Wednesday, November 30

Memories Of Bambi

cheeseboard with a picture of Bambi

I was with my grandson looking at one of his books. Suddenly my mind was racing back to when I was three or four years old. The book featured Bambi.

I remembered how Bambi was the very first film I ever saw at a cinema - though I was in my mum's bad books before it had ended.  There was one scene that made me cry and cry.  Yes, the one where ...

Bambi and his mother are looking for food and eventually found some fresh, green grass to eat.  Bambi's mum, however, suddenly sensed danger and told him to run away.  "Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!" she yells.

Bambi makes it back to their den ... there is the sound of a gunshot ... he calls out for his mother but  there is no reply. He cautiously traces his steps looking forlorn and desperate in the snow. His mother is nowhere to be seen.

Bambi bumps in to his father the Great Prince who tells him that, "Your mother can't be with you any more".

Slowly he follows his father into the woods but with one sad, last look behind him.

Now that's enough to make anyone cry! Especially a very impressionable small child, that was once me.

My 15 month grandson looked at me with his beautiful blue innocent eyes and brought me back to the present wondering what life holds in store for him.

I shouldn't really have forgotten about Bambi because we have a cheeseboard, that my mother made out of pottery, in our kitchen on one of the work surfaces (top photo). It must be about ten years old so she would have been in her mid 80s when she made this.  Mum made it at a pottery class and, I guess, she was thinking of me, and of the time she took me to the cinema for the very first time.

Babycham glasses
It's interesting how synchros can take you back in time and stir up your memories and emotions. It's also strange that the day before this happened I bought two old Babycham glasses in a Charity Shop for just 20 pence each. They are not quite Bambi, but the picture on them is similar and it now reminds me that the first alcoholic drink my parents allowed me to have 'officially' was a Babycham.

Everything in life seems to be one big jigsaw and gradually, bit by bit, the picture becomes clearer.

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Tuesday, November 29

What We Continuously Say Is What We Get

moving lipsI've written previously about how I believe whatever circumstances we are now in is the result of something we have done ourselves. It's not the state's fault, our parents, God or wherever else we may wish to switch the blame.  It's more about how we have acted, what we have done, said, thought and so on. What we give out we get back - we can't receive unless we have given - be that in a good or a bad way.

A dramatic example of our use of words, and what this can bring about, came to me out of the blue from a 1952 newspaper I was looking at yesterday. Here's what I read:


London, March 7: A man who often said 'I'd give my right arm' to see his ailing daughter cured, lost the arm in a car crash - and she was mysteriously cured.

The odd case, with the names withheld was described by Dr JM Smellie of Liverpool in today's issue of the British Medical Journal.

Dr Smellie said the girl was crippled with arthritis and disfigured by a skin disease associated with it.  Her devoted father tried all kinds of treatment, but she did not respond.

One day he set off on a motor trip with the girl and his wife.  The car was wrecked and the father's arm torn off.

Before his wound had healed, the daughter's skin trouble and arthriris had vanished.

Dr Smellie offered two possible explanations - the cure might have been due to psychological factors or to cortisone liberated from the girl's adrenal glands by the shock of the accident.

In time of shock the adrenal glands situated near the kidneys pour out cortisone. This substance has come to the fore in recent years in the treatment of arthritis."

Though the doctor offers an explanation for the girl's cure the message given out by her father, of how he would give his right arm to cure his daughter, came about.

We have to be a bit careful about what we say repeatedly because, as I see it, the unconscious mind starts to believe that - whatever the statement is - to be what we desire in reality.

On a lighter note a woman who continuously said that things bugged her found her bedroom drawer full of bugs!

In the The Game of Life and How to Play It Florence Scovel-Shinn tells of a woman she knew 'who had a great deal of money, joked continually about 'getting ready for the poorhouse.'  In a few years she was almost destitute, having impressed the subconscious mind with a picture of lack and limitation."

Maybe it therefore pays to be a little careful about what we say, think and do.  It's not bad news though as, with the right words, images and deeds, we should be able to also create the life style we choose.

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Monday, November 28

The Impossible Happens In A Small Village Hall

Wenda Douthwaite, 77, from Kineton in Warwickshire, England witnessed an 'impossible' happening in her village hall. Those mathematician blokes reckon that the odds of this happening are 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301,559,999 to one. In other words it's something akin to finding a specific drop of water in say the Pacific Ocean.

So what happened?

Mrs Douthwaite was at the village hall for a whist drive and was playing with three other over 70s Ron, Norman and Alan. She explains what happened:

"The cards were shuffled, cut and dealt as normal but that was the only thing normal. And it was the first game of the night as well. As soon as I picked up my cards I saw I had a complete set of spades.

Suddenly someone around the table said they'd got a complete set too. We compared cards and were totally shocked when one of us had all the hearts, another had the diamonds, another had the clubs and I had the spades. I was shaking when we laid the cards down on the table.

I think the expression is gob-smacked. It's just a pity the Guinness Book of records wasn't there to witness it."

The dealer of the cards, Ron Coles, assures us there was no monkey business going on. He said, "I would swear on my grandchildren's lives it was not fixed. It was one of those strange things that happen in life now and again."

So is all of the players being dealt a full set of cards in whist such a big thing? Well you've seen the odds of this actually happening (28 digits!) and 'experts' have said that it is unlikely to happen again and probably never has before. Unless you know differently, of course ...

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Sunday, November 27

The Secret Door Within

secret door to the hidden secret within

I've looked everywhere to see your face,
To feel the glow of your grace.
I've searched all the countries far and wide,
Delved everywhere looking from each side.
I've mingled with the Church congregation
Of this and every other nation.

But still my soul it felt alone,
Until I found by chance your home.
I looked within and there I saw
The open entrance to your door.

For I am you and you are me.
Not only the blind cannot see.

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Saturday, November 26

The Dead In Dreams Are Very Real


In one of his novels, One for My Baby, Tony Parsons' writes, "Sometimes I think that the dead live in dreams. Heaven, the afterlife, the next world, whatever you want to call it - it's all in our Dreams."

I must say that to a degree I concur with this thought.  On occasions I have seen people who have been very close to me in my dreams. Nothing on a regular basis but to me they appeared real enough for me to remember them years later.

The character in Tony Parsons' book, Alfie, says after dreaming of his wife, Rose, who was killed in an accident, "And I still don't know what to make of those dreams - were they just the product of loss and imagination and grief? Or was it really her? They didn't feel like something that I had made up.  They felt far more real than most of the waking days of my life."

In a way that's how I felt too.  Now though I realise that I have reached a conclusion - I can't say why or how - that the loved ones I saw in my dreams were in fact them - still alive, but in another dimension.  Maybe they have access to our world for a short while after they have died and are able to leave us messages in our dreams or in other ways - with white feathers for example, as I have written about previously.

From my experience we are more likely to have contact with the dead in dreams just after they have died or when we are about to move on ourselves from this life.

Later in the book 'Alfie' mentions this as his Nan (grandmother) is dying: "My Nan has started to see the dead in her dreams. What is a little bit scary is that sometimes she is awake when she has these dreams.  She doesn't need to sleep to see her remembered dead.  They come to her anyway."

Tony Parsons isn't an author I would usually read but someone who was moving gave my wife a load of books, about thirty or forty, and I picked out one to read by 'chance' - as I felt like reading something easy and relaxing for a change.

It's strange how things work out, as the book unexpectedly helped me to realise that I had formulated an opinion about how the dead do really contact us in our dreams. I could well have picked out another book to read - the Universe does move in mysterious ways!

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Friday, November 25

Opponents In Trenches Coincidence

I was given this clipping from a 1935 newspaper because it contains a coincidence. The two 'stars' of the small story are Anthony Eden, Britain's then Foreign Secretary, who went on to become Prime Minister in 1955 and Adolf Hitler.  Here's the story in case the clipping isn't too clear:

OPPONENTS IN TRENCHES: Hitler and Eden Discover Remarkable Coincidence.

Berlin, March 27 - Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden discovered by accident, it was disclosed today, that they were lying in directly opposite trenches on a Great War (World War 1) battlefield exactly 18 years ago to the day.

The amazing coincidence was realised by both men during a luncheon at the British Embassy while the peace conversations were in progress.

While illustrating a point Eden turned his menu card over and drew a map of a British sector showing exactly which trench sheltered him in 1917, and how the British troops were deployed.

Hitler then took Eden's card and drew a sketch of his own trench opposite, and the general arrangement of the German troops in this sector.

Eden took the menu card with him to Moscow as a souvenir of the Berlin visit.

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Thursday, November 24

The Soul Group Links On Earth

spiritual soul group

After breakfast this morning I stood up from the table in an awkward way and remained like this while I said something to my wife.  Karin said, "You just look like my father standing there like that."

Karin's father died when she was just four years old so her memories of him are only from early childhood combined with how he looks in a few old photographs.

This got me thinking about the very first time I went to Germany - where Karin was born - to meet her mother and family. Being the new man in her life out came the photos, mostly of her when at school and so on.  Then my mother-in-law to be got out a photo of my wife's father.  Before I saw the picture I remember feeling awkward and uneasy, knowing that I would look like him. I was relieved when I didn't see a likeness.

I don't speak German but, later the same day, Karin told me that her mother said I looked a lot like her father.

This got me thinking about the Soul Groups we are supposedly linked to here and in the spirit world. These might well be people we meet up with from time to time and with whom we feel an instant rapport.

I don't see that a Soul Group would necessarily have physical similarities while on earth. But perhaps we would feel a familiarity about the other person or persons when meeting them.

It could be that I am from the same Soul Group as Karin's father. What Karin and her mother may have sensed might be this connection.  I'm not absolutely sure about this though.

I have written before about how I feel I have always known my son and grandson. I was at the birth of my son and saw my grandson just four hours after he had been born. I felt straight away that I had known them forever.  Somehow I knew who they were. If this is down to reincarnation or a Soul Group again I'm not certain.

What I do feel sure of  is that we all have links with others that reach back over thousands of Earth years.  As I watch my 15 month old grandson I know we have been together previously - don't know where, don't know when - but we know and understand each other well. One day I will remember our previous connection.

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Artwork: Lowell Boyers

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Wednesday, November 23

The Dirty Picture Race Coincidence

The Dirty Picture Trophy coincidence

I have to admit that I had never heard of Silk Smitha the Bollywood actress before I came across this coincidence story. She was born on December 2, 1960 and died mysteriously on September 23, 1996, the popular opinion appears to be that she committed suicide. According to Wikipedia Silk made 450 films in her seventeen years as an actress.
silk smitha

She became famous for her extremely sexy dance numbers and was sometimes referred to as the 'bold dancer'.

A film has recently been made of Silk Smitha's life titled Dirty Picture. To promote the movie the director Milan Luthrie along, with the actor Vidya Balan, attended the Mahalaxmi racetrack to watch a horse race sponsored by the Dirty Picture's backers.  The race was appropriately called The Dirty Picture Trophy.

In the movie there is a scene set at a race course where a rank outsider horse - owned by Silk Smitha - caused a massive upset by winning the race against all the odds.

Now here comes the coincidence:  The winner of the The Dirty Picture Trophy was also a rank outsider, which didn't appear to have any chance of winning.  Oh and the name of the horse? Bold Dancer!

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Tuesday, November 22

The Ring Which Disappeared And Then Reappeared

wedding ring
Following yesterday's post, 333 And A Paranormal Ring Or Perhaps Not, about my wife's wedding ring rolling across our bedroom floor I received the following via email, which also features a ring.

I can only take the story at face value. I say this because I realise some readers are bound to say that what happened is simply fiction and couldn't possibly be true. Anyway, see what you think and my thanks to JC who sent this to me.

"I had a strange thing happen where my wedding band disappeared and reappeared on my hand. This dumbfounded me and my reasoning fails to explain this phenomena.

I had my wedding ring on this morning when I woke. I never take it off unless I wash my hands or take a shower. After my morning shower I know I put it back on.

At 11:45am this morning I had a chiropractic appointment. While there I used a hand sanitizer that was by the receptionist's desk. I took off my ring and placed it on the counter and rubbed the sanitizer into my hands. I then put the ring back on.

After the chiropractor, my wife had a hair dressing appointment.

I visited some shops on my own and then sat in the salon waiting until my wife was done.  I read a magazine, and  glanced at my hand as I turned the pages. I noticed the ring was gone, I could  feel the absence of the ring from my finger.

After her hair appointment we then went shopping at the mall. The ring was missing the entire time, and I kept wondering what had happened to it. The band fits snug and couldn't just slip off.

After the mall and all that running about getting food and  DVD rentals we returned home.

Here's the crazy and almost comical part. I was in the rest room sitting on the toilet and just as mysteriously as the ring had vanished it reappeared!

I felt the presence of my ring on my finger, looked at my hand and there it was as if it had been there all along.

I cannot explain how it disappeared and then reappeared as if by  magic.

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Monday, November 21

333 And A Paranormal Ring Or Perhaps Not

gold ring and the paranormal
With the curtains tightly drawn the room was almost pitch black and all was quiet. Without warning there was a clattering sound as something hit the wooden floor and rolled towards the far wall.

"What on earth was that?" said my wife, suddenly awake.

It had woken me too and as I glanced at the digital clock it read 3:33.

I snapped on my bedside lamp to look around our bedroom.  The noise seemed to have travelled across the room to my side of  our bed. I saw nothing at first until I spotted my wife's wedding ring standing on end near to the window,

"It's your wedding ring," I said, and Karin looked at her finger to make sure.

"How on earth did it get over there?" she asked, not really expecting an answer.

"No idea."

I retrieved the ring, handed it to her and she slid it onto her finger where it usually resides quite happily.

Karin was soon fast asleep again but I kept wondering about what had happened. How could a ring have rolled across the floor and then remain upright, as per the photo? (I took the photo this morning to illustrate the post).

I thought about the number 3, the ring or circle and so on, but nothing of any real significance came to mind and ... I fell asleep.

In the morning my wife said, "I think I know what must have happened. I put some hand cream on before going to bed and must have taken my ring off to do so and left it on the bed cover. It probably got kicked off during the night and rolled across the floor."

Okay, but to roll right across the floor on its edge, at precisely 3:33? I don't know.

I Googled the number 333 and most sources seem to say it represents something similar to:

"333 - The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda. source

I'll be giving it some more thought. Any interpretations welcome!

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Sunday, November 20

Death Is The Secret Of Life

In my late teens one of the authors I read was Dr Paul Brunton.  I came across one of his books recently, published back in 1934, called The Secret Path.  The following is a short quote from the chapter on 'Awakening To Intuition', where he discusses the cessation of consciousness.

"Death is the secret of life.  We must empty ourselves if we are to be filled.  When the mind has poured out all its thoughts, a vacuum is created. But this can last only for a few seconds.  Then a mysterious influx of divine life will enter.  This is the descent of the Holy Ghost.

It is in this state of conscious cessation of thought that the truth of one's self, heretofore hidden from us by activity, desires and thoughts, becomes revealed in its sublime and spiritual grandeur.  Stop the stream of thoughts, if you can, and gaze steadily at the Thinker.  Let the intellect take its repose, and watch attentively the vacuum in consciousness which would appear to be left."

After expanding on this Dr Brunton quotes from an old Indian writing:

"Because I had forsaken unity with thee,
Because I, fool, had made my body me,
Because I did not know thee who didst dwell in me,
Therefore I wandered through raging hells ...
Because I threw away my very self, I therefore was in chains."

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Saturday, November 19

The Tower On a Hill Meeting Coincidence

tower on a hill coincidence
During World War 2, when Catherine Thomas was small, her Sunday School was requisitioned by the army and became a temporary barracks. The soldiers were encouraged to attend the church on Sundays and after a while the family 'adopted' two of the servicemen, and on Sundays they would join them for dinner.

The two men were called Frank and Ron: Frank was missing his recent bride and Ron simply felt homesick.

Catherine writes, "After several weeks, Mum asked Frank if his wife would like to come and stay with us until the regiment moved on, and both were pleased when she travelled South and her husband got a 'sleeping out' pass so that he could join her each night."

This led to a lasting friendship and though Frank and his wife have now both died Catherine kept in touch with their family.

A few weeks back Frank's son and wife travelled to North Yorkshire and camped on a site about 15 miles from where Catherine lives and made a visit to see her. He told her how, a few days earlier, they had visited a nearby beauty spot which has a tower with a spiral staircase and is on top of one of the hills which overlooks Catherine's home.

While at the tower they got talking to a very elderly couple and the old man said he was called Ron.

Ron asked Frank's son whether he knew of the place where he had been stationed in the war.

Ron, for some reason, suddenly realised he was actually talking to the son of Frank, with whom he had been friends during the war. Frank's son looks very much like his father did.

Catherine says, "What a coincidence that was. An old man from Birmingham meeting his pal's family 65 or so years later on top of a hill overlooking the place where they had received such hospitality."

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Friday, November 18

The UFO Sighting Over Eastbourne England

I came across this recent UFO sighting report on the Eastbourne Herald website.

The sighting - this month - was by sixteen year old Liberty Jacklin, in her words:

"At around 9.30 pm we let the dogs out in the garden, and I saw strange lights in the sky, and called my family to see.

They were two rings of circular lights, one within the other. We saw them from our back door in the clouds above the level crossing around 130 metres from our house.

They were rotating almost horizontally from side to side, travelling a regular distance of around 100 metres.
It went on for an hour and a half, stopping just after 11pm."

Liberty did some research and found out that a Nicholas Munro had witnessed an almost identical sighting, in the same area back in 1977.

Of course, the usual explanations were put forward by skeptics: Chinese lanterns, laser beams from local clubs and even aircraft or helicopters.

Liberty hit back at such ideas though:

"We live in a very tall house (historically used for spotting smugglers on the coast), and have brilliant clear views for 360 degrees around our house towards the sea and surrounding fields.There were no people about as we most probably would have heard them.The east end of Normans Bay is remote, desolate and very quiet."

But why didn't she take any photos as the sighting went on so long?

"I tried to take photos with my Nikon SLR Digital Camera. It was too faint. I don't usually take pictures of the night sky with it, and I don't know how to. I also tried to use my mobile phone camera, but when I took the photo it came out dark, and no lights were seen on it."

She has now added a further description of the UFO.

"It was moving at an almost horizontal angle and was rotating at different speeds clockwise, and sometimes anticlockwise, left to right, and right to left.

On one occasion it changed the direction in which it rotated mid-journey.

Often it would travel from one side to the other, slow down and disappear when it reached the other side.

My brother and I counted on several occasions how long it disappeared for. It often disappeared for around 10-13 seconds, more or less.

At one point, it completely disappeared for more than 5 minutes, and then one or two of the lights came back extremely faintly before disappearing and the whole set of lights came back.

My mum and dad have lived in the house for nearly 20 years, and have never seen anything like it! My dad is extremely cynical, but couldn't explain it, neither could my mum, who trained as a scientist!"

There is something about this UFO report that, for some reason, rings true with me.

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Thursday, November 17

The Mysterious Rude Man Of Cerne

I've stood on a few white horses but never on the Rude Man of Cerne. I've just admired him from the hillside nearby. That's the man I'm writing about today in the photo above.

 His real name is The Cerne Giant - though often called the Rude Man for obvious reasons - and he stands on the hillside above the very picturesque village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England.

 In England there are many hillside figures the most visited are the white horses, there are seven in the county of Wiltshire alone. But today this post is about the Cerne Giant because there is something of a mystery about him.

 As for size, he is 180 feet (55m) from head to toe and the club that he is brandishing is 120 feet (37m) long as he appears to stride across the hillside. His outline is etched into the ground by trenches one to two feet wide. I'd suppose I'd better include all the stats, so, his phallus is 30 feet (9m) in length.

 Okay, but why is he there?

 He's been crafted with some skill as on each May 1st, at dawn, the sun rises directly in line with anyone observing this while standing at the base of the Giant's private parts. This, of course, suggests that he is some form of fertility symbol. Couples having difficulty in conceiving are said to make love on the Giant's phallus.

A sixteenth century writer wrote, "I have heard it reported by men of great gravity that, of an hundred maids going to the 'wood', there have scarcely the part of them returned home again as they went."

Some experts say the Giant goes back to prehistoric times, the surrounding area is full of ancient remains, camps and forts. Others will disagree and suggest he was made in 1539 and depicts a corrupt abbot of a monastery now long destroyed.

The truth seems to be that nobody knows for sure when The Cerne Giant was cut into the chalky hillside.

 It's possible that he was a copy of a god, perhaps a Celtic one such as Nodens. In the same area a man ploughing his nearby fields, in the 1940s, came across a bronze handle, from circa 43AD, that depicted a similar naked man, thought to be Nodens.

But others think it may be Hercules. William Stukeley in 1764 wrote, 'the people there give the name Helis to the Giant.'

 According to Wikipedia 'a 1996 study found that some features of the image have changed over time; notably, the study concluded that the figure originally held a cloak in its left arm and stood over a disembodied head.'

Hercules is often shown with a club. If this was the case the Giant would have been made after the Roman invasion of England. The Roman Emperor Commodus about, 180AD, thought himself to be a reincarnation of Hercules.

The origins of The Cerne Giant or The Rude Man remains a mystery but for passing cars and walkers it's not exactly something to go unnoticed.

The White Horses on hillsides vary in shape and size. The Uffington White Horse, in the photo below, was taken from a satellite by NASA. This particular horse is said to be about 3000 years old.

Uffington White House seen from space

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Wednesday, November 16

Was This A Sign From Aunt Liz In The Spirit World

A follow up today from Suzie about the her story I featured in the post Money Folded Into Four Coincidence.

"This is an update to my story about how I found paper money folded into four, and so did my mother. I wondered at the time if there was a reason for me finding the money or maybe a message as Neva Flores suggested in a comment. I think I may have an answer.

Two instances have happened which combined refer to quarters, money and the number 4.

The main one is that my great-aunt Liz died recently. We got on well together and often talked about religion and the like. In her will she left a quarter of her savings to me. The rest went to my brother, mother and father in equal parts. So we each received a quarter of the total money. It wasn't a lot: hundreds not thousands, but it touched me greatly that she should do this.

Her name incidentally was really Elizabeth, the same name as the Queen on our banknotes.

Having read lots on your blog I wondered if finding the paper money folded into four was a message from great-aunt Liz. I remember you found white feathers when someone died and someone else found strands of wool.

The second instance was my brother having a baby, well his wife did. They have named her Poppy and she was born at a quarter past four on the dot. Maybe this has nothing to do with the folded money but there is a quarter and a four. Besides I wanted to mention it as I've never been an aunt before. My brother put his quarter share of great-aunt Liz's money into a savings account for Poppy.

That's it!"

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Tuesday, November 15

The Classic Robozero UFO Sighting

Robozero UFO picture
I like classic stories about, well lots of things, including UFOs. There is no way of being sure as to how much of the stories are true and how much, like Chinese Whispers, have been slightly altered over the years. The one I'm about to write about dates back to 1663. Yes, UFOs have been recorded for hundreds and hundreds of years.

This scene is set in a village called Robozero, which is around 600 kilometres from St Petersburg in Russia. The good point about this sighting of something unusual is that it has been documented. The priests at the local monastery accepted the following witness story as being true:

"Most venerable lords, humble greetings from your servant Ivachko Rjesvkoi.

The peasant Levka Fedorov, domiciled in the village of Mys, submitted to me the following first-hand account.

On this, the fifteenth day of August in the year 1663, a Saturday, the faithful from the district of Belozero had gone to church in Robozero and whilst they were there a great crash sounded out of the heavens and many people left the Church of God to assemble outside on the square.

Around the stroke of midday there descended upon Robozero a great ball of fire from the clearest of skies, not from a cloud; moreover it came from the direction from which we get winter and moved across the church to the lake.

The fire was about forty-five metres on each side, and for the same distance in front of the fire there were two fiery beams.

Suddenly it was no longer there but about one hour of the clock later it appeared again, above the lake from which it had disappeared before. It went from the south to the west and was about 500 metres away when it vanished. But once again it returned, filling all who saw it with a great dread, travelling westwards and staying over Robizero one hour and a half.

Now there were fishermen in their boat on the lake about a mile away and they were sorely burnt by the fire. The lake water was lit up to its greatest depths of nine metres and the fish fled to the banks. The water seemed to be covered with rust under the glow."

At the time the authorities believed this was a genuine sighting as over 500 people witnessed the 'fireball'. Some locals believed they had been visited by God and Robozero became something of a shrine and place to visit.

No conclusions as to what the residents saw have been reached: maybe a comet or meteor? But present day Ufologists would like to think of it as a UFO. At the time the people would never have imagined such a thing as being some sort of vehicle. It would have been beyond their comprehension.

The only thing pretty much for certain is that the people of Robozero defintely saw something very unusual.

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Monday, November 14

Wrong Number Coincidence Led To Marriage

Alison CorkA romantic coincidence style story today about Alison Cork who is the founder of the website Homes & Bargains.
Alison was feeling a bit down one Sunday. She was 34 at the time and was without a man in her life so decided to phone her friend Anne to cheer her up.

Alison writes, "I ... was surprised to hear a man's voice answer. Anne didn't have a boyfriend or live with anyone, so I must have dialled the wrong number. 'Well whoever you are,' I said flippantly, 'you're not my girlfriend.'

'Would I do instead.' the voice enquired. 'No,' I laughed. 'I wanted a girly chat and blokes aren't very good at that.' ... for some reason I jotted down the number I had accidentally dialled before hanging up."

After the call had ended Alison felt 'a strong desire to call him back' - and this is what she did!

She chatted to the man, she found out was called Efi, for about half an hour. He asked if she would call him again - and, again, this is what she did.

Alison and Efi started speaking to each other at least once a day on the phone. After three weeks he asked her the obvious question: could they meet up?

Alison agreed to meet him at his office, which sounds like a sensible precaution.

Get ready for the violins!

Alison said, "I looked up, because he was very tall, and found lovely brown eyes and, in spite of myself, was pleased to find he looked exactly as his voice sounded."

After just two dates Alison had fallen in love with Efi and on the third date he proposed. She told him that she couldn't answer him right away but they carried on dating.

The good news is that they did get married, in Israel, and now have two sons aged ten and seven.

The final word from Alison: "I often think how strange it was that I should have accidentally called an office on a Sunday and my future husband answered the phone. I don't believe in fate - but I do believe that life is full of many possibilities and that you should keep your mind open to them all."
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Sunday, November 13

The Size Of The Human Soul

Bhakti Tirtha Swami
"Ancient scriptures tell us that man is more than the physical body. In fact, we have two bodies: the physical and the astral, or subtle. But we are the soul!

According to the ancient Vedic scriptures of India, the size of the soul is 1/10,000 the tip of a strand of hair. It is located in the heart region and is the actual life force.

The physical, as well as the astral or subtle body, acts as a covering or costume that the soul wears in its journey throughout the material sphere. As we pass from costume to costume or from body to body through the process known as reincarnation, the impressions of previous lives imprint themselves on the subtle body and are carried with us during each lifetime.

In the dream state, activity in the subtle body becomes more dominant than activity in the physical body. Our dream experiences are often impressions accumulated from many lifetimes"

A quote by Bhakti Tirtha Swami (1950-2005)

Bhakti Tirtha Swami was a Hindu teacher, and leader of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, more popularly known as the Hare Krishna Movement.

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Saturday, November 12

What A Coincidence That We Are Actually Here Now

Frederick William English
My daughter-in-law has started to trace my family tree. She wants to do this so that my grandson, Samuel, will know where he comes from later in life. He's only 15 months so it'll probably be a while before he's interested. But when he is the facts and photos will be there for him.

So far she has got back to John Perry in 1830 and on my mother's side of the family to about the same period. My mother's birth surname was English.

One coincidence, which I already knew, was that both of Samuel's great-great-grandfather's - Perry and English - had the same first names of Frederick William.

The photo is of Frederick William English - with the red ring. He died way before I was born but I have always felt close to him for some reason. Maybe it's because I have his old fashioned gold tie pins and cigarette cases, which have been handed down to me. I have mentioned him previously - as I found out from my mother, just before she died, that he kept a Buddha on his mantelpiece - and I have done the same for thirty plus years. Another coincidence, or maybe something more.

I've never really tried to trace my family's ancestry previously but it gets to be quite fascinating. One of the things it illustrates is how us, actually being here at the present time is down to a mighty lot of coincidences.

If John Perry, back in 1830, hadn't met his wife I wouldn't be writing this now as I wouldn't exist - nor would my son, grandson etc. etc. And it would also have affected my wife's life as she would then never have met me.

We seem on first glance to be creatures of pure chance - unless, that is, it is all pre-planned, which doesn't really seem possible.

Our lives and very existence have been brought about by coincidences and synchronicity. It makes you think, doesn't it? We are all special to be here right now. Wonder why so many of us never appreciate this.

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Friday, November 11

The Truro Journey To Ancient Egypt

Egyptian coffin in Truro museum, Cornwall
My wife and I went into Truro yesterday. It's about 15 miles from where we live. Karin had to go for a check-up at the dentist so I wandered around the city on my own.

As it was raining one of the places I visited was the Royal Cornwall Museum, which is housed in a lovely old building dating back to 1845. I hadn't been there for years and years so lots of stuff on display that I didn't remember. One was a small Egyptian Room.

The room is quite small and in the middle is a coffin of an Egyptian mummy from about 650BC (photo above). There are the remains of an actual mummy to one side, housed in glass.

To walk round the coffin there is only a small pathway. Being on my own it all felt quite strange, the museum was completely quiet and there I was alone with a mummy and a decorated coffin. I felt as if I was going to receive some sort of information or hear a voice - very fanciful and neither happened!

When we got home, however, I looked through a newspaper and there was this article on Tutankhamun. An author, Mark Beynon, believes that the often talked about curse was a smoke screen as all of the mysterious deaths, following the opening of Tut's tomb, were in fact the work of Aleister Crowley.

Beynon is quoted as saying, "When I researched these deaths, Crowley's name popped up again and again. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence linking him to all the deaths. I have just put all the pieces of the jigsaw together."

I have written previously about the The Curse Of The Pharaohs. More than 20 people linked to the opening of Tutankhamun's burial chamber died in bizarre circumstances. This was described at the time, in the newspapers, as being brought about by an ancient curse.

According to Beynon all of these deaths were down to Crowley, whom he describes as a satanist.

Crowley was infamous in the 1920s and 30s as being the most evil man in the world: the Beast 666 and so on. What he actually did was to create his own philosophy called Thelema, which just happened to be based on Ancient Egyptian religions.

Crowley claimed he was a prophet and was being led by the Egyptian god Horus. His doctrine for life was 'Do What Thou Wilt'. Many believed this meant that people should do whatever they wished. I see it as being that we should be guided by our conscience.

Back to those deaths. According to Mark Beynon five of the locations of the deaths form the shape of a pentagram. I haven't seen details of these to check out but spooky if true.

So my trip to Truro led me to Ancient Egypt! Oh and clean teeth for my wife - below is the view from her dentist's surgery, with Truro Cathedral in the background. It looks nice when there's sunshine and blue sky!

Truro Cathedral
Further Reading:
The Curse Of The Pharaohs
Ancient Egyptians And Their World Of Dreams

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Thursday, November 10

Money Folded Into Four Coincidence

A coincidence story today from Suzie who often leaves comments on 67 Not Out.

"As you know, Mike, I was away for a holiday in France and ventured across the English Channel by ferry with my car and, oh yes, my boyfriend, I nearly forgot!

We had parked our car at the docks and I got out to have a walk about after our journey down from London.

As I wandered in the drizzle I bent down and picked up a piece of paper. I don't know why I did this but when I looked it was actually a £5 banknote all neatly folded into quarters. My lucky day, I thought.

After about an hours wait we drove our car onto the ferry with my findings safely in my bag.

Once in France we set off driving to our destination. I decided I wanted a cup of French coffee so we pulled into a service station and went into their cafe.

Coffee over I went to find the loo. As I did so there on the floor was another folded bank note, but this time it was a €5 european banknote. The funny part is that this was also folded neatly into four quarters just like my £5.

We had a good break, the weather wasn't too special but the gite was in a romantic setting, so we managed to put our time to good use, if you know what I mean.

Holiday over and back in London I phoned my mother to tell her how we got on while in France, some of it that is. We talked away and at the end she said, "I found a £5 note this morning. It was on the pavement outside our house, all folded in four."

For some reason it sent a shiver down my spine."

See also the follow up post to this story: Was This A Sign From Aunt Liz In The Spirit World

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