but the peculiar thing is that, unknown to me at the time, the B2146 went right to my destination of Broadbridge.

A coincidence I thought of at the time as being quite remarkable. A sign from the Gods."

~ Brian

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I found the photo of the B2146 road near Broadbridge on Google images: © Basher Eyre and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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Thursday, January 19

Understanding Uncertainty With Coincidences And Synchronicity

The Understanding Uncertainty website is collecting coincidences.  Professor David Spiegelhalter, of the website's team, hopes that what he receives will help him calculate the odds of such peculiar events occuring.

Understanding Uncertainty has a different motive to most of the coincidence and synchronicity sites I read but, nevertheless, has lots of coincidences to read. Their "aim is to help improve the way that uncertainty and risk are discussed in society, and show how probability and statistics can be both useful and entertaining! However they also acknowledge that uncertainty is not just a matter of working out numerical chances, and aim for an appropriate balance between qualitative and quantitative insights."

The Professor was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4 and gave some examples of some of the coincidences he has heard. One was from the BBC radio presenter James Naughtie.

James was in New York to produce a programme about the 9/11 terror attacks. The production team wanted to see what had been recorded and the length of the recording. He explains:

"We pressed the button to see how long it was and it was nine minutes 11 seconds. Woooo! 9/11. There it was - it came up."

Other coincidence examples include such things as a car driver noticing the mileage on his car was 8,888 on August 8, 1988; how a woman talking in a queue about the actor Derek Jacobi, found that the actor was standing in front of her; a man who had two unrelated godsons - both were called Edward, both were born on October 8th and both had fathers called Graham.

To read other coincidences and to submit your own go to Understanding Uncertainty.

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Wednesday, January 18

Creation And Destruction Of The Earth

Not sure why I thought about this, but it's strange how in the beginning the earth was created in six days - and God rested on the seventh.  According to Genesis in the Bible, that is.  One problem with this (well, lots really) there wouldn't have been any 'days' until the sun and moon were created.

Also God created light and darkness - day and night - on the first day but, again, there was no sun or moon.

It always interests me how some people take the Bible as being, erm, gospel.

I suppose the argument would be that a day in the beginning wasn't a day as we know it.  It was much, much longer - a period of time. Someone, years ago, who reckoned he knew all about this sort of stuff, said a day was actually a thousand years.  "Why a thousand years?" I asked.  Great rumblings and mutterings and, "Because it was", was the answer.

But everything goes in cycles or periods of time (as we know it). Occultists talk of Cosmic Days, we are supposedly in the fifth - but maybe we are moving into the sixth, and this is what the Maya calender is really all about.

It won't be the end of the earth or mankind, but a new beginning, a shift in consciousness. It would be nice to think so.

According to James Redfield the Mayan calender illustrates a time scale showing the nine Steps of Creation.  It is the ninth step that ends in 2012 - the first step beginning about 16 billion years ago when the universe was created.  All very simplistic.

A more fanciful approach was taken by José Argüelles in The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology. He claims that on August 13, 3113 BC the Earth began a passage through a galactic synchronization beam that emanated from the center of our galaxy, that it would pass through this beam during a period of 5200 tuns (Maya cycles of 360 days each), and that this beam would result in total synchronization and galactic entrainment of individuals plugged into the Earth's electromagnetic battery by December 21, 2012. He believed that the Maya aligned their calendar to correspond to this phenomenon. So there you go.

There's lots of doom and gloom and fanciful stories on the Internet, books on the subject of 2012 abound - well they would be, it's a lucrative market.

I think that Karl Kruszelnicki in Great Moments in Science gets nearest to what I feel will happen on 21 Dec 2012 - a new calender will commence.

Kruszelnicki writes: "…when a calendar comes to the end of a cycle, it just rolls over into the next cycle. In our Western society, every year 31 December is followed, not by the End of the World, but by 1 January. So in the Mayan calendar will be followed by – or good-ol’ 22 December 2012, with only a few shopping days left to Christmas."

No doubt this isn't as exciting. I feel that man will continue to grow spiritually and will one day go on to inhabit other planets, just as the first settlers of our age travelled to North America, Australia and so on. Hopefully, being of improved consciousness, they will treat any 'natives' they may find on these planets with more respect than we did with the likes of the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines. Or will it be us that is more 'native' like in comparison?

In the meantime let's try to make this place and time a better place and time for everyone.

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Tuesday, January 17

St Symphorian The Church At Veryan Cornwall

St Symphorian church, Veryan, Cornwall

On Friday I wrote about our visit to Veryan in Cornwall in the post Keeping The Devil Away At Veryan, Cornwall. I didn't, however, mention that we also looked in on St Symphorian which is the Veryan church. Nothing spectacular happened while there, other than we noticed, from the visitors book, that the three previous signatures had the surnames of Black, Brown and White!

Inside of St Symphorian church, Veryan, Cornwall

According to legend St Symphorian studied in Autun in France as a young man. He fell out with the local Governor, Heraclius, as he refused to worship the pagan goddess Cybele. Because of his refusal - he even wanted to destroy the goddess's statue - he was arrested and flogged. He still wouldn't alter his beliefs and was finally beheaded. His mother is said to have encouraged him from the sidelines. He was executed on August 22nd 178 - each year the date is now celebrated as St Symphorian's feast day.

The Veryan church adopted St Symphorian as it's patron way back in 1281.

The photo below shows the impressive church roof timbers. Some of this had to be replaced in the 1840s but many of the carved rafters are part of the original roof.

Roof timbers of St Symphorian church, Veryan, Cornwall

There is a theory that the name of the village of Veryan is a corruption of the word Symphorian, this became Severian and then Verian and today Veryan.

The village was noted in the Domesday Book of 1086 as the manor of Elerchi - which is derived from the Cornish language word of Elerkey meaning swan.

Below is the Veryan church font ...

Font at Veryan church, Cornwall

... with detail of the faces carved into the stonework.

Faces on the font at Veryan church, Cornwall

A wall memorial from the 1700s.

memorial at Veryan church, Cornwall

And the remains of a set of stocks linger in the entrance porch from a bygone age.

Stocks at St Symphorian church, Veryan, Cornwall

Outside of the church is a pond, most likely once to have been an old mill pond. To the right of the photo the church can be seen and from here it's possible to walk across country to the Cornish coast.

Pond at Veryan, Cornwall

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Monday, January 16

A Mouse Leads To An Arrest For Rape

Paul Kunzler
I was told about this story last month but didn't follow it up because, though it's quite bizarre, I didn't want to make light of the subject of rape. But, on second thoughts, it does show how bizarre happenings can bring about justice. As is often said, everything happens for a reason.

This happened in, what I understand to be, a shared house in Taylorsville, USA.

One of the housemates, for some inexplicable reason, tried to shoot a mouse - inside the house, in the kitchen - with a 9mm handgun. Unbelievable.

Now that's the trouble with firearms in the wrong hands, the bullet from the gun somehow went right through the kitchen wall and into the bathroom, where it hit another housemate in the chest. The police and medics were called about the 'accidental' shooting.

Police Sgt Tracy Wyant was at the scene and is quoted as saying, "After the gun was fired, both the roommate and Paul heard a scream."

Paul, as mentioned by the Police Officer, was another housemate. His full name being Paul Daniel Kunzler, aged 34.

The injured man was taken to hospital and Sgt Wyant said that alcohol had been involved in the incident.

A search of the property was carried out and the Police discovered a 13 year old girl hiding in a basement closet. According to a jail report, the girl said she had 'sneaked out of her house, without her father's knowledge', to see Paul Kunzler.

The result is that Paul Daniel Kunzler was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sodomy of a child and three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

If it wasn't for the mouse, and the bizarre shooting, the alleged abuse may not have come to light.

It makes you think, doesn't it?

The photo of Kunzler is via the Salt Lake County Jail.

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Sunday, January 15

The Little Girl And The Lion

the lion and the girl

I have taken the above picture of the little girl and a lion from a YouTube video Sofia the Lion Tamer at Wellington Zoo, New Zealand. It's only 45 seconds long.

The uploader of the video writes: "Sofia the Lion tamer, my very brave daughter at Wellington, Zoo New Zealand."

During the film the lion, who is behind plate glass, attacks the girl but she doesn't flinch and simply says, "What's he telling me?"

 As her father indicates, she's certainly brave and I was temporarily impressed. But I then came to my senses and was soon feeling sorry for the magnificent lion. He really shouldn't be on display like this, so that he can be annoyed and aggravated. Some zoos do a good job for conservation but a lion should surely be respected and roaming free. I hope this is explained to Sofia - and children everywhere.

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